Apparently Bicycles/Bikes With Fat Tires Are A Thing Since ~2006

Bikes with fat tires seems to have been a trend popping up as far back as 2006, where Surly Bikes may have been the first mass-production company for bikes with such large tires.

The primary innovation and reason for having such bulky tires is for their far superior performance on loose terrain like dirt, sand, and snow — preventing making such deep ruts or sinking down into the surface quite so much. According to a Gearjunkie article, the size also permits riding on a much lower tire pressure, offering a slightly better cushion for landings on the tougher frames required for such wide tires.

The wikipedia entry for the term Fatbike offers an image reportedly dated from 1932 of the concept, but it appears the application never really caught on for another 80 years later.