A Brief Scatterfire of Halo Videos

I don’t have the x360 back yet, but I’m borrowing a friend’s. Made a few more videos like a remix on the Mongoose Overkill Extermination Splatter with different music and mo’betta angles.

There’s also an exploration demo of Lucifer7’s custom map for Avalanche, showing a remarkably decent AT-AT from Star Wars (the big 4-legged walkers from Empire) with some bizarre SW techno I came up on by accident.

Lastly there’s a small compilation of shots where my guest was repeatedly robbed by my lousy internet connection, although it’s strange that the machine would even register that bullet sparks and blood splatter would even come up if they were misses *shrug*

Video Interview of Kid Who Drives G-ma’s SUV

Some punk munchkin (a punchkin?) stole the keys to his grandmother’s SUV and drove it around town on a joyride with a fellow 7-year-old “who smokes with cigarettes” hitting cars and plowing over mailboxes. The team at WPBF in West Palm Beach, Florida who are hosting the video online interviewed the little buzzard and the quotes are one-of-a-kind that you rarely get in journalism. Instant classic as far as news quotes go, I think. Reminds me of the “I like turtles” zombie kid.

Interesting J-Pop Trend: “Solo Angle” Concert DVDs

A clever way to get more revenue from J-pop concerts for music groups who consist of just singers (and no musicians who merely stand in one place and perform) — similar to America’s boybands like N*Sync or Backstreet Boys — is to make a DVD of a particular recording of the entire concert focused on one singer and nothing else. Many people have a certain preference of which singer they’re more there to see than just the entire group, and this is a great way to kindle that particular idol status even further, by having a concert experience centered foremostly on just the one. You can certainly get the entire concert DVD with multiple shots of everyone, also.

Kusumi Koharu Solo Angle DVD – Morning Musume 2007 Fall Concert Tour
Tanaka Reina Solo Angle DVD – Morning Musume 2007 Fall Concert Tour
Michishige Sayumi Solo Angle DVD – Morning Musume 2007 Fall Concert Tour
Kamei Eri Solo Angle DVD – Morning Musume 2007 Fall Concert Tour
Takahashi Ai Solo Angle DVD – Morning Musume 2007 Fall Concert Tour
Niigaki Risa Solo Angle DVD – Morning Musume 2007 Fall Concert Tour
Mitsui Aika Solo Angle DVD – Morning Musume 2007 Fall Concert Tour
… among others …

If a band had too many members to feasibly do this with, I could understand — but there’s not really a good comparison band in America to accurately describe the scope of AKB48… a group of around 46 members, divided up into three teams (teams A, K, and B) of roughly 15 members each.

Linguistic Descriptivists Unite

After posting this Ask Metafilter question, I have learned that I am a linguistic descriptivist whereas my accuser is a linguistic prescriptivist. In a nutshell, it means that I believe language rules can be identified by ways in which they have been demonstrated to operate in the past — whereas my accuser subscribes to the belief that language, in order to be acceptable, must follow a particular formula or it is incorrect.

It’s a very nerdy topic.


It might also be noted that due to my previus entry regarding my official reference to Squiptipadoogleboinkaflop and Ragnakoriake, it might also be remarked that I am therefore a maker of neologisms. Hmm.

Classic Street Fighter: Amazing Comeback

Now forgive me if you’ve seen this one — I’m trying to compile a small collection of video clips that all relate to someone “snapping” (most of which are anime), in the sense that you’re pushed beyond a tolerance border that you’re familiar with and just *snap* and unleash the smackdown almost as if you’re suddenly superhuman or as if you’re body is taking over and rationale has gone completely out the window. When thinking of ideas for this particular list (feel free to add any that you think fit into this category), the video of a Street Fighter (video game) round came to mind.

For those unfamiliar with 2D fighting games (Mortal Kombat, or One Must Fall 2097 for instance), there is a point at which your health meter can be diminished that even one single tap or sneeze at you can make the round a failure, so that all you have is a mere pixel’s worth of health left and any single misstep could do you in for the round. Such is the case with this player (the blonde male fighter) is reduced to that mere shred. The female fighter, with a good half of her full health left (plenty) initiates a special combo attack that normally unleashes a kerfuffle of hard-to-deflect jabs so as to insure her victory — and yet.. The audience reaction helps to describe precisely how awesome what happens, in following along with the theme of my would-be collection. I get the chills every time I watch this. So good.

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed … Oh dear.

The local college/singles bible study leader is taking us all to go see Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed on Thursday, and I’m not really looking forward to it. When he announced it, he wasn’t even sure what it was about, so I had to explain it to the group. It may stir up some discussion, but I think more damage will be done to Christianity than will be done against science, if they really do use the terrible journalism it has been reported to use so far. However, Jesus will still be Jesus.

The Expelled wiki entry that thoroughly castrates the movie
The official Expelled movie trailer (183mb MOV).
The average movie review of twelve reviews aggregated on Rotten Tomatoes is nine percent!

Hello Youtubes! Mad Beat Jams by Ronald Jenkees

If you haven’t caught on to this guy yet, check him out. He plays a really mean freehand keyboard with a beat pattern in the back ground (and the high quality kind, not so much of the stock keyboard dinky beats you hear on Radio Shack demos). Here are a few of his YouTube videos below, or you can just skip right over here to his YouTube channel directly.

He’s got the same in free-hand, by-ear, raw talent that Gemma Ward has got in teh gorgeousness. He’s also got CDs for sale, and can be found on iTunes..

Gorgeous Photo Set of Abandoned Russian Structures

Today I came across a lovely set of photographs detailing various long disrepair-fallen structures in old Soviet Russia. You’ve got your basic aged structures, but also a few good locations for a movie drama set, and generally good desktop wallpaper options over at WebUrbanist. Furthermore, the site actually has a tagged section generally listed as “abandonments“.. Looks like a good source for future Half Life level designs, to me =)

Squiptipadoogleboinkaflop and Ragnakoriake

I may be one of the few word philosphers or perhaps a lay-scientist of word theory, considering the overt nerdiness that this entry reveals.

As an official reference on the subject, I’m making an entry about my creation of the word neologism, to squiptipadoogleboinkaflop. In this form, it is a verb describing the action of, purposefully or inadvertently, revealing a belief that dictionaries are the end-of-discussion source for whether a word is a word or not. A negative connotation regarding someone who believes this is not implied, but merely a matter of simple existence. Edit: As a secondary definition or corrollary, it could also be used to describe the action of revealing that one is a prescriptivist rather than a descriptivist.

Dictionaries are instead a type of newspaper that reports on words and usages of words that are common for the time the publication is printed and do not dictate “this is how it shall be” in the same way that standard daily newspapers do not state how an event will unfold, but how events have been reported to unfold.

I suspect the biggest reason that dictionaries are looked upon as the ultimate say in whether or not a word is considered a word is due to word games that call upon a specific set of words that are for legal use in the game — such as Scrabble’s rule that limits proper names, foreign words and contractions from legal game play. Scrabble even publishes its own official dictionary. I think this is the reason given for the common misperception that “orange, silver and month have no rhymes,” but is only true if obscure scientific terms, appreviations and proper place names are excluded (even though they are words as far as basic understandings of what “word” tends to mean — try sporage, chilver and grunth). A simple way to defeat this perception is simply to look up the word word. The defintion of word from any given dictionary is remarkably unlikely to contain any specific limitation that, in order to determine whether a word is legitimately a word or not, one must find it in a dictionary of some kind. I think we can both agree that a word from the Choctaw language, which has few dictionaries for it, contains many potential words not found in said dictionaries.

My infinitve, to squiptipadoogleboinkaflop (SKWIP-tip-puh-DOO-gull-BO-een-kuh-flop), is to directly or indirectly reveal a belief that words must come from a dictionary in order to be considered legitimate. For instance, as I wrote in this Ask MetaFilter thread (rather cryptically now that I read it again), remarks, “One who thinks Blorange, one of many rhymes for Orange, doesn’t count as a word because it’s the proper name for a hill in the UK, has just squiptipadoogleboinkaflopped.” The state of believing this idea could be squiptipadoogleboinkaflopism whereas my belief that a dictionary does not dictate (ha) whether words are words or not could thusly be asquiptipadoogleboinkaflopism — in the way that atheism subverts theism — making me an asquiptipadoogleboinkafloppist.

In addition, I have just today decided that to ragnakoriake (RAG-nuh-KO-ree-ake) is to reveal directly or indirectly a belief that a word outside of any context has a default defintion, notably being the first entry of its listing in a dictionary. Dictionaries do generally list, as the first of any number of alternate definitions, the most commonly employed definition of a word outside of a given context. However, when asked what a word means, an implied, “the word ___ could mean many things, some of I have known to include…” should be understood, rather than a common suggestion that a word without any particular context means something specific. Potential exclusions to this rule could plausibly be the species used to represent a specific organism, although when used as an infinitive could also mean something else, such as “to act in a way an [organism] would.” Ragnakoriakology, ragnakoriakism, ragnakoriakers.

NES Nintendo Mod Fits In A Single Cartridge

Some ingenuity gave the gent who created this beauty something to write home about. I’d pay money for one of those =) It’s the entire innards of an original Nintendo deck all crammed into the space of one original Nintendo game (or perhaps the original nintendo game). Personally, I’d like one fit into the Final Fantasy 1 cartridge, myself.

Automotive Hacks: Power Doors

You may have seen quite some time ago, there was an eBay auction of a car for sale that had doors that would disappear under the chassis in a similar way that today’s power windows disappear into the door. I’ve located a page describing that automotive hackjob in greater detail, as well as a new website offering conversion for cars already on the market.

This detailed report has the now-familiar video of the car door that disappears underneath the body, but also contains numerous photos of various other areas of the car (such as the trunk that houses many of the mechanical and pressurized elements of the modification), including what appears to be instructions from a kit that the tinkerer bought.

However, another site has its own, new video, done up in an elegant-looking guide in regular infomercial style demonstrating benefits and new innovations (such as having the same level of ground clearance as before).

Could be quite handy, except if you drive into high water and the electronics get soaked (the same argument given for driving off a pier into complete immersion, in response to power windows and locks) and end up being unable to get out. But then again, they do sell those easy window-breaker hammers these days, also.

Nanaca Crash Update: Version 1.07

That game from a few days ago has a new version now, which includes a meter that shows your meters-per-second speed, in a variety of directional indicators. I’m not sure what the “morning” title at the beginning has to do with anything..

It might also be well noted that there is a hacked version or two floating around, that reduces the gravity pull so that you shoot thousands of meters into the air and slowly drift back down. There’s a YouTube video (not shown below) of someone getting 217,000 meters with the hacked version.

Also, you can download the actual game yourself and play it at home if you like, as it’s free to share. (Right click to save, or click directly to play it from the browser)

Nanaca Crash v1.06 (not hacked)
Nanaca Crash v1.07 (newer, not hacked)
Nanana Hacked (low gravity hack)

I also located a discussion thread about the various types of combos that can be performed, by getting the “skip” girl to crash into a CFF battle girl. I’ve only hit them a few times. The thread mentions a Nanaca Crash v1.08, but the poster misunderstands it as being real, when the translation states the programmer is unsure if he’ll make another update.

Also, I’ve made a few YouTube recordings of my various feats: breaking 5,000m and breaking 10,000m (using 1.06 not hacked)…

Nanaca Crash – Breaking 5,000m (v1.06)

Nanaca Crash – Breaking 10,000m (v1.06)

And finally, the gal who recorded the video below manages to get a rare block-combo. In order to get one of these, you have to be lucky enough to get the dark-haired girl who normally blocks the boost girls, to block one of the special girls instead. When that happens, your little man will turn a particular shade: turning red will “charge” him somehow (not sure what that does, I wonder if it recharges your red arial boosts?); turning yellow will make him boost automatically when he hits the ground for three bounces; and turning green will make him over over everyone in a straight line for 60 seconds. Anyhow, the one below is a demonstration of the “red” rare combo (where the dark-haired girl tries to block a red special).

Strange Search Engine: What If?

I keep getting a lot of flack for posting YouTube videos that are not mine as if I were the one in them — despite the fact that the description itself states I am not the original filmer. One in particular, the long distance plasma stick (on an old account) was posted over 6 months ago, and people still keep writing in that I’m a cheat. Some people just never read =P

Anyhow, I was checking the original HBO post that I got it from and found a link to a peculiar little search engine that seems way too specific to do any good — perhaps even a complete waste of time to even create, much less put to good use. It’s the What If? search engine (not related to the Isaac Asimov short story, AFAIK) and brings up responses under some formula I can’t quite discern. Enjoy =)

A Million Thank-You’s Flash Animation Left On..

I decided to leave a flash animation running all night and most of the day (until I wanted to listen to some music) and it got up to over 677,000 before I shut it off. I was trying to see if I could actually get it up to a million, but alas, I gave in =P (note: hitting the “is that enough” button does not disturb your total, and resumes it after a brief new animation).

A Million Thank-You’s Flash Animation (may contain a nsfw banner ad at the bottom).

Winston Churchill Attributed Retorts

Along similar lines of the Chuck Norris concept, there are a few witty retorts that are attributed to Winston Churchill in response to a remark made to him. I am not certain if they are actually by the man himself, but they sure are funny (according to me). Anyone else know others like this? If so, please post them in the comments — I’d rather not have newly made retorts, but preferably to either a site that has a bunch of them, or to a page where one not already listed has one..

Lady Nancy Astor: Winston, if you were my husband, I’d put arsenic in your morning coffee.
Churchill: Madam, if you were my wife, I’d drink it.

Bessie Braddock: Winston, you are drunk!
Churchill: And Madam, you are ugly. And tomorrow, I’ll be sober, and you will still be ugly.