Newton by SynPet, VHS Promo [original release post] 1989

This is the original release post (at for the 1989 VHS Promo reel regarding the Newton personal household robot. My uncle was owner/CEO/etc of SynPet at the time (also inventer/creator of the Bottomline technology, the fisherman’s depth detector). I’ve got a VHS Promo reel of that also, but it seems to be more like a video manual so much than trying to sell the product.

Note: I’ve noticed a lot of other blogs are syndicating my material by just pasting the entire post into their own and not linking back. Please keep an eye out for these imposters! ^_^

Edit: I’ve uploaded the HQ version (39mb, wmv) to Rapidshare, here (expired, e-mail me if you’re interested and we’ll figure something out).

Edit @ July 19, 2008
A number of sites have posted the video as an entry and a few have gathered a few rather interesting comments (notably paleofuture).. Thanks guys! entry (with funny comments) entry Gadgets (I got over 200 clicks from them according to YT statistics, but when searching for it, there seems to be no evidence of the post)

51 thoughts on “Newton by SynPet, VHS Promo [original release post] 1989

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  2. That’s a real lost gem from the robot era, do you have any other information about the Newton?
    Details online are sparse to non-existent. I’d love to know if any exist today.
    Great post!

  3. I’ll ask my uncle if he has any old instruction manuals or paper fact-sheet related materials, and scan those in if I get some. Other than the subtitles from the video, I don’t have much else, quite honestly. I did a few Newton searches some time ago and found relatively nothing — just parts for sale at random “old robot parts” sites, and a reference to Newton from the guy who claims to have done the firmware. I’m not wiki-savvy yet.. I wonder if some interested soul would be kind enough to assist in that endeavor?

  4. He said he has some original print brochures and possibly a manual or two. We’ll be visiting him at the end of May so I may be able to get a few snaps of Newton’s innards ^_^

  5. Your clips are great and it is good to see them on line and that other hobbyist are interested. I have some pictures on The Old Robots Web Site. I would like to talk to you and your unkle and trade information.

  6. I’d seen your site before, when checking as to whether Newton had already maintained a presence on the web to some degree — and I appreciate the recognition ^_^

    Here is a corrected link to Ron’s site, and one specifically to Newton‘s page. There’s also a link to a little buddy I used to own named Chatbot that I sold some years ago, regrettably.

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  8. I have a Newton Synpet and some of the other personal robots of the 1980’s.

    My Newton is painted metalic blue, and it has an experimental set of mechanics to lift the head as well as turn it (no software to control the lift).

    I bought it from a fellow named Sean who had the Robot World store in Rochester New York.

    Newton is functional with manuals and brochures. I have used him for robot demonstrations at schools.

    I would love to be able to contact your uncle by Email or phone. I hope to find somwone that has the source code that implements the Newton knowledge database. My version may not be the last version, because the conditional statements are nonfunctional.

    • Hello
      I read your post from 2008 and saw that you have a Newton Robot. I have rebuilt two robots, Hero 1 and Hero Jr and was wondering if you would be interested in selling your Newton?
      Many thanks for your time.

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  10. Благодарю!!!У Вас часто появляются очень интересные посты! Очень поднимаете мое настроение.

  11. Ваш сайт в опере не очень то корректо показывается, а так все отлично! спасибки вам за умные мысли!

  12. А Вы не задумывались о том, чтобы параллельно завести еще один блог, на смежную тему? У Вас неплохо получается

  13. По правде говоря, сначала не очень то до конца понял, но перечитав второй раз дошло – спасибо!

  14. Вот решил вам немного помочь и послал этот пост в социальные закладки. Очень надеюсь ваш рейтинг возрастет.

  15. Очень интересно. Но чего-то не хватает. Может быть, стоит добавить каких-нибудь картинок или фото?

  16. Очень интересно. Но чего-то не хватает. Может быть, стоит добавить каких-нибудь картинок или фото?

  17. Последний из этих афоризмов уже цитировался в одной из дискуссий. Но мне очень хочется привести его и здесь. А ещё войти в круг уважаемых авторов:

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