List of Fakes News Sites That Only Jerkfaces Believe Are Real

If you get upset, sad, angry, etc, from reading news articles that come from these sources:

..then you are a certified crackhead jerkface suckerbaby, and are ranked among the worst buffoons of mankind. If you share these just to troll other people, then you’re just a scruffy-looking nerfherder and you already know that.

All of those are fake news sites that do not print real stories. Some of them may be based loosely on realistic-seeming events, but they’re still fake.

You sharing them like they’re real, or you adding how disgusted you are as a comment under another buffoon’s share of it, merely reveals your secret buffoon identity.

This is not a complete list. Check to see whether it is actually not a fake news site first, before you share it. If you did share one of these sites thinking it was real, then go back to where you shared it to and remove the post — don’t just leave it up. Don’t be a crackhead.

If you find another site like these, add it below so we can tell all those jerkfaces out there to stop being such suckerbabies. (try replacing the . with a space, such as “name com” to avoid getting filtered by the spam-prevention)..