Passive Aggressive Appetizers – Humor Column

I stumbled across a funny list of appetizers to serve for guests, listed all in a row as if step-by-step courses. Many of them are pretty funny.. for example…

6. For a taste of the U.K., fry up mini-servings of fish-and-chips. Take it to the next level by wrapping them in small pieces of newspaper, which, oddly enough, all seem to be printed with unfavorable reviews of Jeff ’s novel.

Fourteen Passive-Aggressive Appetizers, by Yoni Brenner

Mass Effect Main Story Serialization – Part 1

Just to introduce this — for the next 28 days I will post one part of the 28-part movie I made of the main story line from Mass Effect. Mass Effect is a video game for the X-Box 360, and it’s quite good I think. Throughout the game you are given conversation options and opportunities to go on side missions, meaning replayability is rather high since the choices you make in conversation can impact whether a character lives or dies (or whether you have a romantic interest in them, in some cases).

This is not a speedrun by any means. I started out doing scene fades in/out (but forgot/grew-tired of adding them presumably), and edited the entire 28-part series in AVS Video Editor 4.1 Beta, after recording all of the scenes onto my laptop using a Dazzle 80 (by Pinnacle) instead of a standard capture card setup. Anyhow, enjoy my scifi movie =P