Major Idiot Coming Through

So I’m playing some Halo 3 matchmaking and the little message pops up and reports that my router’s NAT is not very open, so I’ll get less matches. So what do I do? I decide to try to disable NAT on my router specs. Big mistake. Suddenly there’s no functionality on my Belkin router. It told me to go to a new IP (as opposed to the it was before) but I couldn’t even access that. Fortunately I decided to hunt up fixes for it online, so I just plugged the laptop in straight to the LAN port straight from the modem. So Internet worked then. Looked it up with that search, found these two posts, which basically state I need to just hard reset the router itself. One suggestion recommended I try the “acrobatic reset”, meaning I had to do some marginally challenging two-handed maneuvers — pushing in the reset button with a pushpin on the back for 10 sec, pulling the power with the other hand while still holding in, and replugging and keeping the reset held for 10 sec. It worked, to say the least, and the factory defaults were back in order. All I did was reinstall the CD dealy, and I was on my way. If you’re in this predicament, hopefully this post could point you in the right direciton =D Now more messing with NAT stuff for me! I’ve decided to just hardwire the 360 directly to the modem when I need to, and no more NAT issues =P

Online Sweepstakes

So I posted a question on Ask Metafilter trying to find out if there is some master list of all of the Halo 3 promotions going around, so I could enter them all and possibly win at least something Halo 3 related. Well, one of the replies was for a site that lists pretty much all of the online promotions EVAR and now I’m hooked. And it is my goal to ensnare you forever as well. You will click here now I said.