Saturday Flash Game: Throw Me

Throw Me is a longish game where the object is to throw a torso-less fellow through the air as far as you can. Click on the treasure box to start, and then move the mouse back and forth to fling the guy like a sling, and press space to release. For here on out, you can hit white clouds which give you a marginal upward boost, the black clouds that act as a cannon that you press space to release when charged up to the desired firepower, and the swinging wreckingballs along the ground that also act as a cannon. My high score is over 150,000 distance ^_^

Throw Me

Friday Speedrun: Super Mario Montage

While not technially a speedrun (completing a game start to finish as fast as one can manage), this montage demonstrates some wacky glitches from the Super Mario Brothers series. About halfway through begins a sectoin designated speed run, but is instead literally just speed-running, and quite a bit of clever jumps and maneuvers. I was especially impressed with the accuracy with the fireballs later on.

Note, the music is a little loud.