Random Image: Record Shop Animation

This image is somewhat important to me — after seeing it, it came to my realization that I could actually preserve some highly valued images in this manner. I had taken a 3D camera on my trip to Kenya last March but discovered that the film winder (a manual turning pin) had broken so I could not roll the film back up into its tiny case. I’ve had it sitting on my desk wondering what to do with it.. but now I suspect I might be able to get the photos developed like regular pictures (there are three lenses to the camera, which take incremental shots from slightly different angles and when developed the proper way, create a 3D image that you can view without special glasses) instead and just animate them like this to achieve an effect I could settle for. I guess we’ll see what happens!

Timewaster: Riddle School 2 + Walkthru

This nifty flash game is a pretty simple-but-well-planned escape adventure where you’re trapped in a small school trying to get out. The controls should be fairly intuitive.. click where you want to go and to pick up stuff.

When I started playing this game I got stuck on something really simple, so I looked up a walkthrough for a guide of how to get past my obstacle. I didn’t really like any of the walkthru’s I saw, so made one myself and backdated it so it wouldn’t show up all spoilers a’blazin’ =P I also made a video walkthru of my guide, only to find that there’s already a couple of them on YouTube, not to mention a Riddle School 3.. maybe more =P

Massachussets Way Behind The Times!

I was scanning through the headlines and story blurbs at the Consumerist and came across this article but thought it must have been a joke or posted out of sarcasm.

I mean, there’s (a) actually a state law that says you can’t do that, and (b) …..there are supermarkets who still do that?? I’m in Texas, and we haven’t had price stickers on the actual product in decades it seems like. The bill, if passed in MA, will allow supermarkets the liberty of not having to put prices on individual items in the store, instead making it just a matter of being on the shelf they were placed on.

For your.. um.. Stadium Fixation?

I stumbled across an interesting site with a collection of images of sports stadiums across the globe, organized very keenly by seating size, as well as by country that you can click on a map to locate. It’s WorldStadiums.com and worth a peek at least.

Even more interesting was that they actually had listings for the good stadiums in my city (which is not especially big) although they didn’t have pictures for it. I wonder if they accept submissions..? Yep!

Dooftards: MPAA Gives Bronx Cheer to Due Process

Those buzzards in the MPAA, notorious for ruining everyone’s enjoyment of the film industry, have now decided that hey, we don’t need proof to start collecting what we’re owed, we can just start fining people left and right without any proof at all!

If that were true, I’d like to um… fine the MPAA for a lifetime supply of chocolate. Not because of any criminal charge, but just because.

Clarifying Ripley: Smallest Gal Jyoti Amge

I was doing my regular rounds on the comics page features and such, coming across this entry for Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, featuring quite the small gal named Jyoti Amge who, per the panel, is 15 years old, but only 23 inches tall. Google time!

There’s actually a wikipedia entry for her, not to mention a Fox News article and a brief YouTube clip scrolling some of the pictures. We seriously need a video interview, I think. In lieu of that, we’ll have to settle for the photo essay.