Does New Mexico House Bill 206 Make Rape Victims Felons for Getting An Abortion? NO. Here’s why.

Abuzz over the interwebs (by journalists who evidently have failed English class) is the subject that a New Mexico lawmaker (who is a woman, by the way) has introduced a bill to the state House that makes rape victims who seek an abortion out to be felons. Many of them actually link to the PDF (here) of the actual bill, but so sorely lack reading comprehension, that their frenzy of outrage has apparently interfered with their ability to reason.

Here are a few headlines..

Huffington Post:
“New Mexico Bill Would Criminalize Abortions After Rape As ‘Tampering With Evidence'”
“Proposed New Mexico Law Would Send Rape Victims Who Abort Pregnancies To Prison For ‘Tampering With Evidence'”
Business Insider:
“A New Mexico Lawmaker Wants To Criminalize Post-Rape Abortions”

The actual text of HB-206 paints a completely different picture.

What seems to be causing some confusion is the TITLE of the bill, rather than the actual proposal of the bill:

The cropped section above is the title, not the proposal itself. The title here is describing what the bill is about IN GENERAL. If the bill were to actually be enacted, the title would have nothing to do with the law. The title could talk about saltwater taffy or Ferris wheels, and the bill’s approval would not in any way affect saltwater taffy or Ferris wheels.

If there were a bill about how everyone who has green hair should get candy, the title might read,

What’s in the body of the bill is the important part. That part states:

If you are somehow reading that the bill somehow equates abortion as tampering with evidence, then you fail high school freshman English. I hope these journalists reporting the bill wrongly are not voters, because they are woefully uneducated and possibly super-retarded.

The issue is “Doing A with Motive B” and specifically states that Doing A (having an abortion) with Motive B (with intent to destroy evidence) is the propose ADDITION to the already-existing list that describes other Motive B crimes.

1. Everyone with green hair should get candy.
2. Everyone should get candy.

Using the candy concept above, if the bill were to make the first statement, the part about green hair is the issue, not the “everyone” part.

1. Everyone who gets a post-rape/incest abortion with intent to tamper with evidence is a felon.
2. Everyone who gets a post-rape/incest abortion is a felon.

Similarly, the intent to tamper with evidence is the issue, not simply all post-rape/incest abortions alone.

Or, you can look at this another way.

If there were a law that stated: It is illegal to blow your nose or pick your nose and then rub boogers all over people, the criminal part is the rubbing of boogers all over people. Blowing or picking your nose WITHOUT rubbing it all over people is still perfectly legal to do.

HB 206 wishes to amend a law that already exists that describes the act of destroying stuff as criminal, **IF** the intention of the destruction is to prevent that stuff from being used as evidence in a criminal case. Destroying stuff outside of that situation is okay, but if you’re destroying stuff so it can’t be used as evidence, then you’re guilty of tampering. For instance, getting stuff dry cleaned is legal, but getting stuff dry cleaned if the stain on the garment or rug is blood splatter from a shooting and needs to be used in a criminal trial, then you would be destroying evidence, which would be illegal.

Getting an abortion after rape/incest would not be illegal, but **IF** one such post-rape/incest abortion is performed for the purposes of destroying evidence, then there’s a problem. You could still get one after being raped or after being subjected to incestuous relations, as long as it didn’t interfere with criminal evidence.

If you decided to see whether it was a misunderstanding before sharing one of these articles, I applaud you. You should be given lots of candy.

If you shared one of these articles that misunderstands simple English before you looked it up to see whether those claims were true, I’d suggest you delete the tweet, remove the Facebook post, or take down the article so you can save face from people who are not only going to think of you as having gotten your credentials from a Cracker Jack box, but they’ll have proof!

Master List of Minimalist Blogs.., Instapundit, Memepool, Etc.

I recently put out the question on Ask Metafilter to find out some minimalist link-blog type sites that have few frills, but maximize on efficiency of the message and linking without being particularly “busy” in style. I’ve started one myself with and wanted to find others with which I could identify good or bad design traits with which I could improve or compete. From the answers and my own research, here is my Master List of minimalist blogs (non-tumblr, non-twitter) compiled so far — but please add your favorites in the comments, even if the blog is your own! (by “NPR-ish” I mean lazy-Sunday idle reading topics, newspaper-and-coffee subjects)

  • – Five weird/informative/fun videos per day, hosted onsite
  • Links – Randomly updated, but nerdy-interesting links (a personal fav)
  • videoTHL – 13x text links to YouTube videos, dailyish (mine)
  • Metafilter – dozens/daily, visitor-submitted interesting links
  • Trivium – Technical/nerdy, updated ~weekly
  • Memepool – Updated in spurts, link-heavy small paragraphs
  • Quickish – Sports article exerpts, handful/day
  • The Brief – Tech news, simple paragraph style with sources, 2-3/daily
  • TNR Reader – a daily handful of NPR-ish article links
  • Noted Without Comment – Image and embedded video, no text
  • Largehearted Boy – dozens/daily, NPR-ish but ad-heavy
  • Instapundit – dozens/daily, political text/links
  • Reality Carnival – dailyish, HTML frames design
  • The Browser – “Writing Worth Reading” NPR-ish, simple paragraph preview

  • Master List of Fish/Sea Puns “Not On Porpoise” Etc

    Since there wasn’t one readily available that I could find, I decided to make a list of ocean puns, underwater puns, fish puns, and the like. If you have any like this, feel free to add them in the comments below (no registration required). Special thanks go to comic Kip Adotta, who is well-known among word nerds for his song-like speaking sets that were loaded with puns of a certain subject.

    I didn’t do it on porpoise!

    Don’t give me that line.

    I don’t quite sea it.

    He’s just fishing for compliments.

    She’s angling for a raise.

    I’m fin to get busy.

    Well you’re a little lake to be starting now.

    You just got schooled!

    I can’t even tuna piano -__-

    Tarn it!

    Look out, he’s a card shark.

    I wrote a really biting review.

    Our property has been stream-lined.

    You really hooked them in!

    There’s an angler watching over me.

    Trolling motors: engage!

    I’ve been dying to trout my new printer.

    Water you thinking about?

    I seem to have a creek in my neck.

    I’ve been delta bad hand.

    He took the bait!

    She really tugs on my fly.

    I’d like to tackle that box.

    Between the two, I’d say his speech out-bored me.

    I’m glad to see you’re onboard.

    She’s just a stream of emotions.

    My barracuda’s in the shop, having the seals replaced. My stingray, too.

    That place is a real dive.

    I need to see man a-boat a dogfish.

    Gil’s the name.

    I’m barely keeping my head above water.

    I like my burgers rare, hold the grunion.

    I put a dollar in the bin for Jerry’s Squids.

    We were packed like sardines!*

    Tommy Dorsal is my favorite singer.

    The man’s got sole!

    Why? Oh, for the halibut.

    I can’t tell which are fans and which are just groupers.

    I’m feeling really tanked.

    That’s the Sign of Aquarium.

    Not tonight dear, I’ve got a haddock.

    You sure are crabby tonight!

    Can’t you see the anchor in my eyes?

    There’s no need to get so steamed.

    I planed some flounders in the garden.

    Man that guy just got whaled on.

    After a check of her computer, I soon found harpoon folder.

    I’m eeling over with these puns!

    Must’ve been a fluke.

    And the archangel Mackerel said to Satan..


    Stop being so shellfish!

    He caught me with a left hook.

    What a load of carp!

    I’m feeling a little barfish the quality of these puns!

    I was staring down the barreleye of his rifle.

    Salmon Diane from Cheers aren’t a very good match.

    I just down a whole pint of bitterling.

    I just kicked back a shot of Burbot.

    Pickerel I’ll pick her for ya!

    Give that woman a kid, and she’d codlet all day.

    These puns are really crappie.

    Just a dab should be enough.

    Would it hurt you to eelpout once in a while?

    Gar blimey!

    Goby with your friends! See if I care!

    I heard New York did away with Big Gulpers.

    These puns seem rather hoki, if you ask me.

    You think? I sure am jella about how long this list of puns is!

    Don’t play koi with me.

    My favorite band is Lenok Skynyrd.

    I’ve been longfin for some nice company.

    He always gets moray than me.

    The giant really wharfed the surround village.

    He sure is a pretty buoy, isn’t he?

    Could you be a little more Pacific?

    You just stay perched right there.

    *hic* I think someone piked the punch!

    That was quite the snapper comeback.

    The sturgeon entered the OR early.

    What? Oh, I’m saury.

    Scup, man?

    Ouch, that looks like reel painful.

    She sure gave you a shiner.

    Did I say that? I’m such a slipmouth.

    You should have smelt what she was cooking back there.

    I even snook a taste from the big pot.

    I think the waiter sprat in your soup.

    Tang nabbit!

    The situation was quite tenius.

    Did you catch that?

    Here, take a whiff.

    She’s suing him for zander.

    He laid zeige to the king’s empire.

    What year class did you graduate?

    The movie was quite triggering.

    What capsize do you wear?

    Get aweigh from me!

    I’m surprised you know of such current affairs.

    That’s a hull of a boat you have there.

    Kelly Ripple just can’t seem to find the right co-host.

    Want to go out? Maybe to a picture shoal?

    Sounds like you’re a bit tongue-tide.

    Astern attitude doesn’t befit you.

    Those jeans make her aft look great!

    Her beauty will surely en-transom.

    She left me in her wake, to float and sputter.

    I wonder what channel she works for.

    I’m getting really moored with this list.

    Care to go bowline later?


    It a-piers you have no earthly idea.

    I’d rudder vote my conscience, to be honest.

    I think we need to scale back our efforts.

    If you like these, please visit the list with any new additions, on my word-nerd blog, Divvyry, here =)

    An Ablestate of the Union Address for 2013

    It’s been a long time since my most recent set of “state of the blog” remarks, and I figured an update was due. I still occasionally post articles (mostly refuting various forwards from Facebook and e-mail) and the vast majority of my hits (which range at 800/day lately) have come exclusively from people Googling something like the Skyrim tricks list (here), whether to become an Imperial or Stormcloak (also Skyrim, here), my huge list of music puns (here) and randomly some Facebook story debunk article like the Pepsi/abortion scandal (here) or the baby with the burnt hand issue (here).

    I’m still posting articles just occasionally, but a lot of my time lately has been a new site I’m trying to get started,, which is a cell-phone-friendly site that is more or less just a linkblog of the dozens of videos per day that I watch on YouTube. I’ve been following another link-blog for a long time called Waxy Links (who I was honored to see posted about the SynPet Newton video) and his super-simple style laced with really great links to check out (which are really “me”) got me to wonder if I could pull off such a feat. There are a few other similar sites to videoTHL already out there (like Wimp) but they don’t have quite the same charm or approach as mine. As with most blogs, it will take probably 2-3 years to really get established before drawing in the hits like this blog (which is around 5 years old as of October-ish 2012), but I’m trying to post near-daily on videoTHL to egg that on as smoothly as possible.

    So if you would, please pop over to and see if that’s your thing. If it’s not your thing, cool, but if you’re someone who needs a source for random videos to watch to pass the time, such as when you’ve got downtime and you’re looking for something to do on your cell, give me a visit in those moments, if you happen to remember ~_^