Four Years, 60k Legos, and USD$3k Later: Hoth

If you didn’t catch it in the headline, some dude spent about three grand and four years replicating, to some blocky degree, a Hoth scene inspired by Episode 5, Empire Strikes Back.

Or, if that’s not your thing, try The story of Star Wars as told by someone who has never seen the whole thing. Very much worth the three minutes and forty something seconds. At least one of these two links was worth it, I think =P

Timewaster: “Achievement Unlocked” + Walkthru

I found a delightful little game worth sharing, called Achievement Unlocked. If you find yourself stumped on how to complete it, click the hints link at the bottom right corner of the game, and if that still doesn’t help you get them all, try hitting numbers on the keyboard. If still not done, check out this walkthru I consulted (pressing numbers was the final thing I needed to know).. What’s your score? I got 1503 seconds. Too much time, indeed.

Mini Timewaster Flash Game Review: Kon-stroo This!

Here’s a quick and simple wordgame that is played in two phases, and is great for comparing with friends and cow-orkers, and takes perhaps 10 minutes tops.

In the first phase, you re-arrange three groups of letters to spell out one word each, using all of the letters (no partials). You can also get a hint for a 1-point deduction. You get to pick the time limit, if any, and how large the words have to be.

In the second phase, all of the letters of the phase 1 words are placed at the top and you drag them to lower rows to spell out seperate words, and you get a bonus for using all letters. You get to set the minimum letter number for words, and the time limit.

Kon-stroo This!

Most of my scores ended up in the 140-160 range, and you can skip instruction screens in later games if you like, but on the downside, there’s no end review of what words or letters you used, only a non-sendable score card. You can always screen capture your score, paste it into an image editor as a new image and crop the score if you want to send proof, but it seems like they should’ve made this easier.

Sample game:

Phase 1
I picked “More Difficult” (6-letter words) and a 2-minute timer. Three sets of scrambled letters come up: NNEEGI, ETLIOV, LNCEAC. I had to use a hint on the first one, and got ENGINE, VIOLET and CANCEL, for 11, 12, and 12 points respectively (35 total).

Phase 2
I drug the letters down to spell VIOLENCE, LANCE and TINGE. That’s a 25-point bonus for using all letters, plus 70, 25 and 25 points respectively for a phase 2 total of 145.

Score Card:
35+145=180, actually one of my highest scores so far, even with starting the first round with 1:45 to go because I had to type them out for the guide here ^_^

Flash: Totally Creepy Spider Simulator

If you’re not very keen on manipulating a spider, then skip this link. I was itchy within a few seconds, and just clenched-eyes and shuddered typing this out. Eeeeeuuuhhh!

You can change a bunch of features like color, leg length, and shadow angle, plus you can drag it around by one leg with the mouse, or press the spacebar to drop an insect for it to walk over to and eat wherever the mouse is on the screen. Eerie!

Flash Spider Simulator.

Timewaster Flash Game: Aether

Aether is a nice, mellow, artsy sort-of game with no point scoring, no dying, and all about some sort of dreamy, hope-wishing, trippy daydream.

You’re a little dude with a large beasty friend upon whom you are riding. The beasty has a tongue that latches onto clouds and celestial orbs, around which you may direct your traveling path and swing or fling yourself to higher and higher altitudes until you finally break the gravity.

From there, fling yourself to one of a few other planets (may take a few moments to get there) in the direction of the peculiar arrows. Once there, find a way to solve that planet’s puzzle. Unfortunately the object is not to cheer everyone up — everyone is very lonely and depressed and don’t ever cheer up.

I managed to complete the game, after first getting the hang of the controls a bit. You may have to do a bit of tarzan-swinging around clouds to find higher ones up. Very fun, though!