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To contact me, just hammer out a quick note to ablestmage@gmail.com and I’ll get right on it. I check it a few times per week usually ~_^ This site is not currently sponsored in any way, and runs strictly out-of-pocket. You may see ads while viewing my articles, but I receive no monetary gain from them. The site is hosted by wordpress.com, instead of my own space — and the terms of service for running it off of wordpress.com are that they will run their own ads and that we can’t have any (or any that generate revenue). I receive zero dollars for anything that appears here — it is purely by hobby and not ‘paid for’ or sponsored by anyone or any group.

Hi. I’m ablestmage. I’m 1970’s-born male from north Texas. I like Jesus, artsy things, asian pop music, dark humor, British radio panel games, English wordplay, and sleeping a lot.

I grew up with computers and video games, starting with the TI-99/4A (playing games like Munch Man, Parsec, Alpiner and Zero Zap) and Atari 2600 (with games like Combat and Bowling), moving on to an IBM-compatible 8088 with noisy brick-sized 10mb HDD and monochrome orange monitor and 2400-baud modem, playing games like Bouncing Babies and Castle Adventure. Then it was off to a 486-DX2/66 that I could use to play Wolfenstein 3D and the Commander Keen side scrollers (before the pogo stick versions). I was into Bulletin Board Systems, with a heavy leaning toward WWIV 4.23 and can probably beat your pants off in a local BRE match. I also played on the NES (Final Fantasy 1, Super Mario 2, Gradius, Excite Bike, and TMNT1 among favorites), original Xbox (Halo and Morrowind mostly), Xbox 360 (MW2,3, Blops1,2, All Halos except Wars, Oblivion/Skyrim, Destiny), and Xbox One (Destiny 1+2, Skyrim mostly)..

I’ve got a degree in English and journalism from Midwestern State and very well may be able to beat you in foosball. I very actively study trends in language and linguistics, enough to consider myself a lexicographer by hobby. I could probably talk for 8 hours straight on how false-prescriptivism (found also in science) is much more of a detriment to science than religion could ever dream to be.

I’ve got moderate-to-severe essential tremor that affects my daily living unpredictably, and although I could share endlessly about its mal-effects, I generally live day to day with positivity (partly because negativity genuinely does make the effects worse).

I have long tried to avoid politics, and focus on citation-based assertions of truth that are open for discussion that anyone can fact-check my own research, but nonetheless some political topics sneak in, but I resolutely remain un-sided, and everything here should be considered editorial/OP-ED.

If you find an article in which it appears I am defending Trump or Obama, and you believe I am “siding” with them, then you’re barking up the wrong tree. What I’m defending is a magical accuracy concept as I see it. If Trump/Obama is accused of something, that accusation can be proven true or untrue: (a) proving an accusation true isn’t being against them — it’s being on the side of accuracy; (b) proving an accusation untrue isn’t being on his side either, but being on the side of accuracy.

My atypical username was borne out of a back-burnered interest in designing my own line of upright table game (such as specialty billiards, foos-, etc) designs, and in addition to meaning “most capable (able+est), wizard-swordfighter combo class (mage),” it is also an anagram of “tablegames” and was to be the name of that game-designing company — which may still someday become a reality.

Successful Trolling Was Successful
Many of my posts lately have been of a dark satire I consider part trolling, part homage to Miami columnist Dave Barry — but not serious criticism. Examples:
Rush Limbaugh’s Sandra Fluke Remarks Anger The Unintelligent
Dopey Asexuals Who Don’t Watch House Create Really Stupid Petition
Pit Bull Owners Flunk Listening Comprehension Over McDonalds Ad, Begin Growling

My Weirdly High Pagerank
As you may realize, I have a rather high Google pagerank. I can make a post about something, and within a day, my blog entry will appear within the first page (often) of Google search results for that general topic. I used to post random images every day for about 3 years, glomped and viewfindered via FFFFound.com and various other now-expunged random image sites, which I suspect was instrumental in building that up, although that was not my intent — but I now bask in that ability. If only I could profit off it somehow, since WordPress doesn’t allow automated ad systems..

26 thoughts on “About / Contact

  1. Hi,
    I have a question. Did you do vocal remover on youtube? I have a song that I want the vocals removed? Can I e-mail it to you and have you remove the vocals? Thanks.


  2. I generally assign skills that are commonly used, so that leveling goes faster — Block, heavy armor, swords.. I normally don’t use a bunch of magic but just enchant things and use duped soul gems to recharge them.

  3. Makes sense, but what about gameplay styles such as stealth, passive, brute force, how much do you consider that factor.

  4. 100% Chameleon, duped enchanted arrows, the Mace of Doom from the Wizard’s Tower glitch.. I did have an archery focus one and just went around killing everything with arrows. It was pretty good but always took a long time to nock each arrow, even though they did wicked damage.

  5. Yeah, I’m all over the place to when it comes to combat styles, and it’s fun to experiment, but I’m trying to settle down and make a character with one gameplay style that is not all about going crazy with duplicating, being invisible and having the best weapon in the game (not that it wasn’t fun).

  6. Right. I have oblivion but for the PS3 but i want to dupe. Now i have looked everywhere for a way to unpatch oblivion for the PS3, but i just cant find one. i know that you have oblivion for the XBOX 360 But i was just ondering if you did accually know if there is a way to unpatch the PS3 one or just should i drop the whole search for unpatching the PS3 one. Just Thought You Might Know. Thxs. And if you do know how plz give me a awnser as soon as possible. Thank you

  7. I have never known duping to not-work for PS3. I’ve never played the PS3 version to try it myself, but it seems like if Bethesda were able to patch it on the PS3, then they would also patch it for the 360, and they haven’t patched it for 360. Someone wrote an un-patch method for PS3 on one of my Fallout 3 videos, so people could do an infinite experience glitch without the patches that block it. Maybe try that?

    “Go under the Game tab and select Game Data Utility.
    Highlight the Fallout 3 entry and press triangle then press delete. Disconnect the internet to your PS3 (pull the plug if necessary) and enjoy. Keep your internet disconnected as long as you want to play unpatched. Redownload the patch before earning trophies, otherwise you wont get them.”

  8. Hey, I’m not too sure if you know… but I think UESP Wiki is down for some reason. It keeps saying that it has an “Error”.
    Can you verify this? I’ve only checked on this comp, but I cant seem to nail the problem. Thanks~

    • Confirmed. DownOrNot.com says it is, but I’m not sure why. I personally suspect it may be from too much traffic — the official Bethesda blog had posted something about it, so I’m guessing that way too many visitors all of a sudden might have brought the whole thing down somehow.

  9. I found your site very interesting. I also have Essential Tremor. I noticed it in my late 20’s or around 30. I am 67, will be 68 in June. Mine has gotten worse each decade. So more medicine is added to my arsenal.

    If you ever want to compare treatment/medications, problems, I would be glad to chat with you.

    I go to the gym and cut my own grass to stay in shape.

    God Bless you, Edie

    • I was doing some site maintenance and came across your comment again. I’ve been doing pretty good with it lately, as I’ve been given a prescription (which is ~$40 without insurance, or $4/month with, depending on the pharmacy) for 80mg of Propranolol. They can be taken as needed, and last for about a day. I only work 3 days a week usually, and I just taken them the morning I go to work so I’m not fumbling everything, and it’s been a wonder for the tremors. I’ve been on them about 2 months so far. If for some reason my insurance benefits run out, I’m not confident I will renew “as often” but will probably try to spread out a month’s worth as thinly as possible!

  10. Oh wow… I love your blog so much it is unreal that you do not have a “Share” option! There must be thousands of people that could benefit from your wit and skepticism. AWESOME. Thanks for sharing 🙂 (I got here, by the way, while searching the web for some of those names listed on the Lindsay Lohan-Facebook status people are passing around). Thanks for that too.

    • Thanks! You can share almost any page on Facebook by copying-and-pasting the address (the whole line of text at the top that begins “http://ablestmage.wordpress….”) and making it as a link when writing a new status, but I’ll see what I can do about sharing options.. hmm..

  11. Hello! 🙂 I rented Oblivion a while back and got a little ticked off at the game (long story *grin*) and walked away from it. Recently, I picked it up for peanuts and got a walkthrough guode to help my playing this go ’round (I know, I know *heh heh*).

    I found your duplicating and other vids on YouTube and will be using the tricks when I finally play TES on my 360. One question: Umbra and her armor. The trick to beat her looks like it was done early in the game (as were most, i.e. duplicating). While it would be nice to have that excellent armor early on would be great, but I noticed her name came up in one of the side quests for a guild. Will killing her so early make that particular guild’s achievement missable? I know certain things need to be done in order and I would hate to have to replay a game as long as this one to get a perfect 1k/1k.

    Thank you very much for your time. I have also been looking at your “300 words or more” challenges and may have to partake. 🙂

    Take care!
    Darren 🙂

    • She’s not involved in any achievement-related quests or with guild missions, but she is part of a Daedric god (Clavicus Vile) quest that often result in a nice reward of a weird ring or artifact (etc). The reward for completing the quest she’s involved in is rather terrible, compared to getting the Umbra sword and her armor. If you get her sword without doing the quest, or possess it while doing the quest, sword has zero weight — but after completing the quest if you choose to keep it without giving it to Clavicus, the sword will weigh 45.. which is pretty heavy. If you do give Clavicus the sword, all you get in return is a helmet that raises your Personality by 20 points. I say skip the quest entirely (which won’t affect getting perfect achievements) and keep the sword at zero weight =)

      If anything, simply save your game in a different slot before you do the Clavicus Vile quest, so that if it turns out you’d rather have the sword back, you can always load that other save back from before you decided.

      If you’re going to for hardcore completion, get ready to scream — if you get the Shivering Isles expansion (which creates additional achievements) there is a pair of achievements therein that can only be accomplished once per character. A fork in the decision making process forces you to choose only one or the other and you can’t go back to make it again because the opportunity passes. In order to get the other achievement, you’d have to start a completely new character and do all of the lengthy missions that lead up to the choice all over again, or perhaps reload an old save from before you made the decision and choose the other =)

      Handy links —


      My best advice for walkthroughs is to simply Google UESP keyword whereas keyword is whatever you’re curious about in the game. The UESP guide is the most extensive and thorough examination of the game I’ve ever seen =)

      • Good morning, Ablestmage! 🙂

        I finally got around to starting Oblivion – a mere seven months after we talked about Umbra. :Þ Speaking of, I went back to your YouTube vids and got Fin Gleam, a TON of cash (will be getting more soon)…even went to the The Oak and Crosier inn in Chorrol and saw that their lobby had been mysteriously flooded with pumpkins. Hmmm…wonder how that happened? >:)

        Back to Umbra – I did exactly what you did in the video. Purchased Apothesis, went to Umbra’s pad at Vin Diesel *heh heh*…and she lit me up like a Christmas tree. Many, MANY times. You mentioned that you performed a lot of the YouTube video exploits early on (level 1 – as did I), but what did you do that you were able to blast her with one shot? Do I need a rise in certain stats? Do I have the wrong character race? I tried sneaking up on her, talking to her, wailing on her in plain sight (I was feet from her and not sneaking, and looking right at me, she didn’t attack until I did) and nothing seems to help. Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi! You’re my only hope… 🙂

        Also, thank you for recommending UESP. It has been an invaluable tool. Helped me in a few instances regarding clothing / armor choices, as well as helping out with a quest. Amazing how thorough it is, and it’s been great reading up on a myriad of things. It has been kind of slow recently, though – probably because people are using it for Skyrim. Now THAT game looks incredible. Maybe I’ll start playing Skyrim in 2016, given my speedy play time with Oblivion. :Þ

        Would it be OK if I sent you a friend request on your 360 tag as well?

        Thank you for your time and I hope you are well. Enjoy your Friday!
        Darren 🙂

  12. The Christian’s Jehovah, the Almighty God,
    is a capricious and cantankerous sod;
    and, so far as I can tell,
    the Christian often is as well,
    because the bible bogey, he’s been led to see,
    is three that’s one and yet it’s one that’s three.

    They say it’s a father, his son, and a ghost too;
    which clearly is ridiculous woo.
    They claim their god, in its Empyrean lair,
    is omniscient, omnipotent, benevolent and fair,
    but, with the problem of theodicy,
    their dogma is Christian idiocy.

    The Jew’s Yahweh, that wrathful old jerk,
    set Jews strict rules on when to work,
    how to dress, and what to sup or sip,
    and giving baby boys the snip.
    Myths of Bronze Age, goat-herding nomads,
    metaphorically have them, by the gonads.

    The Moslem’s Allah, a fierce great djinn,
    demands under ‘Islam’, literally, ‘Submission’.
    Apostasy is treated just like a crime;
    they’ll threaten to kill you, to keep you in line,
    and if you dare draw Mohammad in a comic cartoon,
    there’ll be riots and killings from here to Khartoum.

    Hindu, Sikh, Jain, and Buddhist,
    Zoroastrian, Baha’i, Mormon, and Scientologist,
    Confucianist, Shintoist, and Taoist too,
    Spiritualist, Wiccan, and the New Ager into woo.
    Yea, verily, those of each and every religion,
    are mired in the miasma of superstition.

    So, why should yours be the one true faith,
    in the magic of a phantasmagorical wraith?
    Belief, without evidence, is just plain crazy,
    ignorant, stupid, or thoughtlessly lazy.
    Life derives no purpose, at a theistic god’s direction;
    when evolution happens, it’s due to Natural Selection.

  13. Dear Friends,

    If only u knew that this was an old story u shouldn’t have hosted it. U say we scrutinize the article, post or pictures. There are so many nude, dirty and wage pictures and posts put up on fb why don’t u’ll see to that. Small children have started coming up on fb giving false information. No problem coz their intention is for games but they get to view all this filth as they open the home page and all thrash gets into their system.

    I do know a friend who had sent a friendly request to an unknown person that also only for games. What an issue was created about it. He was threatened to shut down his account. Your games are such that we have to beg and borrow neighbors. All people u know are not there for games. When we want neighbors and see them playing the same games we get tempted to have some who are on higher or lower levels to invite them but that doesn’t mean that they should be rude.Then the neighbors request shouldn’t be there in the first place. In this case we don ‘t have to go begging for neighbors to an unknown person only for games.

    My dear this is my humble request to see to such things never happen like playing with someones emotion. I have see oldies crying for some post. They complain of chest pain and we have to console them. It may be an incident that has or had occurred in their lives… when seen… is made fresh into their minds and hearts.

  14. Hey! I noticed that you’ve still been blogging and remembered you once pinged my blog on your post which I am still grateful for on this article of yours: https://ablestmage.wordpress.com/2010/08/18/a-pop-wrap-up-momusu-graduations-kara-turning-japanese/

    I was wondering if it was possible for you to change the link of my blog you included to nynyonlinex.wordpress.com? The ‘x’ is included because I stupidly changed my url and I cannot get the old one back. I hope you will still continue to check my blog out and I want to do the same for you too 🙂

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