Fallout 3 Bobblehead “Walk-To” Guides

It is with great relief that I can finally make this entry! I’m finally pretty much done (except for a few commentary bits for later) making all 400+ annotations to my long-awaited Bobblehead locations guide. One of the biggest reason for having so many annotations (YouTube feature where you can enter text over the top of the video at timed moments and areas) is that at the end of each video, I provide a link to all 19 other Bobbleheads in my same series. I’ve also provided a link to the Fallout Wiki’s map locations for each area, found in the video description on the YouTube page itself. Enjoy!

Here’s all twenty, shown via Youtube playlist. Whew!

Timewaster Flash Game: Left 4k Dead

Inspired by the recent major-console game, Left 4 Dead, a programmer for King.com posted a very tiny (4k of code in Java) version of his own. You use the WASD as if they were arrow keys, R to reload, and the mouse to look and right-mouse to shoot. It’s an overhead walk-around, and it’s decent as far as eensy munchkin games go ^_^ I got 72 points before my first death.

Left 4k Dead

Timewaster: “Achievement Unlocked” + Walkthru

I found a delightful little game worth sharing, called Achievement Unlocked. If you find yourself stumped on how to complete it, click the hints link at the bottom right corner of the game, and if that still doesn’t help you get them all, try hitting numbers on the keyboard. If still not done, check out this walkthru I consulted (pressing numbers was the final thing I needed to know).. What’s your score? I got 1503 seconds. Too much time, indeed.

Mini Timewaster Flash Game Review: Kon-stroo This!

Here’s a quick and simple wordgame that is played in two phases, and is great for comparing with friends and cow-orkers, and takes perhaps 10 minutes tops.

In the first phase, you re-arrange three groups of letters to spell out one word each, using all of the letters (no partials). You can also get a hint for a 1-point deduction. You get to pick the time limit, if any, and how large the words have to be.

In the second phase, all of the letters of the phase 1 words are placed at the top and you drag them to lower rows to spell out seperate words, and you get a bonus for using all letters. You get to set the minimum letter number for words, and the time limit.

Kon-stroo This!

Most of my scores ended up in the 140-160 range, and you can skip instruction screens in later games if you like, but on the downside, there’s no end review of what words or letters you used, only a non-sendable score card. You can always screen capture your score, paste it into an image editor as a new image and crop the score if you want to send proof, but it seems like they should’ve made this easier.

Sample game:

Phase 1
I picked “More Difficult” (6-letter words) and a 2-minute timer. Three sets of scrambled letters come up: NNEEGI, ETLIOV, LNCEAC. I had to use a hint on the first one, and got ENGINE, VIOLET and CANCEL, for 11, 12, and 12 points respectively (35 total).

Phase 2
I drug the letters down to spell VIOLENCE, LANCE and TINGE. That’s a 25-point bonus for using all letters, plus 70, 25 and 25 points respectively for a phase 2 total of 145.

Score Card:
35+145=180, actually one of my highest scores so far, even with starting the first round with 1:45 to go because I had to type them out for the guide here ^_^

Initial Observations on Fallout 3: Premature Ejacufail

I’ve played Fallout 3 for about 8 hours now, and my review so far is that it is hideous. There are quite a few borderline-dealbreaker issues that I have with it, and I really have to search for some positives. I had such high hopes for this game, but the clunky functions are just really wearing me down. Minor spoilers ahead.

1. There is so little ammo anywhere. There are giant ants that shoot fire at you from 10 yards away, and all you have is a tire iron at your defense. Oh, you’ve got a sniper rifle, two automatics, three kinds of pistols, a shotgun, a flamethrower, and two laser weapons — but no ammo, anywhere! And when you do actually GET ammo, from a random passer-by who will sell you some — your aim is so wretched that you waste 4 bullets only to land one, so you might as well not even bother, even with the spiffy aiming system.

2. You can accumulate a lot of junk to sell to people, but people have so little currency there’s little use looting up places, and health packs cost you your left nut, each! The shop owners never seem to get any new inventory, and once you’ve exhausted their supply of currency, they don’t get anymore. I’ve tried on five different days so far with the first shop owner and she never seems to get anything new or have any more money. What the frack?

3. Three times, I’ve talked to people and someone is standing in betwen us that I can’t see the person talking and the screen is zoomed into someone’s back. The first time happened in the first 10 minutes of the game. Did they actually have Beta testers? It doesn’t seem like it.

4. Pulling up menus takes way too long, and not that the menus are clunky necessarily (they’re a bit similar to Oblivion) but when you hit the button to go to the menu, such as at an opportune time to pause the game to switch weapons from the last valuable bullet you fired and inevitably missed, it takes like 5-7 seconds for the menu to even appear, meanwhile you’re standing there like a doofus, backing away into other enemies who also somehow posses flamethrowers. That is about 6 seconds too long.

5. The enemy indicator only seems to work part of the time. Sometimes you’ll be walking around and all of a sudden, huge burst of flame in your face because there was a “fire ant” (that really shoots fire, and at a distance that is unbelievably far even for a kitten-sized ant) hiding in some grass. You have an enemy indicator on your radar, and they’ll show up from a sizable distance most of the time, but only most of the time.

My major hold-out that I’m hoping will appear is a dupe glitch whereby I can get way more ammo somehow. My main gripe is the insane dearth of ammo — if there were actually feasible ways to defend myself besides running away (from creatures who run faster than you and have the presence of mind to swarm from multiple directions), I’d be much more at ease.