This is indeed video posting day.

Here’s another interesting video, moreso a music video perhaps, using an instrument called an igil — from a country called Tuval. Apparently it usually is played with a throat-singing accompaniment in some kind of tribal deal or something, but on the video it is hooked up electronically and gets some kind of effects added to it. Nicely done.

Another Video: Family Guy / Godfather

Okay so apparently I’m posting a lot of videos today. This one is a clip from Family Guy where they’re trapped in some kind of chamber that is flooded. The great thing about this clip is one thing that makes Family Guy great — they take these crazy diversions, as if it’s taken directly from a nonsensical chat between nerdy friends arguing over Kirk/Picard betterness or something. Peter tells his family about why he didn’t like the Godfather movie, and the family is appalled. Classic.

Halo 3 Feature Update: Level Editing!

Holy Sassafrass! We’ll be able to edit levels now — by turning into one of the Halo Monitors (i.e. 343 Guity Spark) and go around and add or delete scenery items (crates, barrels, tanks, weapons, teleporters, etc) but also change things like spawn points per team. And if you save/upload your custom maps, you might get yours featured in actual XBL matchmaking. AND, while you’re in Forge mode, other people can be playing in Slayer or whatever, so you can make a crate or something, drop an invisible dealy and a sniper rifle, and the have the guy stand on the crate and you can have him float in the air or wherever like a magic carpet and have wicked sniping points.

Check out this video for a live demonstration. I will be needing some cleaner undies.

A clever anti-anti-gay-marriage top ten list

I honestly found this top ten list entertaining. As a Christian, I am not opposed to gay marriage. I am opposed to Christians not reading their own material and failing to recognize what the bible states the law’s pursposes is, in the context of biblical law.

Other than the first one (which I thought was pretty funny), the one that stuck out to me was #8. I agree that biblically, scripture does not support gay marriage — but I support gay marriage for an important reason. What the real issue here is that Christians seem to just hypocritically ignore the fact that the government records marriages because it is on the census — and taking a census is against biblical law also.

The fact that the government census takes record of marriage is the broader issue here, not that the government should or should not recognize gay marriage. If you non-bible scholars recalleth not, hundreds of people were slain by Yonder Blessed Kamehameha from above when David disobeyed God by taking a census. So stop blaming the country’s woes like devestating hurricanes and absurd floods on same-sex rumpy pumpy, my brothers — the fact that if marriage was taken off of the census and no longer recognized at all would make the whole matter moot in the first place.

Bad News for Jane Subscribers!

As corny as it sounds, Jane magazine is calling it quits! Even though it’s a womens’ magazine, I have grown a bit attatched to it over this past year and have dared to even considering among my top 3 magazines I look forward to each month. Sadly, I got a card in the mail today letting me in on the bad news: (click for larger)

Absurd Misplacement of Blame Alert

I was just astounded, outraged and beleaguered with flabbergastment upon reading about a group of joggers who are going to be tried on felony charges for doing something completely innocent. It’s a recent trend that has me quite nearly up in arms because of the grossly unintelligent placement of blame.

It seems that one of the joggers was putting some harmless flour down on a parking lot to use as a marker for a particular run. What irks me the most is the bridge — The sprinkled powder forced hundreds to evacuate an IKEA furniture store Thursday. It most certainly did not. The goober who called police, the police, and the store employees who did the evacuation procedures caused the evacuation, not the powder, nor the powder tosser. Somehow the geniuses in this Connecticut mental asylum city decided to file federal felony charges for disturbing the peace!

When looking for more details about the story, I hunted up the New Haven, Conn. website (here), as well as the their local paper’s original article, a follow-up, an opinion article, and found a newer update about it. Apparently the whole debacle (gotta love that word) has cost around $50,000 from local emergency utility and whatnot. The lawyer for the runners had a mostly satisfying retort (satisfying, short of smearing a cream pie into the face of someone in city hall) in the new article, which I was really relieved to catch: “One thing that should be clear is that what occurred was absent of malice and … it was a misunderstanding. One could even argue, and we take the position, that it was somewhat of an overreaction on the part of the authorities who made the decision to arrest somebody.”

I’m sending an email over to the writer of the article (his address at the bottom of the story), their police chief, the DA, the mayor, and maybe even a few random strangers there because I feel like it, about my unease with the insipid display of choicemaking in assigning overreactive blame of the two innocents arrested (one of whom is from out of town, and have done the same thing in dozens of places — even in DC of all places — without incident; the other a local doctor). Absolutely astounding.

My statement to those in charge:

“I am beyond amazement to read about the dastardly placement of blame on the runner’s group for the flour landmark on the Ikea property. At best, certainly some level of defacing private property might be accurately laid, but felony charges for disrupting peace? If anyone deserves that, it’s the individual(s) who opted to callously discard genuine thinking to jump clear over to terrorism. If it was really anthrax — would they even bother to make AN ARROW? Don’t you suppose the guy planting the supposed terroristic material would have been wearing slightly different garb when dealing with such harsh chemicals? It is very clear that the parties assumptive of terrorism in this issue reacted with blatant disregard for reasoning and opted to just skip rationale to go straight for the falling sky delusion. I’m surprised the same person had not earlier this year reported that Russians had surely launched nuclear missles at New Haven when seeing smoke trails from a chimney.

Please get your officials under control and assign blame where it is actually due: smack on the records of the individuals who flagrantly trampled the boundaries of common sense, and the officers who seemed to lack proper capacity for actual duty that took them seriously.”