This is indeed video posting day.

Here’s another interesting video, moreso a music video perhaps, using an instrument called an igil — from a country called Tuval. Apparently it usually is played with a throat-singing accompaniment in some kind of tribal deal or something, but on the video it is hooked up electronically and gets some kind of effects added to it. Nicely done.

Another Video: Family Guy / Godfather

Okay so apparently I’m posting a lot of videos today. This one is a clip from Family Guy where they’re trapped in some kind of chamber that is flooded. The great thing about this clip is one thing that makes Family Guy great — they take these crazy diversions, as if it’s taken directly from a nonsensical chat between nerdy friends arguing over Kirk/Picard betterness or something. Peter tells his family about why he didn’t like the Godfather movie, and the family is appalled. Classic.