A-Pop Wrap-Up – Maimi’s hairdo, HRJK96…

I’ve been meaning to post something about a few issues swirling the J-Pop and K-Pop world lately, so I think I’ll just wrap it all into one.

Girls Generation / SNSD – Gee
The only thing on the K-Pop front is that I’ve somehow only just now discovered Girls’ Generation, otherwise known as SNSD, or So Nyuh Shi Dae. Their “Gee” album (well, really, the title track and its PV) have really caught my attention and has gotten stuck in my head at least a dozen times in the last few weeks.

C-ute’s Yajima Maimi obliterates follicles
The gorgeous captain of H!P group C-ute decided for some reason (speculation suggests because of the recent departure of two fellow group-mates out into the non-H!P world, and the gesture is an outward expression of that loss) to get rid of those lovely, lovely locks — in exchange for a shorter cut that, by the following un-subbed explanation, seems instead to be more about shampooing than emotional disconnects. Well honestly, I was a bit emotionally connected to her terrific tresses and was sad to see them go.

MoMusu Koharu Graduation = T_T
A few images have been popping up on the H!O Picboard lately, as a visual reminder of Kusumi Koharu’s upcoming graduation this December 6th. She was one of my favorites, and I hope she at least will pursue a solo career in some capacity, like her fellow H!P-er Maki Goto did — because I honestly think Koharu has as much if not more capacity than my former H!P fav Maki (up until she started going sensual with it).

MoMusu’s Butt-Shot Princess Single
I had put off wanting to do a realistic review of Morning Musume’s Kimagure Princess but decided not to, because I try to keep a vaguely family-safe site here, and I feel I’m pushing it even with that SNSD PV above. I’m a little disappointed with it, mostly from the family-safe image they used to have and that I really got hooked into. With this new one, they’ve turned ever-so-slightly toward the raunch sector, emphasizing a little too much sweat-drop material just out there blatantly. I realize they may be transitioning now that they’re mostly all older members these days, but bring back that Aruiteru innocence, please.

Saki Nakajima’s 1st Photobook
Finally finally, the geniuses who give Airi too many lines and gave her way too many photobooks, have perhaps come to their senses and given my #2 favorite C-ute gal her own photobook, to be released on December 12th. She practically twisted my arm drawing me in to her eye-clenching cuteness, particularly with her forehead-wrinkling solo close-up lines in Tokaikko Junjou. Finally, finally.

Rather Tame Berryz PV double-release
I am developing a personal, running suspicion that Tsunku, the H!P mastermind, has relinquished design control over to some other sub-wizard instead of putting his hand in it directly — particularly from these two PVs that were released within just a few days of each other. One of them (Ryuusei Boy) is practically just the gals standing on a green-screen set and wearing rather meh-okay yellow outfits, while the camera whooshes around. I bet the caterers got paid more than the cameraman. Honestly it’s not all that bad, but seriously, I was trying to check out the sci-fi special effects a pinch more than the ladies. Can you say, “Genesis Torpedo” ? The other one (Watashi no Mirai no Danna-sama) is quite a bit better, but still looks like it was made in someone’s garage apartment. I really liked their boots, and I think Miyabi has now officially unseated Risako from my #1 Berryz favorite, but neither song between the two PVs really caught my ear, to deliciously haunt me later in the day. It was certainly no Yuke-Yuke Monkey Dance (what in the?) but not among their greatest hits.

AKB48-copycat: HRJK96
I’m not sure if this is a Japanese version of April Fools or what, but a lot of the alarmism over gigantic idol groups should not be centered around a newly announced call for auditions for all-girl pop-idol group HRJK96 but instead at the still-kicking AKB48 that recently released a 7-disc concert series (each disc being somewhat similar) but displaying proudly on its main menu: “AKB102”.. I’ve seen a few of these discs already, and I thought I had enough trouble learning names of MoMusu. You can bet, though, that I’ll be collecting PVs like crazy!