Microsoft Points, Buy 2 Get 1 Free (almost) Trick

Ok, not so much a trick, really. Since Circuit City is clearing out all their inventory, they’re also selling Microsoft Points cards at 30% off (currently). That means if you buy two, you almost get an entire third 1600-point card for free.

1600 Microsoft Points = $19.99 Regular
1600 MS Points x 3 = $59.97 Regular

1600 MS Points = 13.99 Discounted
1600 MS Points x 3 = 41.97
Savings of $18.00

4800 / 59.97 = x / 41.97
( 4800 x 41.97 ) / 59.97 = x
Buy 3359 MS Points, get 1441 free.

If you plan on buying MS Points for Xbox Live things later in the future, you might as well get a bunch now while they’re way cheaper, instead of paying full price later. It’s almost like getting a discount on cash.

You’ll have to peel yourself out of the recliner and actually go to the store though, because the website is shut down and therefore accepts no online orders. Considering I got Fallout 3 for $20-off using MyPoints to get a $20 Circuit City giftcard, forking over ~$42 and getting ~$18 worth of free points wasn’t such a bad hit to the pocketbook.

Truly Amazing Literary Innovation: Blueful

Every once in a while I come across something so amazing that you just have to sit there in silence for a few moments to wonder at all of the planning that went into a project. One such finding is the literary work called Blueful. I don’t want to spoil it, but you’ll have to know a little bit about how the Internet works to be able to read it fully, and you don’t just click to get to the next page. It may require a bit more effort.

It takes some time, so make sure you’ve got some free.

When you’re done, you’ll know it was all worth it.

Like long, tender kisses.
In the rain.