Saturday Flash Game: Throw Me

Throw Me is a longish game where the object is to throw a torso-less fellow through the air as far as you can. Click on the treasure box to start, and then move the mouse back and forth to fling the guy like a sling, and press space to release. For here on out, you can hit white clouds which give you a marginal upward boost, the black clouds that act as a cannon that you press space to release when charged up to the desired firepower, and the swinging wreckingballs along the ground that also act as a cannon. My high score is over 150,000 distance ^_^

Throw Me

Friday Speedrun: Super Mario Montage

While not technially a speedrun (completing a game start to finish as fast as one can manage), this montage demonstrates some wacky glitches from the Super Mario Brothers series. About halfway through begins a sectoin designated speed run, but is instead literally just speed-running, and quite a bit of clever jumps and maneuvers. I was especially impressed with the accuracy with the fireballs later on.

Note, the music is a little loud.

Wednesday Classic Movie Trailer: The African Queen

I first saw this film in a class I took in college, Film As Literature. The professor was bat-shart nuts (who I’d taken before and didn’t particularly like but like the subject matter more), and the class ended up being pretty insightful — I have some difficulty watching many films these days without remarking at how clever a transition was, or how long a take was without cutting away, or noticing the layered stage positions of actors on the set. This was one of the more memorable films ^_^

Saturday Flash Game: Orisinal’s Winterbells

In this simple flash game, you’re a little snow bunny trying to get as high as you can. You move the bunny side to side with the mouse, and jump by clicking. When you hit one of the floating bells, you get a point score (increases by 10) and a little hop higher, which is usually enough to get bumped to the next bell. It’s rather simple, and could make for a good quick competition between online buddies ^_^

The music is nice, and reminds me of a cross between Orinoco Flow, Canon in D, and the Shire theme from LOTR.

Orisinal – Winterbells