Audio: Five Farms – A year in the life of 5 American farmers

Once, most Americans were farmers. Now, only about one in a hundred works the land. And yet, the work of farmers is as central to our lives as ever. We are what we eat. While providing our food, farmers and ranchers are the stewards of almost half of the nation’s land — a billion acres. And family farmers still produce most of the country’s agricultural harvest. is a lovely audio documentary (with photos) of five American farms and how they work and how their operators feel about the work they do for an entire year. I caught a glimpse into the audio while driving home listening to NPR and was instantly hooked. Each of the five episodes is one hour long, so get snuggled up ^_^

You can listen directly off the web, or download each episode as an mp3 (appx 50-60mb each). There are also eight segments of NPR’s All Things Considered in their audio section, which is probably what I heard ^_~