Links to all known “Noisy Gobshite” Contractor Reddit Updates

An epic thread on Reddit about a sub-contractor getting fired by “Noisy Gobshite” for failing to check on whether his coffee was ready, has gained over 50,000 upvotes all in, but it’s spread across multiple threads and discussion has spread across multiple subreddits seeking updates as the total fallout hasn’t been tallied. This is my attempt to link each of those posts onto a single page, and add any known updates when available.

Original Thread, Includes Updates 1-8 as edits.

TDLR: Hyper-specialized sub-contractor (“David”) who has extremely limited availability and extremely rare talents for restoring century-specific architecture with very specific rare materials, is hired by ‘ACC’ contractor’s site-admin (not owner) to restore an historic UK building. ACC blowhard owner, ‘Noisy Gobshite’ fires David (without consulting site-admin) for refusing to help fetch NG coffee, unaware how fractally-profoundly difficult it will be to hire someone to replace him. David is miraculously not a jerk about it, but gains proof that he was fired and that he didn’t abandon the site, in the form of a audio-recorded tirade from NG telling David to leave the property and the contract ending.

Update Nine:

TLDR: Noisy Gobshite’s company is forced to hire a Bulgarian to come from the EU (*snicker*) to resume/restart repairs, but “then it gets interesting” when Bulgarian uses wrong-century techniques and materials, plus destroys part of the original building, resulting in a volcano of fresh wet excrement to hit the fan of the size of the chunnel digger.

Update Ten:

TLDR: Use of the phrase, “You’re as much use as Anne Frank’s drum kit,” and now-former-owner NG, is fired by the father and uncle of the company who own over 50% share in the company but let NG run it and are possibly on the hook for shy of 1mil (GBP) fines and repair bills. Includes storyteller’s wife updating that wildly handsome storyteller was in a car accident and unable to update much else yet.

Storyteller’s Reddit User page, /MostlyGruntled has a feed of any known most-recent posts automatically. As of this article’s writing (April 29, 2020), only known update is people in different subreddit(s) asking for updates.