The Weekly Double-Crosser v1.0!

I’ve hammered out the initial concept of The Weekly Double-Crosser puzzle ready for printing out at work or home (100k, PDF). 

 The main idea is that you’re given two cross-shaped crossword puzzles that have easy clues — but aren’t told which puzzle which clue goes into.  There are two sets of clues (in the form of 1, 1, 2, 2, etc.) for each corresponding row/column that is available in the puzzle, but the puzzle that they go on varies per pair (so that not all of the “first ones” and “first twos” go on the same, but that the “second one” and “first two” might go together.  If this proves too easy to solve, I am prepared to integrate some kind of word scramble facet that lightly shaded squares bearing the same letter on each corresponding spaces on both puzzles spell out to a mystery word for “double points” of some ilk. 

Here are the clues for the first ever TWDC. Tell me what you think so far! Are they easy enough, or too tough? Did you do a lot of erasing to get the right letters to match up? I hope you used a pencil =D