Should The United States Increase Its Number of Representatives?

When Eisenhower was president in 1952, there were just over 157 million Americans according to this listing. That is half of the current US population. President Obama now represents two fifties-era USAs in terms of population.

What is the threshold number of people that should be permitted to have a single representative, to diminish the possibility of that representative’s development of a major disconnect with their constituency? Consider how widely known it is for teachers to have smaller class sizes in order to reach students on a clear enough level.

I think it is high time that the number of representatives across states in the 2010s-era US, which has increased in size by double since Eisenhower, more accurately represent the population by also increasing in number in response. I think there is far too great of a disconnect between voters and representatives now, for an in-good-faith election of representatives to occur.