Destiny 2 “Sludge Farming” Multiple Farms at Once

As of under a week past launch, I’m up to around 273 (my destiny tracker profile here) and I’ve settled onto what I think is a pretty good farming location where multiple farms can be performed all at the same time.

The location is in the EDZ, northwest of Devrim, and just southwest of The Farm, at The Sludge.

Checklist before I head there:

>> Equip a ghost that offers Gunsmith Telemetry.

I use the Last City shell (offers telemetry for Arc and Solar weapon kills).

As I understand it, it seems like telemetry is similar to how Dusklight shards work with Devrim Kay.. another (and somewhat-slower) way to level up your reputation with them for more rewards in addition to tokens. I’m not sure yet how the telemetry is collected, but it just appears ready to redeem when I get to the Gunsmith. Since the items that gather it (ghost perks, for example) say that it is collect by element-kills (arc, etc), I wonder if it might be every 100 kills and you get one, or based on shielded/priority enemies (kinda like the old ultra requirement for D1), because I seem to have so few when I get back to the gunsmith and there’s no on-screen collection of it once I get one.

Even though I don’t understand yet how telemetry is collected, at least I’ll have it going and ‘farming’ in the background as yet another extra thing to be farming continuously as a side bonus.

>> Buy EDZ Scouting consumables from Cayde-6 in the Tower.

You can use a ghost that shows the location of EDZ cache and resource spots, but then you’d miss out on telemetry. If you’re willing to forego telemetry, then the ghost might be good for you, but just to add to the farming potential, I use a scouting report for detection and a ghost for telemetry. The scouting consumable offers a 4-hour on-screen marker of spots where a cache is located.

It might be worth noting that aiming down scope/iron-sights while this is active does increase the range slightly (but not cross-map distance), but I find it easier to just walk there instead of aiming back and forth.

Now you can head over to The Sludge, which is north-west of Trotsland.

I made this map highlighting points where (in yellow circles) that a cache is most likely to appear.

Points to note on these locations:

> There are more locations than this; this is just ballpark area of where they could be, and represent possibly more than one in that small area.

> The cache near the U/D of “sludge” is underground, and the entrance is ground-level over the cliff to the north, and sometimes a high-profile fallen spawns there (and sometimes get stuck inside) if there are about 4 shanks hanging around right there, shown (without shanks) in zoom-range example.

> There are several possible places for one to spawn at the south-east road.. particularly consider either going up the road a little to check whether one of them is underground (accessible via the nearby north-south-oriented freight container that is partially underground), shown here with zoom-range example.

> There are two possible spots for the cache at the south-west corner: one above the circular container, and one in a little cubby-hole underground accessible via the northwest side of the container.

> There are at least two possible spots for the cache at the southwest bridge that connects to the southern wall, reachable by jumping.

> There are at least two possible spots for the cache near the spawn in the north east corner, along the north wall.

Anyway, if you take this path just by sprinting (not by sparrow), making one complete circuit is enough time (especially while killing enemies to rack up telemetry) for the cache to have changed to a new location by the time you get back around. There are also a lot of Dusklight Shard scattered around in relatively predictable locations, if you’re interested. I just go by sight for Dusklight, but there is a ghost that will detect the location of resources and cache locations both, if telemetry is of no interest to you.

You’ll have the bonus of occasional high-value targets that pop up, in addition to public events that are fairly easy.

As of this post, I tried making an easy before-work 1-hour farming session and ended up with a total haul of 47 EDZ tokens, 1 telemetry, 16R/3L/1E engrams, and 4 public events. Not the greatest haul of tokens/hour compared to the Nessus loading zone trick, but could be partly due to distraction by public events =)

As a reminder, on the Taken public event where there’s a giant floating orb that seems (at first) immune to damage, just dip your guardian inside one of the domes without destroying the dome, and when you pop back out you’ll have about 4 seconds of timer that lets you damage the floating orb. If you kill the orb (it has a percentage health on screen) then the Heroic boss comes out. You only need to kill the Taken boss, not the chain-gun Cabal that also appears. If you have enough people, you don’t even need to bother killing the regular taken or destroying the domes, and can take out the orb and Taken boss in the original event location. Consider equipping grenades that stick and do constant damage while shooting it at the same time, and save your super for the Taken boss.