Newton by SynPet, VHS Promo [original release post] 1989

This is the original release post (at for the 1989 VHS Promo reel regarding the Newton personal household robot. My uncle was owner/CEO/etc of SynPet at the time (also inventer/creator of the Bottomline technology, the fisherman’s depth detector). I’ve got a VHS Promo reel of that also, but it seems to be more like a video manual so much than trying to sell the product.

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Edit: I’ve uploaded the HQ version (39mb, wmv) to Rapidshare, here (expired, e-mail me if you’re interested and we’ll figure something out).

Edit @ July 19, 2008
A number of sites have posted the video as an entry and a few have gathered a few rather interesting comments (notably paleofuture).. Thanks guys! entry (with funny comments) entry Gadgets (I got over 200 clicks from them according to YT statistics, but when searching for it, there seems to be no evidence of the post)

SynPet Newton on KFDX Broadcast News clip ~1980s

My uncle, Steve Hodges, is a very successful electrical engineer and inventor who’s made a fair number of useful devices such as the fisherman’s Depth Finder and now builds cellular-based utility status-monitoring devices (M2MComm). A while back he owned and headed a company called SynPet, that manufactured household robots by the name of Newton. Here’s a news broadcast segment from the 1980’s demonstrating the voice interaction functions and giving a few random details. One of these days, I’ll post the entire Newton promotional video, once I hunt it down again =)