My Newest Audio Addiction: Ron’s Fukkireta (Mischievous Function) Cover

This seems to be the most advanced version of an emerging meme going around. There’s a dance you may have seen before called Fukkireta (perhaps pronounced foo-kih-lay-tah, where the L in lay is the blend of R and L used in Japanese) whereby an anime character merely rocks his/her hips side to side to a beat, in a loop.

I’m totally hooked on this video and have watched it perhaps 12 times today (yesterday technically) alone =P It’s about a 1½ minute song edited into a 9x loop (minus the end/beginning to keep it churning), so wasn’t a matter of recording the whole song in one sitting, for the artist =P

There’s an interesting bit of history about it at KnowYourMeme, which suggests there are already around 2000 variations — of an animation that either has the specific hip-rocking motion or plays, reverses, and loops back some kind of character in a movement that loosely resembles the Fukkireta pattern, set to the same music but typically the instrumental version.

There are several YouTube fan-made covers of this song, many of them fairly impressive performances. Below are a few of my favorites so far:
Kasane Teto – Fukkireta ~Fancover~
Fukkireta (Mischievous Function) Ver. Koko

A-Pop Wrap-Up: AKB48 Elections, My New AKB Ranking SNSD Show Translated,

Yuko Dethrones Atsuko as AKB48 Leader
Although I secretly knew Yuko was the actual powerhouse of awesome cuteness everlasting, I have long held that Atsuko should remain as the AKB48 leader just because she is the leader. And even though she got voted down to second place (by people who received a voting form, having purchased a recent CD of theirs, and sent it in) Yuko is now in the #1 spot officially. Although I like Yuko the tippiest-toppiest-mostest of any of the AKB’s, I don’t think she’s leader material honestly and just just let Atsuko handle all that stuff and stick with as it had been. The rest of the other rankings and such (that I’m not really at all concerned about) can be found here.

SNSD “Right Now It’s Generation Girls” Show Translated
I’m not sure how old it is, but it’s new to me — and I’ve been glued to it lately. Translating group Soshified has been busy and translated/subbed the following show into 5 parts.. such a greater look into each of the girls of SNSD xD

Episode 01, Part [1/5], [2/5], [3/5], [4/5], [5/5]

Episode 02, Part [1/5], [2/5], [3/5], [4/5], [5/5]

My New AKB48 Ranking Appears!
Incidentally, I have somehow overlooked the cuteness that is Aki Takajo and have now made adjustments to my previous ranking, which is also augmented by a recent-ish dreamy-affection for Atsuko that was long overdue:

Totally Exploitable AKB48 Image Goodness
I decided to go with self-deprecating humor on my first attempt at modifying an image, as an experiment on figuring out how to skew an image to fit on a tiny screen — but future incarnations will be of a more sinister nature, I’m sure. I found the image after chatting on #stage48 on IRChighway (an AKB48-themed chat) and knew it had great potential. Here’s my first try: