Should the Lylah Rose Burned-Hand Story Be Major News? Not really.

The following Facebook forward is making the rounds:

This is a friend of mines 2 month old niece Lylah Rose! We took her to the merced er cause she was having diarreah they told me she was dehydrated and need an IV. They were trying to find a vein and put a light on her palm to see through her hand. Where they tried 14 times to get an iv in and blew 3 veins!!!! They held her hand on the light for over 8 min where my neice was SCREAAAMING the whole time!!!! When my sister finally demanded them to stop and send them to valley childrens! When they finally lifted up her hand the Dr or nurse seen the burn and wrapped her hand up with gause!! Failing to even let my sister know they had burned her!! We realized when we got to Valley childrens she had a HUGE bubble on the palm of her hand that had popped from the tape being placed on it!! My sis took her to the Dr. today to get it checked out & the Dr. said these are second degree burns and is sending my sis to a burn specialist where they are going to have to remove the dead and dying skin from her hand!!! 😦 I have contacted the local newspaper, the local news station who are ALL denying to write a story about what happened! I can’t let this slide! Please help share our story! We can be her voice!! I don’t want them to be able to do this to anyone else!! WILL YOU HELP US KMPH FOX 26 and get justice for lylah and expose the truth? THIS IS NEWS THAT MATTERS. Merced Hospital is trying to cover this up. If this isn’t newsworthy I don’t know what is!

Is this news that matters? Not yet, I think. They way it’s been presented is important to the uncontrollably emotional, perhaps, but not to the majority of the news-watching audience I think.

What appears to me is actually a case of people, at the center of an issue that strikes at the heart of their world, throwing accusations of misconduct and cover-up, without actually investigating the true story. The story is just a stream of raw emotion so far. How is it a cover-up? What was this woman thinking jumping from one hospital to the next, in a whirlwind of frenzy? Do people really think like this?

The real news story is if legal action is being filed, and from the opinion of someone who isn’t red in the face with fury. The news agency in question, KMPH in the San Joaquin Valley of California (Fresno, Bakersfield, etc), could very well just be gathering intel or trying to formulate a calm, sensible narrative amidst the madness presented. Investigations aren’t quick, and in-depth reporting on something like a situation in which legal action could be viably brought, aren’t either. It takes time. Lunatics who demand action are looking in the wrong place. A news medium is an observer of actions taken, not one who takes the action.

My suggestion is to formalize the story. Provide dates, locations, diagnoses, provide documentation, cite witnesses, etc. The “MY BABY WAS ABUSED” method just makes you look like a complete idiot and not worth the time of day. If chipped-shouldered mothers discovered that news agencies accepted stories from raving lunatics as the only source and broadcasted them, the station would get flooded by every Tom Talebearer, Dick Doorknocker, and Susie Sassflinger about this-and-that over perceived injustice they heard from their mother’s brother’s uncle Charlie back in Saskatoon about your aunt Margaret.

edit:, april 2, 2012 KMPH FOX 26, a station that many of the more blabbery supporters of this cause has harassed about failing to report on the story, issued the following statement:

Thank you very much for taking the time to contact us. In order for us to do this story, we must be able to speak with the family and the hospital. We have contacted both. The family referred us to an attorney who will not discuss the case and the hospital will not comment due to patient protection laws. We do appreciate your concern and thank you for taking the time to share this story with us.

another edit; April 2, 2012
Someone claiming to be the original author of the post, in the comments below, suggests we visit the Being The Voice For Lylah Rose Facebook page for up-to-date info and additional pictures.

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  1. Is this her friend’s neice or her sister’s daughter?? I’m confused on that. If they went to a 2nd ER, why weren’t the burns noticed there? Why did they have to take her to another doctor on a different (?) day.

    Yes, the facts need to be gathered before it goes to the media.

      • So what does your comment about Spears and Lohan have to do with this? Are you saying rather than them reporting on Lohan and Spears you would rather they go off and spread rumors about a child whose hand is burned?

        I couldn’t care less about movie star and sports figure news. I never follow that crap. But, I don’t want to see lies told about anyone, especially a child!

        If this is so, the parents are irresponsible in my opinion, for contacting a news station online instead of reporting it to the police. I guess logic is illogical in our day and age now.

    • I believe she may have overreacted but the point is the hospital should of taken more precaution of the temp of the light on that baby’s hand.

      Also I believe we should be showing things like this instead of reading or watching about celebrities but people that read and watch celebrity news is what keeps them around!

      This news is a learning experience for the nurse or doctor, to be more aware of the things he/she are doing.

      This is human error and afraid of consequences. The fact is you learn not to do it again and never run or hide from what you’ve done.

  2. Agreed.. though you have to keep in mind how mothers are with their babies. Yes the child was dehydrated (what caused that in the first place?), they were looking for a vein to start an IV (babies veins in particular are very hard to put an IV into), better a 2nd degree burn on the palm trying to find a vein than a baby dying of dehydration which the parents could have prevented in the first place. I agree.. almost sounds like an internet plea for pity than anything else.

    • Diarrhea can very easily cause dehydration in a baby that young. Sorry, but if it were my kid, I’d be pissed and would want to warn others of the inepptitudes at this particular hospital.

  3. If this is truly what happened, a simple call to Joint Commission on Accreditation for Health Care Organizations and/or the State Dept of Health would be in order. All hospitals and Emergency Rooms in the USA post this information with readily available phone numbers to report problems.

  4. Oh, this story reeks of falsehoods. I see no proof any of it is true. Who goes to a news station with this sort of thing?? They cant do anything. They aren’t going to run a story on things not substantiated. They could get sued! I think someone stole a photo…made up a story…tossed it on the internet after contacting he news group and went on their merry way to see how far it would go. Not like we don’t see this stuff on Facebook all the time…and it’s flying around on there…and note the story tells you right were to go to yell at the news group! Someone have a grudge against the news station? Who knows…IF this was true and substantiated the news would be running with it..this sort of thing makes money!! People online are SO easily duped!!

  5. Thanks for this, I was begining to think that I was the only cynical person in the world in regards to this case. If this baby was truly injured in a hospital, I agree that the family should be compensated for their emotional stress as well as the baby’s physical pain. I just find the family’s story confusing and I don’t understand why they have made such an effort to try to get this story out in both the media and in way of social networking and have admittedly not contacted law enforcement.

    • I left a huge long reasoning post on the News group site on FB that was targeted.. Seems no one reads lol. I then started putting some thoughts out there to the people all in an uproar…This is how tragic things do start. With something gone wild. Soon people will be going to the news place and who knows what will happen…also to the hospital. People get so overemotional without reasoning first. How come hardly anyone questioned this? Seems on FB things get passed around all the time. And seriously, if you want to know if something is true, for Pete’s sake, Google it. If it is serious, it will be there somewhere. Also there a a few groups like Snopes that tell you if something is fake or not. There are even FB groups that do this! I am totally disgusted with how many people pass photos of poor kids around FB saying FB will pay for likes and shares. They NEVER do that…and no matter how many times I tell the people on my FB this is fake and why…even show them the link…the fools do it again, time and time again. I gave up! Stupid is as stupid does. When I found you too, (doing another Google searchm btw to see if anything new was up) I thought, “Yes, there are thinking people out there!” lol So had to comment. Let’s hope with the stuff I put on the News group it will now slow down a bit. They are the ones I feel sorry for right now. lol Although I am not a big fan of the media either! Happy April Fools Day! ; ) I think with only one and a half hours left, I will get through it without a prank this year! he he he

  6. DISAGREED!!!!!!!!! News media didnt gather/investigate the entire story that recently happened in Texas with the Zimmerman/Martin issue…….for 3 weeks, we only heard one side….as usual—-the media only likes to tell the news from a point of view that will cause as much chaos and get them as many viewers as possible.

    • So what are you disagreeing with here? That there is proof this is real? That it is the medias responsibility to check out the email they received?

      And yes, the media does make sensational news, thus if this was indeed substantiated, it would be all over the news…That was one of my points if you read what I said. If it sells they would be on it!! This sells….obviously since it is all over the internet and without proof! Do you think if the media had a drop of proof they wouldn’t blast it out there to make cash off it?

      Remember too, the media has to have enough proof..if not they can get sued! So maybe what you are saying about the media in the Zimmerman/Martin case they didn’t have enough yet to go on without it affecting their pocketbooks at getting sued. Or maybe there was a gag order on it and they could not publish before they did. Again, you are doing what most do, not thinking it all through and getting all emotional without reasoning first.

      I only still hear one side of the Zimmerman case. The media’s. So not sure what you are saying there either. Seems to me the media ran with it putting it up everywhere and making everyone hate Zimmerman. That is what the media does. To me Zimmerman doesn’t stand a chance if he is innocent…and of course the media makes everyone hate him…well most people. They sensationalize and play on the emotions….It works too and they sell more because once they got you hooked emotionally, you come back for more!!

      I am waiting to see all the proof. I am not easily duped into following….Just like most are with the Lyla Rose thing. Where is the proof.?.At least for Zimmerman /Martin there WAS obvious proof _something_ happened! Just not for sure exactly what the FULL story is yet!

    • HAHAHA… you actually made me spit my drink out. First off, the Trayvon Martin case happened in FL not TX. Secondly, the media has been investigating the merits of that shooting resentlessly and have scrutinized the supposed facts since day 1.The only people that don’t seem to be investigating the shooting seems to be the state of FL. BTW, did I mention that I am still laughing.

      What do you suppose the media does here? Only report the side of the family, because that is all that they can do since the family has not reported this story to law enforcement. The hospital isn’t even able to defend themselves from these claims as they are bound to confidentiality through HIPAA.

      I am not claiming to know what did or did not happen to this child and it pains me to see any child suffer. I am just pointing out that there are proper channels to report incidents like this for a reason and people should evaluate both sides of a claim before demonizing one of those sides. The fact is that there is a nurse on the other side of this claim that has been accused of burning an infant. In my experience, most nurses choose this profession to help others and would never purposefully hurt a child.

  7. I am very skeptical that anything ever happened, it looks more like glue than skin to me. I agree, why wasn’t it reported to the right places and why did she ER shop? I work in an hospital
    And there are lots of places to talk to and resources to deal with issues.

  8. … I find it strange that with all the supposed pain this child was in that the family found if appropriate to take note of the start and stop time for the light on the hand. All the FB posts say 8 min. Hmmm… What parent is keeping time while the child screams in pain.
    My thought, the child was severly dehydrated, the staff tried multiple times to get an IV line to get fluids in the child, staff had fhe baby hold a small medical light to help find a vein not realizing this particular light would burn. The child was screaming (assuming from the needle not knowing she was burned). The needle was removes hand was wrapped still not knowi g fhe burn. Child went to a facility better equiped for children and the original hospital still had no clue nor did the parents about what happened.
    Truly hard to believe medical staff with evil intent, burned a child, wrapped it up hoping the family wouldnt notice and is now covering it up.
    Has anyone ever thought this was an honest mistake and the person responsible may truly feel sorry, maybe even children of their own? So sad we only believe one side and not the full truth.
    My money says this person wanted to help not harm the child. It was a mistake which we all make, im sure it was not mallicious. Prayers are for healing for the baby, not revenge on the hospital staff.

    • Sam, I agree with you _if_ it even happened. When you analyze the whole thing though, it makes no sense. Add to what you said, there were other staff there, not one nurse. Why wouldn’t the other staff do or say something? The more you look at the story, the more it makes no sense at all.

      You have a kind heart. Most who got angry did too. But, many got realllly angry and without proof this is not one more senseless made up story for sport out there, I think it is unwise to pass this story around like it really is fact. I think it is unwise to seek support from the masses anyway unless it is a missing child. Call a lawyer…go to the sources at the hospital themselves to make a complaint. They would want to know for goodness sake!

      Unfortunately, with the missing child thing, I have seen that passed around fake too. It is a regular daily thing people actually do out there. They take photos off of sites, usually of some child with something horribly wrong with them, and then make up some story -pass it to Facebook, and say things like Facebook will pay 3 cents a share/like for this family and they see how far it goes. People fall for this stuff…I pass nothing on unless I can substantiated it. And as far as the Facebook thing, Facebook NEVER EVER pays for that stuff. It is all lies. Imagine, too, the poor families who see their child’s photo passed around FB for the entertainment of these idiots. People really are easily duped. And there really are a lot of stupid, sick people out there that perpetrate this stuff for fun.
      Take care, Sam, you are a good person.

      • Great point about making an official complaint with the hospital. I haven’t seen anything from the family stating that this was done. How can you accuse the hospital of a cover-up if you haven’t informed them of your concern.

        I am a pediatric nurse and know that the lights used specifically for this purpose don’t radiate heat- they are LED. On the mother’s FB page it claims a vag light was used, perhaps those can radiate heat- not sure. I am all too familiar with holding a baby’s hand and trying to locate a vein though and find it pretty unbelievable that a nurse wouldn’t immediately notice that the light was hot. They make it sound like a light was held on this baby’s hand for 8 minutes straight, which doesn’t make sense. There is a lot of manipulation of a hand when you are trying to locate a vein and start an IV.

        She also states that the Dr believes that the baby might need skin grafting and that there is so much scar tissue that the baby might loose the ability to close her hand. Again, in my experience (although I am not a Dr) I find this contraidictary. If they know that there is so much scar tissue that function might be impeded than why would a skin graft be needed. Skin grafting implies that there is not enough top layer of skin to form scarring.

      • Yeah, more and more thinking, and more and more this is a load of manure! People should never let emotions block your reasoning powers!

  9. This story appeared on April Fools Day. Maybe it really did happen, although if it did, it would be more appropriate to file a complaint with the police than to go to KMPH with an hysterical account ridden with inconsistencies as well as typographical errors.

  10. Amy is right! Even if a complaint has NOT been filed, I am sure the hospital is investigating these claims and due to HIPPA we would not hear much of anything on the hospitals side. Amazing how people can smear the facility but they can’t do much in return because of privacy.
    My thoughts are the same. Don’t beleve the Dr was trying to hurt the child. Wonder if anyone thought of a manufacturer defect of the equipment used?

    • See, you are a reasonable person, not leaping right in. Most dealing with this are not…they just scream and holler. There are a lot of factors here …and no answers if this is even a true story and not some made up crap that goes around FB all the time for someones fun and entertainment.

  11. I beleive this child is burned and hurting and prya she recovers fast. I also beleive the dr that is accused of this did not head to work and say “i think i want to burn babies today”. people assume the worst about others but never have empathy. the family should shut down the page, apologize for the smear job they have done and the threats on the dr. quietly go and work something out to work with the hospital on educating staff and even a settlement if money is what they really want.
    I also don’t know what they expected to see happen if this started on friday. this is the first work day since it started.

    • Here is the news station’s reply to all concerned. So now we officially know something did happen, And WHY the news station did “nothing”.

      Exactly like some said…privacy laws. So now a lawyer will take care of this and hopefully the child will be fine in time. So now everyone can stop passing this around Facebook….hopefully. As suspected, it did no good. It shouldn’t have been out there anyway, to contaminate the parents case. That wasn’t too bright of them. The things they wrote that were contrary, could harm their own case.

      ~~KMPH FOX 26 Thank you very much for taking the time to contact us. In order for us to do this story, we must be able to speak with the family and the hospital. We have contacted both. The family referred us to an attorney who will not discuss the case and the hospital will not comment due to patient protection laws. We do appreciate your concern and thank you for taking the time to share this story with us.~~

    • On the station’s Facebook page, under several of the comments..

      There are still dozens of people still calling the station names, accusing them, and harassing them, even though the station has already responded. This is the power of idiots who act on emotion and don’t bother researching first.

    • They didn’t even start looking into it until their page got flooded and it was flooded because of the story being passed around facebook. By the time they got to looking into the story, the lawyer issue the family had was resolved, hence the reason the family referred them to him.

  12. sad that the child got burned but people are threatening the hospital or staff saying they should die, they should burn too. if something happens to the staff i hope the family is ready to have that blood on their hands for starting this without thinking of the consequences. i want to know, if the lawyer won’t talk, why is the family still running their mouths and keeping this going. what is the point if THE LAWYER WON’T TALK?

    • The family is not the one responsible for starting it. The writer of the tale claims that the baby is the relative of a friend, not a relative of the writer. The family hasn’t said anything, that I’m aware of.

      • The aunt, grandmother and mom have posted. Plus the page creator (a family friend) posted that they made the family administrators so that they all have access to it.

  13. Starts out as a friends neice then becomes her neice. I think it’s a crock. I worked on pediatrics for 3 years and the best place for an IV on a smaller baby is in their forehead. Secondly, I never put a light under a babys hand. I think they are playing on people’s feelings to get some kind of monetarty support. The “burn” (I’m not sure that’s a burn), does not look like it would need grafting. Did the burn center for a while too. Third degree burns would warrant a graft but not first or second degree. Can’t seem to find anything else out so I am going to have to say it is a total fabrication.

  14. I AM THE PERSON WHO STARTED THIS POST. The family does have a lawyer. the family has filed claims against the hospital. It was frantic and frustrated writing from the aunt. I DID NOT CHANGE THE TENSE OF WHAT MY FRIEND WROTE. this story is true. and the baby is going to shriners on wednesday for 3rd degree burns. here is the link to the babys care page for everyone “speculating” that it is a fabricated story. We did not expect it to be this big. We were reaching out to our news stations because NO lawyers from our home town would take on this case. It was a plea for help and also so it won’t happen to other children. Other horror stories have come forward about this hospital. LOOK AT THESE PICTURES AND UPDATES AND TELL ME THIS BABY AND STORY ARE MADE UP!!/BeingTheVoiceForLylahRose

    • Nicole, this was already settled. It was finally substantiated it was true. No need to be all huffy. It isn’t like crap isn’t posted daily on the internet for attention with lies and stolen photos.You just for a change, weren’t one of them. I am still not sure why you would post such a thing anyway. I hardly helped matters. Looks like you had no place in doing this if it was already taken care of by the parents. Lots of the stuff you wrote didn’t make sense either and only added to the thought this might be untrue. I am sorry about this little one, and I hope she is fine. Let the parents take care of things. Seems they are doing a great job and you passed on stuff you probably shouldn’t have. You did admit this isn’t even your niece but a friend of yours. The post was indicating it was being sent by the aunt, not someone third hand. What a mess….so let’s move on, and hope the child heals well and nothing like this happens again. Lots to learn from this.

      Oh, no one SAID money was being donated from shares and like for this child

      I posted something along the lines (don’t know if anyone else did) that people do that all the time on FB after stealing a child’s photo from somewhere and making up some sob story for fun in seeing how far it goes. Those people are sick and they do it for entertainment. If you have been on FB any amount of time you have had to have seen them. Can you see now, since that happens at least weekly on FB, your confusing story was held in suspicion? There is no reason to get pissed just because your story was questioned. I think if anyone believes anything on FB is fact without confirmation is a bit naive.

    • Nicole, just a thought….you might ask the attorney if it will hurt the mother’s and father’s case with putting up a page and everything and sending this all over Facebook. Just to be sure.

      You guys don’t want the hospital to win by saying they slandered them, and all of this “help” you are doing throwing blame all around on the internet and news stations.might just backfire and the parents might lose their case. I am sure Mercer has better lawyers and more money to deal with this. Just a thought, Take it as you will. I, personally, knowing life and how stuff comes down, wouldn’t take the chance if you really want justice done.

      • Thank you. On the page we do not bash the hospital or in anyway ask for money or say this was intentional. I will speak to my friend about the lawyer again but the page is setup for updates soley on the progress of the baby. We have been advised what and what not to say thank you very much for your concerns and positive feedback.

    • And now people are threatening the hospital, stacf and dr on your posts. Do you truly believe the dr did this with evil intent ? I have a hard time believing that. Cant you just say it was an accident. And since when do docs start iv? That is what the nurses do. And who kept their eye on the stop watch for the 8 min time frame? Where is your proof that the hospital is covering this up? Didnt you start this on friday? So on saturday and sunday the hospital covered this up? Wondering if the family has spoken to the hospital? Just hope your happy with the trouble and stress you have caused for the staff by using the infernet in this way. I actually have read that the dr should be shot. Are you happy with this? Murder for a mistake? STOP THE PAGE before someone really gets hurt! Even more than the baby.

    • Im just wondering… the post on the facebook page initially states that the hospital is trying to cover this up. I still wonder where the proof of a cover up is? Have they not responded to the family, has the family done a complaint. I have asked this several times with NO answer. Also, the post claims the child was poked 14 times yet another photo has a caption claiming it was more than 17 times… so what is it. Why is the family posting things without getting the facts straight?

  15. Also it did not say ANYWHERE money would be donated per share. Anyone who thinks that is just making that up!

  16. you all are very hurtful i am the mother of lylah rose i have never been in a situation like this my lawyer told me not to speak to the media right now my friend nicole put the facebook page up to get us help because like she said nobody in our county would help believe what you want i dont care we have a lot of love and support through this whole thing and my daughter is in pain 24/7 didnt ask for this to happen to my baby thank you for your time and god bless you all anyways

    • Stay strong Tiffany. We know the truth and people have nothing better to do than scrutinize over something. Stay strong mama there’s more support than mean comments. Lylah will get justice

      • If the lawyers are saying that you shouldnt talk to the media then why is the facebook page telling everyone to go after the media. And no one on this site has been mean, we have all just been smart enough to realize that we still have not heard the hospitals side of the story. Seriously, what if the real story was the equipment maldunctioned and was not equipment that normally burns. The dr sisnt realize the child was being burned. The gauze was to cover the needle stick a d blown vein, NOT to cover up and hide the burn. We are not being mean and ws pray the child heals fast. We just know there are 2 sides to every story.

  17. Also I didn’t mean to get huffy. I just know how hurtful it is for the parents and family to hear such nasty and tasty things being said. I to question stories I come across it just takes on a new perspective being on the other side of the truth. The wording was up because it was a frantic and frustrated and writing the same day all of this happened. Like I said we did not intend for it to be this big so did not take the time to write out a formal written letter we were seeking help because lawyers would not help us. The mother commented on this and I think I have respect for her and her daughter negative comments should not be made. Once again thank you for the prayers thoughts and concerns. Like I said updates can be found on that page.. also at the top of the page not in the comments did talk about money being donated. I was not talking about anyone who had commented. Thank you are and I’m sure you can feel the frustration of the family and friends of this little girl.

  18. First off, how did a vein finder light cause a burn when they are LED lights and do not produce heat? Also, they are used on the same side of the hand that is being poked so I don’t understand why her palm was burned. Secondly, why are they waiting 2 more days to address a 3rd degree burn? Infection and swelling are major possible complications and need to be monitored closely. Why wasn’t she admitted to the hospital as an inpatient immediately? Lastly, stretching her palm out like that for the pictures has to be incredibly painful so why was my comment asking that the parents stop doing that ignored and deleted from th FB page?

    • The light was not an LED light. It was a lightbulb that unknown to the parents was a regular one. They did Not wait 2 or more days to treat a 3rd degree burn and immediately went to a different hospital. And lastly, pictures are evidence for this case therefore the stretching of her palm was necessary. And there is a plethora of comments and picture comments made and any that seem condescending or rude will be deleted for the respect of the mother and father. If it was simply asking why the hand is being held open and not rude I am not too sure why it was deleted, but during this very difficult time precautionary measures are being taken due to the large volume of harassment we have gotten. Not saying your comment was harassing, we are just being cautious.

      • I am REALLY CONFUSED! How does the mother allow the dr to stick the childs hand on a light buld and not notice that it is a “regular light bulb”. So again a big part of the story does not add up. Most “regular light bulbs” are larger than a 2 month olds hand. So either it was not a “regular light bulb” and was something else, or mom is just as crazy as the dr for standing there while the child was held to the heat and instead of doing something, was busy keeping track of the 8 minutes that is claimed went by. Which is it…
        It would be much easier to support the family if the story added up.

      • They claimed on the video the 3rd degree burns was not treated at the 2nd hospital remember. you guys need to talk to each other on the true story’s…

  19. I was referring to the second ER she was taken to. I don’t understand why she wasn’t admitted to a Peds unit or transferred to a burn unit immediately. I also don’t understand why a regular light bulb was used to find veins as they are not capable of such. Also, my comment on the FB page was in no way intended to be rude, it was merely out of concern for the child and I found it odd and concerning that it was ignored. They should be letting the nurses manipulate the hand if necessary to document with pictures so they do not cause further tissue damage. Burnt tissue loses its elasticity so streching it can cause more damage and open fissures which is an open invitation for infection. Again, not intending to be rude or hurtful, I just want to make sure they are aware of this.

    • Heather the Facebook has been bombarded with comments and i have noticed going through it, that Facebook will automatically mark some as spam and not post them. All are different for why they are blocked as spam. The burn was unnoticed until they arrived at the other hospital. the gauze was onto of her hand due to the IV injection sites and there was tape wrapped around her hand including the burned part. It was not until the nurse took off the gauze and tape was the burn visible. I do not understand why they used a regular light bulb either. Thank you for the recommendation and nurse manipulation I will pass it onto the family. Understand it is just a really hard time for everyone and this went so viral so fast when we were just seeking help to find a lawyer. Our spelling, grammar, tense, story has been questioned making it hard. I understand peoples concerns for the truth and don’t want to be scammed.

  20. This is a shame that this would happen to a child and I’ve been to a hospital with my 2 week old baby that kept throwing up and waiting 3 hours to be seen when I could even see he was suffering from dehydration. They wouldn’t see him intill I went up and complained that I have a new born that is in need of help. When u was about to go to another hospital they final took him back and the nurse was so mean and they him a iv and it took them a half hour to get the iv in his vein and he screamed the whole time. I could see that nurse doing that. His hand was so soar and had marks all over including black and blues. And after 2 xrays and 9hrs we were rushed to the hospital we were going to leave to go to. So just to make a clear message ER facilities don’t give a crap about Their patients and what kind of pain and I could see thus happening i would of done something if I had the money. So getting the story out their gives us all strength not to allow this to happen anymore and show that they have gone to far..also their is several family members updating the status.

    • I take offense to your remark, Kyla that ER’s don’t care about their patients. Have you ever seen the look on an ER doc’s or nurse’s face when they’ve lost someone they’ve tried to save? I have, many times. Have you ever tried to start an IV on a dehydrated person? Let alone a dehydrated baby? I doubt it. I don’t know a single doctor or nurse, and I know quite a few of both, who chooses that career path because they don’t care or because they want to see people suffer. That’s just ignorant. You also need to remember that there is a reason it’s called medical practice, it’s not an exact science and we are human too, not some heroes with super powers or impervious to accidents or mistakes. Also, wait times are caused by life threatening cases that can’t wait and by people taking up beds for things they shouldn’t be going to ER for. Don’t yell and scream at the nurses for something they had no control over. For all you know, they could have just spent half an hour trying to save a patient having a cardiac arrest.

      • Well when you see 7 nurses laughing and caring on and you see rooms open that tells me their is a flaw and the nurse made the remark that she had never missed a vein and had always got it on the first time and didn’t stop doing it intill I asked was rediculas. They finally got someone from pest to cone down and do it and she was very nice and gentle and got it the first time. Also The Dr. That came in was very nice and said he was sorry several times and was the only one that showed any compassion. So I understand that their are some but when none of the nurses know what they ate doing and the are being egotistical person they make mistakes just like that nurse, but if that was your child your telling me that it would not upset you. I’m just saying it happens a lot more then everyone thinks, I did log a complaint and never heard anything back and I don’t expect to. but i found out he almost needed surgery and it was a several issue that needed handled right away.

  21. I would like to apologize to the family if they found my comments to be hurtful, as that was not my intent. Nor do I think that this is a scam in the sense that this family is looking to get something out of this. It is obvious that this baby has a wound and this family clearly has good intentions.

    I will say however, that I re-read my previous comments and I stand by them. I have read many contradictory statements posted by friends and family regarding the alleged facts of this incident. I can understand how this could happen with so many different people posting updates on the FB page. I think that you will find that this could hurt your potential case.

    I read in oneof the family’s posts that the Dr at Children’s suggested that the blister might have been caused by the tape applied to the skin. This is pretty common, especially in a newborn or if the patient has a sensitivity to a chemical agent in the tape used. It also would look similar to a burn with blistering and skin peeling. I guess I am wondering why people that obviously have no medical training would disregard the opinion of a Dr that examined the baby and come up with their own conclusion that a light burned their baby.

    Social media is scary. This hospital’s reputation will be forever haunted by these accusations whether they are at fault or not. I just urge people to use reasoning when deciding to post anything online.

  22. Three questions come to mind when I read this article 1) Mercy Hosptial has a special NICU unit that is staffed by Valley Children’s hospital with nurses that are experts in starting IV on little ones 2) the light that is used to find veins is a cool LED light, so it it was faulty equipment why is the family not going after that company and 3) wouldn’t you smell burning flesh? Or the person holding the light and the babies hand feel it getting hot? I feel really bad for the little girl and I hope for a speedy recovery because regardless of whose fault it was this is a tragic event.

  23. If this was done to my son and the doctors didnt say anything to me and I nothiced it I would be pissed. And insted of an Iv the could have put a tube in here and helped her that way. Thats what they did to my son. Ya its confusing but that baby is only 2 months old… I would be doing everything in my power to make sure that doc and nurse got fired

  24. Any facebook page can be a fake/scam. I could be a fake…and anyone saying this situation is a fake/scam could be fake themselves. Even if this was a fake(not that it is) (and can’t be a scam bc not one time have I read a request for money or anything twards that nature) the only thing it would prove is that we are doing what God has called us to do in a time of need. What’s so wrong with a family reaching out and asking for others to pray and keep them in their thoughts. This proves that we as humans care for others and not just for our own. Yes this little girl deserves justice but above all she deserves love and sapport as well as her family in their time of need. And If I myself were to find out that this was (not saying it is so please don’t think that) fake it wouldn’t change how I feel. This shows and reasures me that my faith is in the right direction. It shows me that mankind will go above and beyond to reach out to those in need with kind words ans support and that is worth more then all the money in the word.

  25. Kyla, those empty rooms are trauma bays. The have to be open for trauma/cardiac arrest patients at all times. Certain rooms have certain purposes like orthopedics, GYN, etc. They can’t just put people in any room, unless it’s a mass casualty incident. And since when are nurses not allowed to laugh at work? Do you have any idea how stressful it is to work in an ER and that laughter is one of the best stress relievers? If it were my child I would be a lot more understanding because I know what goes on behind the scenes, I know how stressful the job is, I know how much training they have, and I know how difficult it is to find a good vein in a dehydrated patient and that they have to try a certain amount of times before they can call someone else to try. They are following procedure. Nursing is a thankless job that requires a lot of hard work, compassion, and a strong resolve, especially in the ER and they deserve some respect. Most go into the profession to help others, not for the money or prestige. Treat them how you would want to be treated at your job and don’t just assume that because you came across one overly confident nurse that they are all like that or that ERs don’t give a damn about their patients. Any nurse who would read that statement would be just as offended by it as I was.

    • Well then that’s really funny that those rooms I saw I was in one of them and then two other babies went in the other two. So I don’t think that was for trauma bays and I have quiet a few friends that are RNs and I saw what kinda of schooling they went threw and if I never see one of them acting. And if I would act like that at my job I would be fired on the spot special if my clients of customers would see that. Also I got a phone call today that the nurse I had problems with had been let go and they are sorry for everything because I wasn’t the only one that had a problem with issues such as that. But that nurse was only doing what was right correct. No just because you have never had a problem or you know people, stuff happens everyday from neglectand unless you raise above it and say something it will keep happening…also people have my respect intill they do something to loose it. I’m all for the Rose family just because you don’t believe people are doing wrong it happens….

      • Kyla…my question for you is do you realize just how complicated Nursing is? I am sure that at “your job” as the manager of the french fries at Burger King you might get fired for this kind of service. However in this case, there was a child that was sick and the nurses were doing everything that they were trained to do for the child. (mind you I know you received special training to drop the fries in the boiling oil and push the timer). The practice of medicine sometimes causes pain…it is a risk vs. rewards type of thing. A dehydrated baby can begin to circle the drain pretty fast and it is imperative to get an IV started with fluids to prevent that. Do us all a favor and stop using the ER as your personal clinic – that should give you less to complain about…and use spell check…it would make your rambling comment seem more coherent.

  26. Im sorry, but whoever wrote this clearly doesnt have children. If that happened to your child, you would be in a frenzy too and go to another hospital that hadnt just hurt your child.

  27. What a crock. If medical staff cannot find a decent vein to tap in to in one spot of the body, they look for another spot. They wouldn’t hold a light on a part of the body for eight minutes hoping a vein would appear. That would waste time. They would tap in to a vein in the leg. This story is utter non-sense.

    • Anf yet they say on facebook that their lawyer said NOT to talk to the media??? Also, she refers to a nurse having done this in the video yet facebook accusations say it was a dr. They also said a “regular light bulb” yet on the vide she describes a very small pen light that plugs in. Family needs to get their facts straight yet again. We should all be only concerned with thw child healing and not with who is responsible because it seems to me the parents cant even figure out who to blame.

      • Yes good question? thought they were told not to talk to the media? also was this not taped the day she said she went to the first day at shriners for treatment and the Aunt who I think is in the pic and kids and nana went to a b-day party this day?

  28. I just WROTE a comment on the blog that now they are asking for money they said they was not looking for money. AND THAT IS WRONG NEED IT FOR TRAVEL??? and funny they took my comment off and blocked me seems they don’t want all the world to see the comments against them and then block you from writing I think it is all bS and they are just looking for pity and money they had on there the other day baby never went sleep till 2:00 If you go down on the page she said at 8:30 poor baby now sleeping make up your mind…. then the pity part about she could not go with her oldest to her party 6 flags at 6 years old does the cousins and 6 year old and Aunt not have school and work in the day anyways??? and I am sure the appointment did not take all day or could of picked another day for appointment or the party like most people do THE WEEKEND FOR KID PARTY’S. i BELIEVE SHE IS JUST LOOKING FOR PITY AND MONEY….; OR SHE WOULD OF SEEN THE DOCTOR PUTTING GAUSE On HER BABY AND QUESTIONED AT THAT MOMENT AND ALSO SHE SEEMED TO FORGET THE REAL REASON SHE WAS THERE NO TALK ABOUT THAT ANYMORE.. TO WORRIED ABOUT THE MONEY AND JUSTICE. and you started all this to get help to get a lawyer don’t they have yellow pages or 411 on your computer in California?

    • okay first off correct the picture was uploaded at 8 or whatever time, the caption states that the baby didnt go to sleep till 2 am, it is not saying the picture was takin at that moment. second until i am a mother of three and have made many trips to the er trusting that my child would be properly taken care of, also have had a nurse wrap tape and gause around my childs hand due to getting an iv or blood drawn so its not uncommon for it to be done, most mothers wouldnt take it off right after being put on to do a spot check. same as with babies getting shots, you dont take the bandaids off for atleast a few hours after receaving the shots. my third and final point….dont talk crap until you know your facts, the shriners hospital is a non profite org that helps with the care of children who would other wise not get treatment. it is ran solely on donations and volenteers. they also provide housing for the family of patents to stay in during their treatment how ever long it is and provide food to help with the cost. but due to the fact that its ran on donations its not easy to make money spread when they are helping so many childrens lives. my nephew was born with clubedfeet, my brother was in the mariens at the time and still could not offord the suguries to correct his feet so his son could walk, play, and do things that most people take for granted. the shriners covered the medical and housing cost but could not (and dont) provide transportation or travel costs. i know this to be facts. check your info before you start stating what you think.

      • Angel, your point about the photo is backwards. For the photo to be posted of the baby sleeping before 2 am it would have had to of been taken before 2am. So that means… THE BABY WAS SLEEPING BEFORE 2AM but they changed that story and exagerated just like they have everything.
        Also, is it not possible that the Dr or nurse (which ever it is since they change who they are accusing) did not know the burn happened either and the gauze was just as you said… To wrap the IV site and to cover the blown vein. Also, the family said it was a regular light bulb that burned the child yet in the video describe an electric pen light (TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THINGS). I could go on and on about the inacurate information and the twists and turns if you pay attention to the details. And only people that are NOT telling the truth or are getting caught up in exagerations get their story twisted this much. You can’t expect those of us following the story to know the facts if the family can’t get the facts straight themselves.
        I pray the child recovers fast, but for now I truly believe we are missing 50% of the story. I won’t be shocked if this is just a terrible accident with faulty equipment and not the negligence of a care provider. Im sure the staff member (dr or nurse) feels horrible and was not setting out that day to hurt a child. AND WHO THE HECK TRIES TO HIDE A BURN FROM THE PARENTS???? AS IF THEY WOULDN’T FIND OUT??? I really think it was an accident.

  29. Angel you need to check your facts first of all she wrote at 8:30PM SCROLL DOWN TO WEAR THE SISTER IS HOLDING THE BABY finally baby asleep (TIME 8:30PM) WOULD BE HARD TO PUT UP A pic of a SLEEPING BABY ALMOST 6 HRS BEFORE SHE CLAIMS SHE WAS ASLEEP and then She said the next MORNING baby did not sleep until 2:00 am . does not take a smart person to see she forgot she put 8:30 the night before then in the morning put 2:00am !!! TO GET PITY FROM STRANGERS. and second of all she needs travel cost google it. the hospital they took the baby to is only a 20 min drive to shriners so travel cost for what???? AND what ever happened to “not asking for money” oh come on people she is blocking anyone off her blog if they put any questions or negative comments instead of replying if it was true she would reply not delete all i said was now you are asking for money thought you said you was not asking or looking for money and that when your lawyer he/she wins your case you will get paid for expenses, medical, travel AND MORE ETC may take years i know.. and would she be paying back the people who donates ? and as soon as a comment is writing on there she is right there to reply and delete SHOULD THE FAMILY NOT BE MORE CONCERNED ABOUT TAKING CARE OF A SCREAMING BABY THAT IS IN PAIN THEN SITTING ON FB READING AND COMMENTING ALL DAY AND NIGHT????????????? and what mother sits and times there baby for 8 mins. when the baby was screaming does not happen when you are with your child u are to busy watching your child to time it….. and she claims she was screaming in pain so she would of looked at the hand before they gaused it up. and questioned there was no iv put in or blood taken REMEMBER could not find THE vein so THERE WAS NO need to cover the hand. ALSO STRANGE HOW ALL THAT NIGHT DON’T FORGET NOW WHAT ALMOST A WEEK AFTER THIS HAPPENED BABY WAS IN PAIN ALL NIGHT WHEN THE HAND LOOKS ALL CURED UP IN THE PIC. AND SHE COMMENTED EVERY THREE HOURS ON HER BLOG SOUNDS LIKE A 2 MONTH OLD JUST WAKING UP FOR WHATS CALLED NIGHT FEEDINGS. …. IF THIS STORY IS TRUE YES I PRAY FOR LITTLE BABY TO HEAL BUT NO NEED TO PUT IT ACROSS FB AND TRY TO GET PITY AND MONEY FROM STRANGERS, PUT IN A COMPLAINT TO THE HOSPITAL AND GET A LAWYER LIKE SHE DID IN THE END WHO ASKS STRANGERS ACROSS THE WORLD TO HELP HER FIND A LAWYER COME ON LOOK ON THE COMPUTER THEY HAVE ONE THEY ARE ON THE BLOG 24/7…

    • Y’all are getting ridiculous. Google distance between Merced to Sacramento aprox 2 hours. Local fundraising to have a community reaching out to help a mother of 4 while her infant daughter suffers 3rd degree Burns. There’s nothing wrong with that. Its not about money but it costs to even stay at Ronald McDonald $25 a night

      • the blog says they went Wednesday and are going again Sunday so no $25.00 a night there not staying there by what the blog says.

      • Cost
        Each family is asked to donate $20 per night or whatever portion they can afford. No one is ever turned away for their inability to pay. If a family is unable to pay any portion of their stay, the funds from the Adopt-A-Family Program will subsidize the cost. Article from the Ronald Mcdonald website….

      • Thanks I’ll pass that along..also not all stays, over noght stays, or visits there can be posted via Facebook for legal purposes.

      • Transportation
        Shriners Hospital for Children provides transportation by appointment only. again off the Ronald Mcdonald website.
        There are other public transportation options available in the area.
        “research research” check your info before you start stating what u think…

  30. Oh and thank-you Sam for commenting does not take a genius to see she lied or just was “confused” but I am sure fb does not put made up times.!!! about the times the baby went to sleep the pic with the poor baby finally sleeping on the aunt says 8:30pm April 1st Sunday.. and the family even commented one hour later 9:00pm so I guess baby still sleeping…. and all the comments under it are 8:30pm. (April 1st. Sunday) then the next post is Monday April 2nd 11:30am saying she did not fall asleep till 2:00am. Just a little confusing to me but then again the whole story is. seen they are not asking for money the whole time now wow they have thousands praying and upset about the poor baby. so now they are asking for money…..

    • More than one person has access to the account. The mother isn’t sitting hours on fb updating. Hope that clears some up.

      • Then I think you and the family need to talk and get story’s right before posting agree on the same times and information put on. you are starting to make each other look like its all made up story’s… was she asleep at 8:30pm or 2:00am. very hard to put pic of sleeping baby almost 6 hours before she was. also should you and family be more concerned of caring and helping mother and baby and other young kids then commenting on fb 24/7 just a thought.???? anyone that comments on your blog if it is not positive it is deleted and blocked like 2 min after the post don’t say it erased itself as scam IT DID NOT IT WAS DELETED AND THEN BLOCKED FROM TYPING ON THE BLOG………….

      • the picture its self is not time stamped, who are you to say that the pic wasnt taken that morning at 2 am and then posted that same day at 8:30 pm. hints after 12 midnight it starts a knew day thus for it is possible for the pic to be taken at 2 am then posted at 8:30 pm.

      • We are. And have family and friends who care how lylah is doing so we update. If it’s not supportive a hurting mother does not need to see it. Also Facebook has been marking a lot a of comments as’s a tough situation when everyone keeps ridiculing everything..we reached out for support and it surpassed our expectations. This is about lylah if you’d like updates I’ll unban you it’s not blocke.We are not tolerating any negative due to harassing we’ve received .. whoever said the pictures were not time stamped thank you! When the baby fell asleep does not mean that is when we put a picture up. Thank you all foe the continued support and those who don’t we ask you move on and don’t criticize the situation as if you know all of the details. A new edited story has been put under notes, what happened to lylah. For those confused by the initial frantic message. Once again thanks for the support.

      • Perhaps if you all need the money so badly the family should not have blown all the money to make a 2 hour trip and pay for tickets to magic mountain on wed. And if the hospital pays off your costs later will the mother then pay back the donations from the community or is she just gonna pocket the money later?

  31. Angle sorry to insult u but are you that S***** check the dates and the times comments and pic. are 8:30pm april 1st that comes before 2:00am April 2nd unless you have a new time zone that no one else in the world are in but you,… no one on fb can post a pic 6 hours before 2:00am because if u read it u see it is the night (date) before 12:00am that is midnight in cause you are confused…………

  32. Strange how only positive comments are on your blog oh no its not you are blocking and deleting them. to make it look like its all true.. NOT SPAM THAT’S BS. now you are saying baby is 3 months is she 2 or 3 months?

    • have you taken the time to think that the baby tuned 3 months in the past few days. i havent seen a post of when babies birthday is but maybe just maybe the babies birthday is feb 1-7th or 8th…thus for making the babies 3 months and not 2 like she was when the burn happened. gosh why cant some of you ppl think before you post things. there are many diff senerios for everything..

    • People are allowed to block or delete comments on their own blog in whichever way they like. I could delete your comments, and there would be nothing you could do about it except go blabber in some other forum about it to people who don’t care either. Please continue to leave weirdly obsessive comments on my blog if you like. If your fingers grow tired, bang your face on the keyboard if necessary.


  33. I have read a great deal of ur comments and I couldn’t navigate away from this page without commenting.

    My 5 month old daughter was admitted into the hospital last night, April 16th for severe vomiting. As dehydration occurs during vomiting and diarrhea the ER doctor was quick to order an IV and fluids, as spill as a chest xray to rule out any aspiration.

    When the ER nurses entered the room, I, the mother, stayed in the room for support and to also oversee everything that was happening. In apt to find the tiny Veins in my daughters hand, the male nurse removed a flashlight from his pocket and formed my daughters palm around the light. it seemed to me like the appropriate measure in order to set such a tiny IV catheter, so I was not opposed to the idea. I watched as they held her hand on the light and attempted to set the IV, I never kept time as my daughter screamed because I knew she would cry from the needle being put in her hand. They were unable to place the IV in her hand and successfully placed an IV in her foot, however, even after the IV was set and fluids were started, my daughter was inconsolable.

    About ten minutes had passed of her screaming and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why, we, my family, tried handing her off between us trying different rocking motions to console her when my boyfriend’s father noticed her hand.

    The palm where the nurse had originally retired to set the IV was red and blistered and when I pointed it out to the nurse she immediately knew the cause.

    The flashlight that was used on my daughters hand, was one of the nurses personal flashlights, and gave my daughter a second degree burn that covers the entirety of her right palm. After the ER nurse wrapped the burn, I asked to be transferred to a pediatric hospital.

    I completely understand the concept of the light and what the nurses intentions were so I never got out of control angry, however, I am still perturbed by the huge blister she has on her hand. We are currently at the hospital, in the pediatric unit, where she ya being treated by a burn specialist who doesn’t believe any long term damage was done.

    I care so much about this situation because at the pediatric unit I am at, they have a social type if light, called a “wee light” that they use for the same purpose but doesn’t burn the child.

    I, myself, will not be pressing charges against the hospital or the nurse who burnt my daughter because I know he didn’t intentionally burn her, however, I will be speaking to the board of the hospital directors to try to ban use of personal flashlights and to try to get these “wee lights” to be mandatory at all ER’s across the nation to prevent further Burns.

    But please know, I am catching a lot of flack from my daughters father, his family and my own family because I don’t wish to press charges

  34. Its obvious that this baby is hurt, but how the baby actually got hurt, i question. if anyone has a plug in light, go plug it in. I tested this, plugged it in for 24 hours straight and then touched it, only to be surprised at the fact that it was NOT HOT! the nurse that they are saying did this, is one of the BEST nurses in the ER at merced. when you go to the ER thats who you want! hes the best of the best. and as for the baby being poked 14 times, doubt it. when they draw blood from a newborn they poke them the same way they do with an IV and squeeze drips of blood out.. so im assuming that some of those “stabs” were blood draws, since thats what they do to determine if the baby needs fluids. in my mind, Im thinking that the mother burned the baby herself on the way to the next hospital.. look at the online interview, does this not look like someone who needs the money? 4th child and she cant be older than what, 22-24? Its a sad sad case, but this mother needs to be looked into. the hospital, and a nurse who also works as the charge nurse some days, would not cover up and not tell the mother what happened. if anything and if there was a blister, the told the parents. but like i said, test the marker light theory.. Oh and when the use the vein light, they dont close the hand over the light, because the light wont shine through that way.. go to your local hospital and ask for them to show you how the light works. shame on this mother.

  35. Sarah you say you was at the hospital last night and you already know its 2nd degree burn how they figured that out that quick? and got you in with a burn specialist the next day? also when they take Lylah to shriners if anyone reads they will see treatments are by donations, so they dont pay… so they already had a raffle raised who knows how much? WHICH I am sure is enough for gas seen that alot of company’s have also put in money to donate. now funny remember they are not asking for money its not about the money just on fb to get the story out cause they care…. but as of tonight have put up a account that people can donate the most they pay is $40.00 one way?? guessing to the hospital, treatments are covered by donations. so WHAT IS ALL THE DONATIONS GOING ON?? yes I believe Lylah is hurt but it is a excuse to get money and everyone in the world that are idiots to donate. from little things to big they have lied to get the public to feel sorry for them and donate. with the god bless this and that over and over but on their personal sites none of them seem to be religious. Even the day they say they went to shriners on easter Sunday funny they have pics on fb of the kids swimming in the big inground pool. and pics at 6 flags the day before they went to shiners when they claimed poor mom could not go to her oldest daughters party at 6 flags. how do u post pics of been somewere tues if u have not gone till the next day? wed.? and they dont sleep at shriners it proves it when they put comments when they are there then the evening comments are back at were they live. and that was grandma who says she went with them who also needs to learn how to spell her her own granddaughters name LYLAH…. they are only making it worse for themselves i believe by putting comments on fb and not getting their lies straight the lawyers will catch on to it all and realize THERE SAYING IT IS NOT ALL ABOUT THE MONEY IS ONE BIG BS LIE…….

    • Whiole I feel sorry of this little baby and hope she heals quickly…. I agree with you that the family is running a scam to get mone. I have heard from a reliable source that ALL of their expenses are being paid for… including their travel costs.

  36. All I get from all these post talking crap still is that you ppl hve nothing better to do then snoop on fb and post on here. Gezz move on there are plenty of parents who make their kids sick to get this kind of attention. go find some of them and harrasse and talk crap bout them cause they are truely the sick fucks that decerve all of this drama! Get on with your lives and stop postin junk on this stupid page that someon else who lives to make others look bad to make themself feel better.

  37. I am surprised that you had so many questions about lylah’s hand? could your brother-inlaw, your sister (Jamie) husband not of looked at her hand and answered alot of your questions. seen he is a nurse or is in school to become a nurse.? would he not know if its infected instead of having to drive so far.?

  38. Wow, Now she is asking if the public have one or know where she can get a chair bumbo for her daughter!!!!!!. Is this not her 4th child should she not have the experience of shopping for baby`s (Walmart, toys r us, baby`s r us etc)…. or have baby items left from the other kids or her sisters kids. I am sure she has lots of money off all the donations to buy one. I believe she is using the public now to get what ever they can. tomorrow she will have on here Lylah needs a new car for her 16th and if anyone has one or can donate a new one. to funny how all the public fall for it. Anyone realize yet that any light at a hospital used on a baby`s hand will not and can not get that hot to burn her hand. (Insurance would not cover them to high risk.) SO NO SUCH LIGHT IN HOSPITAL… and as far as nurses using their own light that is very false I would say, if not the nurse would have been suspended the day they found out. why would any nurse want to use a light that can burn a baby.?

  39. As a pediatric er nurse I am devistated by this story. I do not find it nearly as unbelievable as many of you do, because I have seen similar things happen. I do not think however that the nurse was trying to cover anything up, I think it is much more plausable that he did not notice the burn when he applied gauze over the last iv attempt site. It is not at all uncommon when a child is dehydrated for their veins to “blow” as they become more friable. As nursed we do not intentionally hurt our patient, or set out to stick them multiple times. While the hospital I work at does NOT have a policy stating that we can only stick a patient twice, most of the time we do adhere to that limit. In extreme cases of pediatric dehydration I have stuck a baby more than twice, knowing it was a matter of life or death. Also, we do use IO needles in cases where a vein cannot be found, even in young babies as it is a safe and effective means of delivering fluids and medications, it is not only used durring cases of cardiac arrest. IO insertion is becoming more and more common as it has been found to allow for quicker treatment of severe cases as opposed to the time it takes to perform multiple IV sticks. The part of this story that I find so upseting, besides the babies injury is the families rush to acuse and blame the people who were trying to help this child. It is very easy to judge health care workers, when you have never actually done their jobs. You mentioned you were told you had to wait for a room, that means your child wasn’t the sickest person in the ER that night, be grateful. It is easy to complain from the lobby about your wait time while we are in the back taking care of paitents whose needs are more emminate than yours. That is why we triage patients, so we can see that paitents in order of degree of illness, not arrival time. We even bump less severe cases back out to the lobby so we have a place for the patient’s who truely need the bed. We do the absolute best job we can with the patients we are given. We can’t help what treatment (or lack thereof) they received prior to arriving in the ER, we can only treat the patient in front of us. We don’t like causing pain and yes, we know needles hurt. We try our best to soothe not only the patient but also their families. Patients come in who have been sick and untreated for days, weeks, and even months and are blamed when treating them takes too long or is too painful. I am sorry for what happend to this child, I have no idea how long she was sick prior to being seen by a health care professional or how severe her dehydration was, what I do know is the nurses stuck her multiple times in order to heal her. This is an unfortunate situation with upseting consequences, but instead of trying to gain financially from an injury that will heal, and likely not cause any perminate damage, maybe you should focus your time and energy on finding ways to prevent it from occuring again. We work in a profession where blame runs rampent and gratitude is raer. The light you described sounds like a vaginal sepculum light (which should not get hot) and appears to have malfunctioned, are you sueing the company that made the light, or just blaming the nurse that used it in his valient attempt to help your child?

  40. It appears as though this is still a very young baby. The parents may be new to parenting. This may their 20th kid. It does not matter. When an innocent child is hurt at the hands of another, as parents, we don’t seek to change the system and make things right for every child after our own. We are devastated. We recoil and strike, this is the inherint nature of a parent. Maybe it’s not about blaming the nurse in his “valient attempt to help your child,” maybe it’s about a parent desperately needing to know what the heck happened. Needing to say, what happened. When you can hear a pin drop after the question. . . you know there is not one person willing to step up to the plate and say, gosh I was the last one to treat the baby. Did I do something wrong?

    Then flip the coin and do what we all HATE to do, put the shoe on the other foot. A nurse willing to do anything and everything to help your baby with the voiciferous parents demanding a fix, a cure, anything. The doctor is done with the required 2 minute exam and leaves his printed orders with the nurse. This nurse is there because he/she was bound to this career by a need to do more than make money. My son is on this path because of how wonderfully his nurses took care of him. A nurse is there to do everything to help the patient. They also have to take care of the person responsible for the patient, now they share something in common. Massive difference, some day most of the patients and friends/family go home. The nurse is there year after year helping more than just that one patient. They are given “orders.” They do all they can. If they Futz up, yes, they should stand up and say, I did it!

    But, just remember, the next time you are in need of medical care. . .will you take them back to that hospital, to that doctor, to that nurse? Will you take their care into your own handssto the only one to blame is you?

  41. about 3 years ago when my baby was 3 weeks old he had a high fever of 104, the doctors soon discovered he has a UTI they then treated him with anti-biotics through an IV, my baby screamed and cryed until his little belly button popped out of his stomach. for 12 hrs the nurses had the iv covered up with wrap so i didnt see that he had 2nd degree burns to his little hand !!!!! the surgen explained that if the iv had been left another hr his hand would of had to be amputated!!!! so dont you ppl be so fast to judge when this kind of thing really does happen, my baby can barely use his hand and he has a horrible scar that kids tease him about, this is what he has to live with for the rest of his life!!!!!!!!!!!!! all because his nurse decides to play solitare on her night shift instead of doing her job !!!! god bless you Lylah Rose.

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  43. Hey, I think your site might be having browser compatibility issues.
    When I look at your website in Opera, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping.
    I just wanted to give you a quick heads up!

    Other then that, superb blog!

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