Videos Of People Speaking, Words Edited Out

There’s a page out there in yonder internets that has assembled a number of videos asking people to remark at length upon a given subject — but then takes that video and edits out all of the parts with words, leaving only the forehead scratching, the ums, the uhs, and the er…..’s. I thought it was nifty ^_^


Cartoon Network Rickrolls Most of America

One tradition for the early hours of Thanksgiving Day, a holiday celebrated in America where family gathers together to remember things they are thankful for, is to watch the “Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade” in New York on TV. One parade float was sponsored by Cartoon Network, a cable television station that plays almost entirely cartoons, starts out with a typical sing-a-long type song, but breaks into a Rickroll with none other than the actual Rick Astley himself, lip-syncing to his meme-hit. Fun!