Directory Harvesting #1: TV Themes

While foraging the web for interesting stuff, I came across an article on Gizmodo about using Google to hunt up mp3s instead of using the ever-wary P2P method. If you use the following search terms: -inurl:(htm|html|php) intitle:”index of” +”last modified” +”parent directory” +description +size +(wma|mp3) and include a quoted bit in there about a specific artist or specific album, you might be able to find it. However, I opted simply for an unspecified search and have found a few treasure troves.

The first directory I’ve selected has a few American television theme songs, and it’s found here =)

Halo 3: Stray Chopper Wheel Splatters Sniper

Although technically I stole the video off Bungie Favorites, I edited it and got a lot more angles on it, almost in a story kind of way. A guy throws a plasma grenade toward a warthog turret that’s shooting him, but it lands on a nearby chopper instead, blowing it to pieces. One of the chopper wheels goes flying off and rolls down the roof of one of the long sandtrap structures and splatters an unsuspecting sniper. Funny =D

Halo 3 Video: Elephant Goes Berzerk and Launches Guest

I was playing a 3-player matchmaking session with 2 local friends and I glance over and one of them (a girl, no less) is suddenly way up in the air somehow! I go back to the theatre later and check out what happened — I’m still not sure how it happens, looks like the Elephant may have gotten stuck on something. It’s weird how the warthog falls through the floor and pops back through, though, too! Weird.

Disabling Vista’s DEP (Data Execution Prevention)

While it’s a nice idea that your computer will prevent a program from running some suspicious software that could really mess things up, Windows Vista’s DEP (Data Execution Prevention) just needs to get the frack out of my face on certain programs. I was trying to publish a Windows Movie Maker movie to post on YouTube and for some reason it just decided to go DEP on me and would never publish because DEP kept interrupting when it tried to publish. After fiddling with settings in the help system, I discovered that WMM was a system program that could not be included in the list of stuff not to crash, so that led me to search for a way to just disable the whole thing if I could, if not only to disable it just the one time so I could publish the movie and then re-enable it. Well, I found out how.

As a disclaimer, you promise that by using this method you will (a) not blame me if anything goes wrong with your computer after you try it, (b) will not ask me questions about it because I don’t really know much except what I explain here already, and (c) will not blame me if anything goes wrong with your computer after you try it. That being said, you’re doing this on your own trust that stuff you read on the internet was authentic enough to go screwing with the woodworks, and that all blame for anything you do after reading this guide is strictly your fault.

Pretty much all the information I know comes from this link and that link. The first one just tells you some stuff about what DEP is and does on a more technical level, but the second gets down to the answers I was hunting for.

1. Go to the Start Menu, to Programs, to Accessories, and right click on Command Prompt. Choose “run as Administrator” and enter the password if appropriate.
2. What comes up is the Command Prompt, the stank version of DOS that Windows uses these days. Type in bcdedit /set nx AlwaysOff and hit enter.
3. Close the Command Prompt by either hitting the [x] as usual or by typing exit, and reboot your machine.
4. When it comes back up again, you should now be able to do whatever you couldn’t before.
5. To re-enable it, follow step 1 again, but for step 2, type bcdedit /set nx OptIn and hit enter. Reboot again and you should be back to normal.

I’m just telling you what I’ve tried and seems to work for me, because WMM decided to work after I tried this, so there you go. I’m not a computer service professional, and anything you do to your computer is all on you.