Ablest Video Picks – October 29, 2011

Okay, yeah, so it’s been more than a week. I need to get this down to a routine instead of every month-ish like I had been with the image queue =P

WTF – Korean Nose Rollers ~~~ I have just been gobbling these videos up over the last 24 hours. I really did have to pop a melatonin to make myself sleepy so I would go to bed, watching their videos about Korean culture. These two, who are married, are like the perfect college friends you never had, who are funny all the time. They have two current serieseseses going on, TL;DR where they explain something at length about Korean culture or such, and WTF (Wonderful Treasure Find) where they try out and talk about a weird commercial product they bought while in Korea, like Nose Rollers or Eyebrow Tape.. Just BRILLIANT material all around.

Settlers of Catan Book Trailer ~~~ So the popular board game The Settlers of Catan is getting a novelization, and lately books have started getting their own “trailers” (like a movie preview/commercial).. I doubt I’ll get it, especially after seeing this trailer, but I’ll still enjoy a game or two =)

Fails of the Weak #57 ~~~ This is a regular feature for this channel, showing matchmaking games from Halo Reach where someone screwed up royally. Most of the fails are really ordinary, but a couple of them really shine through, like the exploding ghost in this one..

Halo 1 Original Tricks – p1 – Hold 3 Weapons, Cryo-chamber Glitches ~~~ This is the first in a new series of videos I’m making, to vaguely correspond with the release of Halo: Anniversary.. tricks and glitchy fun things that happen in Halo 1 (the original) to see if such things ever happen or are possible in Anniversary..

David Calvo juggles and solves Rubik’s Cubes ~~~ Not only can this show-off solve one of these annoying cubes.. but he can do it in one hand.. AND while juggling two other cubes in the other hand! ¬__¬;;;

State of the Mage Address ~ Oct 2011

I’ve become a pinch disillusioned with my creation here, after realizing there are around 15-20 regular daily front-page hitters, whereas most of my daily hits (150+) come from a single page I made 3 years ago about free Xbox Live one-month trials. I’ve decided to suspend that page (turning it into a draft form so it won’t appear to the public, but so that it still exists) and then gauge the impact.

It’s nice to say that I’ve created a blog that’s gotten over a million hits since it began, and has such a powerful Google pagerank that I can post about a fairly wide range of topics, search for my topic on Google within an hour, and find my blog’s article about it within the first couple pages of results.

I’m heavily considering switching over to a daily video format, in the sense of perhaps 5 videos per day with descriptions, like unto the style of several other video aggregators I regularly visit. For example:

SNSD – The Boys ~~ Finally, the next MV of super-gorgeous Korean pop group So Nyuh Shi Dae after a lengthy wait.. starting today! Thankfully Sunny’s hair is just a wig, and my Korean version of oshimen, YoonA, is the first one we see ^___^ but darn it, if I can’t keep hearing who let the dogs out in the chorus ~__^;; The rappish-section during mixed into the chorus reminds me of After School’s Bang! track, too..

Deviant Electronics – Oystadub ~~ Going through some old backup discs, I found a collection of goa-trance tracks a friend mailed me and had a bit of a memory stroll, way back from 1997 ~_^

Woman Defends 8-yo Boy From Grizzly ~~ David Letterman (an American evening television show host) interviews a woman who, with the help of her horse, repelled a giant American grizzly bear from a boy out on a wilderness tour. Great questions and backstory!

Voted Worst TV Ad in America, 2011 ~~ The results are in from a Consumerist poll, suggesting that this Luv’s commercial featuring animated diaper-clad youngsters competing for the greatest fecal eruption with no leakage is the worst America as to offer. As someone who will not be having children ever, I thought it was pretty fun to watch =)

How DNA Copies Itself ~~ Although we may disagree on how this process got started, I think we can each privately marvel just the same at the fact that this process did at some point begin and that it still continues to occur seemingly automatically..

I’ll see what I can do about getting one of these five-video posts going at least more than once per week, and will be suspending the random image posting for a while (unless popular demand insists upon its return) =)