Yes, the Friends Reunion Show 2014 Is a Hoax.

The poster/image about a Friends 2014 Reunion TV show being confirmed is indeed a hoax.

A British site, (article here) and others breaks us the bad news, that, there is no such Friends reunion TV in the works at all. The image is as old as at least January 2014, and Friends show creator Marta Kauffman, “has stressed there will be no reboot of the show or a reunion.” The creator of the original hoax image states that it bore his Twitter username when he first posted it, but someone else apart from his knowledge cropped the image and removed his name and from there perhaps it gained steam.

One version, appearing on Facebook recently, has a link underneath as if to give it credibility, but the link (here, but caution) merely goes to an page for the entry of a paperback book that celebrates the 10 seasons of the show and may likely be a kind of ad click that gives whoever created the link a kickback for purchases made after visiting that link.