An Ablestate of the Union Address for 2013

It’s been a long time since my most recent set of “state of the blog” remarks, and I figured an update was due. I still occasionally post articles (mostly refuting various forwards from Facebook and e-mail) and the vast majority of my hits (which range at 800/day lately) have come exclusively from people Googling something like the Skyrim tricks list (here), whether to become an Imperial or Stormcloak (also Skyrim, here), my huge list of music puns (here) and randomly some Facebook story debunk article like the Pepsi/abortion scandal (here) or the baby with the burnt hand issue (here).

I’m still posting articles just occasionally, but a lot of my time lately has been a new site I’m trying to get started,, which is a cell-phone-friendly site that is more or less just a linkblog of the dozens of videos per day that I watch on YouTube. I’ve been following another link-blog for a long time called Waxy Links (who I was honored to see posted about the SynPet Newton video) and his super-simple style laced with really great links to check out (which are really “me”) got me to wonder if I could pull off such a feat. There are a few other similar sites to videoTHL already out there (like Wimp) but they don’t have quite the same charm or approach as mine. As with most blogs, it will take probably 2-3 years to really get established before drawing in the hits like this blog (which is around 5 years old as of October-ish 2012), but I’m trying to post near-daily on videoTHL to egg that on as smoothly as possible.

So if you would, please pop over to and see if that’s your thing. If it’s not your thing, cool, but if you’re someone who needs a source for random videos to watch to pass the time, such as when you’ve got downtime and you’re looking for something to do on your cell, give me a visit in those moments, if you happen to remember ~_^

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