Did Obama Sign in Over 900 Executive Orders? No.

I received a Facebook message listing the following, which I found to be mostly untrue. Just as a disclaimer — I don’t support Romney or Obama and I would prefer neither of them take office, but spreading lies is not the way to resolve that dispute. Here is the text of the forward in question:

Its now or never!!!! Ive not researched this in its entirety but I am familiar and can attest to the validity of a couple of these EO’s. You better get all the sane people you know out to vote!

In less than four years Obama has signed a record EXECUTIVE ORDERS – over 900!!! Twice as many as any other President… But that isn’t the worse part – The big story is what those EXECUTIVE ORDERS are … For example – Executive Order 10990: Obama can take over ALL modes of transportation, control of all highways and seaports! Executive Order 10995 – Authorizes Obama to seize and control ALL communication media! Executive Order 10997 – Allows Obama to take over ALL electrical power, gas, petroleum fuels and minerals!

Executive Order 11000 Allows Obama to mobilize civilians into work brigades under his supervision!

Executive Order 11003 – Authorizes Obama to take over ALL airports and aircraft, including commercial aircraft!!! Executive Order 11921 – Declares that when Obama declares a state of emergency, Congress CANNOT REVIEW HIS ACTION FOR SIX MONTHS! I am not making these things up, dear people… These EXECUTIVE ORDERS ARE A MATTER OF PUBLIC RECORD!!! Do you see where this is headed?

A DICTATORSHIP! WAKE-UP AMERICA or THIS COULD BE OUR LAST PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION! Before you laugh or scoff – This is the same methods used by other dictators to take over their countries!

The National Archives’ Executive Orders Disposition Tables Index lists all of the Executive Orders presidents have made, and Obama has only made 135 as of August 10, 2012. Most (except the last, by Ford) of the specific orders listed by the forward were actually signed in by JFK, not Obama.

#10990 – Federal Safety Council – JFK
#10995 – Telecommunications mgmt functions – JFK
#10997 – Emer. Prep functions to Sec. Interior – JFK
#11000 – Emer. Prep functions to Sec. Labor – JFK
#11003 – Emer. Prep functions to FAA Admin’r – JFK
#11921 – Emer. Prep Functions to Agencies (various) – G.Ford