Video Tutorial: How To Remove Vocals From Mp3

I was listening to a Nickelback CD in my dad’s truck the other day while we were out shopping for Xmas gifts and thought to myself, “ya know, this band would be waaaaay better without that irritating voice messing up all the awesome instruments,” and I thought I’d remembered seeing something you could download to remove vocals to make karaoke versions of your own music.. so I figured I’d look it up.

Turns out it’s pretty easy, but mostly if (a) you just happen to have music where the vocals were recorded on perfectly centered stereo tracks, (b) don’t care a lot about super spiffy quality, and (c) look the other way when it comes to music copying legalese. You may inadvertently also remove instruments that happen to be playing in the same frequency range as the voices, and you may not clip out the background vocals.

That said, here’s my tutorial. You’ll need the audio software known as Audacity, which you can get for free from at no charge. Once that’s installed, just follow the directions on Audacity’s site that I blatantly stole and reworded to make into my own visual tutorial (but gave credit for in typical English major style). Ah, the Internets!

Solution for Poor-Parking Holiday Shopper Annoyances

There’s a low-tac bumpersticker you can plaster on the back end of someone whose parking overtly lacks the spatial awareness of most preteens. They’re pretty cheap, to the point and easily removable so you don’t ruin paint jobs in the process. Around $0.50 each or less (cheaper in larger quantities), keep a bundle in your glove compartment for just the right moment.

Clarifying Ripley: David Byrne’s “Instrument” Building

A recent Ripley’s Believe It Or Not feature panel caught my eye, about a musician by the name of David Byrne who created an installation in which the building itself became a musical instrument. After doing a few searches for more details, here’s what I came up with:

Official Site

As much as I try not to fiddle with anything squished between the fingers of BoingBoing blogger Xeni Jardin, I couldn’t resist. Brings a slightly more visual element to “industrial” music, no? An old organ is attatched somehow to motors that have a lopsided wheel (like the vibration on game controllers) that are attatched to various pieces of the structure of an abandoned building. The video and the site above is just about all else you’d need to know ^_^

Collection of “Pic Everyday for So-Many Days” Self-Portraits Videos

This was originally a post criticizing/complimenting the foresight to begin a pic-per-day compilation, but now I’ve opted to turn it into a big list of videos themselves.

This video was the first of its kind I had ever seen (2547 pics), back in 2006-ish or so. The fellow even has a website about it and such.

However, for the video to head off the list as an example is an astoundingly cute gal. DREAMY, I SAY.

Rotating Man Takes 2 Pics Per Day / 17 Years
Asian Gal Every Day for 3 Years
Noah Every Day for 6 Years
Every Day for 2 Days ..what?
15 Years in 14 Seconds
Mark Curry Every Day For a Year
Michael Every Day For a Year
Lego Man Every Day For a Year
A Pic Per Day in 3 Years
A Picture of Lee Everyday for 3 Years
Homer Simpson Every Day for 39 Years
Ryan Every Day for 400 Days
A Cheesy Smile Every Day for a Year
Daniel Every Day for 100 days
Sven Every Day for 3 Years
Infant from Birth to 1 Year Old
Andrew Every Day for 12 Months
Stef Everyday for 1 Year
Timelapse of 5 months
German(?) Dude Every day for 564 Days
Sean Every Day for 6 Months

I’m tuckered out.. post links in comments, if you know of more plz! ^_^