Videos Of People Speaking, Words Edited Out

There’s a page out there in yonder internets that has assembled a number of videos asking people to remark at length upon a given subject — but then takes that video and edits out all of the parts with words, leaving only the forehead scratching, the ums, the uhs, and the er…..’s. I thought it was nifty ^_^

Cartoon Network Rickrolls Most of America

One tradition for the early hours of Thanksgiving Day, a holiday celebrated in America where family gathers together to remember things they are thankful for, is to watch the “Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade” in New York on TV. One parade float was sponsored by Cartoon Network, a cable television station that plays almost entirely cartoons, starts out with a typical sing-a-long type song, but breaks into a Rickroll with none other than the actual Rick Astley himself, lip-syncing to his meme-hit. Fun!

Target Truck Leaves Dock Without Securing Carts

This is not my video, but funny no less, for at least a few of my readers/watchers. I can half identify with just standing there with mouth agape, but half not for running out to tell the driver to stop. Crazy!

The YT comments seem to say that it was store #1091 in Cincinatti. I’m guessing the driver interpreted the docking ramp hitting the inside floor as the door being closed back. Ewpth!

Incidentally, some Targets have two floors and therefore need escalators specifically for shopping carts. Enjoy the not-near-as-funny demonstration, also not mine ^_^

Doctor of Chiropractic Sues Patient Over Negative Online Review (famous for their unforgiving and insanity-befallen commenters), posted an interesting article about how a doctor of chiropractic decided somehow that a sane course of action would be to sue a recent patient of his who had billing issues that were laced with opinion and supposedly untrue conversations. It’s yet undecided, but could affect review sites in the US…

Chiropractor Sues Patient Over Negative Yelp Review

Clips That Give Me Chills: Street Fighter Comeback Full Match

Everyone who’s played 1-on-1 fighting games like Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, or One Must Fall: 2097 knows that there’s a point where your health meter is only at a wee shred left and you’ve only got one chance to take your opponent out because the very next unblocked hit you take means you’re out for the round. This guy gets whittled down the shred, and comes back with a crazy amount of successive blocks and rips into the other for the win. The growing roar of the crowd watching on is almost tear-jerking, I tell ya!

This is actually the entire 3-round match, instead of the commonplace final minute. A few notes for non 1-v-1 players: the first two rounds of three are won 1 apiece, so the final round decides the winner, and both seem to be pretty cautious. The little vertical flash before a series of moves is a difficult-to-block combination that usually takes out a big chuck on the opponent’s health meter. Not only does the winner (the blonde character, Ken) successfully block every attack thrown when he’s down to the wire (requiring a fury of button-mashing), but he returns with a similar combo (requiring another furious mess of button mashing, not easily done), and wins the match.