Master List of Skyrim Tricks – Infinite Magicka, Quick Leveling Skills, Etc

This is just a hastily-assembled list of tricks for the gaming-system versions of Skyrim (not PC) that I’ve gathered from the general Skyrim community at large. I don’t take any credit for them — just wanted to compile a list of them for other adventurers out there =)

~ Infinite Gold Trick While You Sleep IRL ~

1. The easiest way to make gold without tricks is to chop wood. At most mills, there is a chopping block on the grass somewhere and a woodcutter’s axe lying around nearby. Take the axe, and walk up to the chopping block and activate it. You’ll go into a little animation to chop wood, and if you let it go (for about 30 seconds) when it’s done you’ll end up with 6 pieces of firewood. Take the firewood to the mill owner, and he/she’ll pay you for chopping them and take the wood. On average, the payment comes out to about 1 gold per second waiting for the animation to complete, or 60 gold per minute. The problem is that when the animation is over, you’ve got to look back down to restart the process — but not if you’ve got a companion with you. If you go into the command mode, you can order a companion like Lydia to chop wood for you, and your view never changes — you’ll just need something to press the button repeatedly. If you can figure out some kind of device that will press the button to order the character to chop wood repeatedly, and turn off the TV/monitor while you go to bed for the night, you could conceivably wake up in the morning and have one metric s#!t-ton of firewood to give to the mill owner. At 1-gold/1-second, if you were to sleep for 6 hours and no dragons were to attack or whatever system you set up to press the button didn’t get interrupted, you could have 21,600 gold worth of firewood when you wake up the next day.

~ Infinite Magicka ~

1. “After doing the College of Winterhold quest where you get the “Mystical Tuning Gloves” and purge the magicka reserves, keep the gloves and use the healing spell and equilibrium, while wearing the Archmage outfit and Savos Arens circlet, then switch to another spell, for some reason my magicka bar disappeared and i actually had infinite magicka, I then used telekenisis and rubberbanded my R1 and in 10 mins got Lvl 100 Alteration,” says one YouTube commenter. I haven’t tried this myself, as I’m not that far into the Winterhold quests, but looks promising. [via (from a comment)]

2. There’s at least one way you can essentially get infinite Magicka but requiring you to pause time for a few seconds, without needing to do some advanced quest first. You must have an item that increases your Magicka, such as a helmet that when equipped raises the number amount of total Magicka available to use. Once you cast all of it complete down to nothing, simply go to your menu, unequip it and then reequip it, and your magicka increases automatically (without having to wait for it to restore slowly). It’s easier to simply put the magicka-boosting item on Favorite, and from the favorite menu un/reequip while you’re in battle. The larger the Magicka boost you get from the item, the longer you’ll be able to cast without having to pause to un/reequip. [via]

~ Infinite Speech Leveling ~

1. In Riften, go to the Black-Briar Meadery and speak with Ungrien at the counter. Choose the option “Tell me about Maven Black-Briar” and after his response, you’ll get the option to Persuade. Select it, and you’ll get experience — but the option doesn’t disappear. You can go back and ask about Maven Black-Briar again, and persuade again, as often as you like. Continually pressing A will repeat the same conversation over and over, so you don’t need to switch conversation options to do it. Set up the controller on the floor with a book on the button under your foot while you’re at the computer surfing the web, and you can just tap your foot in the meantime, and change your perk options at each level up. I’m tapping my foot as I’m typing this very entry… [via]

~ Infinite Sprint ~

1. To sprint normally, you tap the left bumper (LB, above the left trigger), but doing so drains your Stamina. Instead, hold a torch in your left hand, and a sword in your right. Have the sword out and ready to fight, but sheath it and immediately begin sprinting by repeatedly tapping LB so that you run out of Stamina and it starts to flash. When it begins to flash, just hold down LB and you can sprint until you let off LB, regardless of whether you’re out of Stamina. [via]

~ Buy The Whiterun House Without Spending Gold ~

1. Although you’ll still need 5000 gold on hand for the trick to work, you’ll end up getting to keep it all. I must add, however, that when I tried this myself (which I saved first in case there was anything weird about it), I could not buy the decorations for the house afterward for some reason. The trick is to visit the man you buy the house from in the early hours of the night, say 3am or so, when he’s asleep. When he wakes up, he’ll be standing right next to a nightstand or wardrobe. When you agree to buy the house, back out of the conversation before the gold is deducted from you, and immediately put the gold in the nightstand or wardrobe nearby. He’ll still give you the key, but you can just get your gold back out of the place you put it, and keep it.

~ Infinite Destruction / Infinite One-Handed / Infinite Two-Handed Training ~

1. Near the very beginning as you’re being led out during the first dragon attack that saves you, try to trap the person leading you, such as by standing in front of him so he can’t move forward. We will never attack you, and you can used fire/weapons on him as much as you please.

~ Infinite Conjuration Training ~

1. Find a slaughterfish (a fish that attacks you) and step out onto the shore so that it is still in attack mode but can’t reach you. Cast a conjure weapon spell, and sheathe it back making it disappear, and repeat. As long as you’re in battle with something (also such as an archer that is far away but shooting arrows at you, or a chasing enemy that gets stuck in water similarly) then you can keep conjuring new weapons as much as you please and still get experience credit for it.

~ Infinite Restoration Training ~

1. Locate a dungeon trap that will be triggered indefinitely, such as the kind that shoots fire by stepping on a pressure plate or fires darts continuously. One example is a fire pressure plate in the cave where there Greybeards send you to locate the Horn, that shoots fire up continuously by standing on it. Simply stand on the plate or whatever device that causes damage, and continuously heal. If your magicka gets too low, just move off it and wait for it to restore, then repeat.

~ Infinite Illusion Training ~

1. Dual-cast Courage on any NPC. [via]

I am gradually updating this list, so if you find something concrete, please add it in comments and I’ll see about adding it =)

88 thoughts on “Master List of Skyrim Tricks – Infinite Magicka, Quick Leveling Skills, Etc

  1. I am a level 100 Illusionist thanks to Muffle. Used with infinate magika you can do it fast. around level 95 it takes around 18 or 14 muffles per level.

  2. With the Illusion,I did this in the beginning,but you can do it whenever, once i got to whiterun i spoke to the court wizard and bought “muffle” which is an illusion spell. put it on both hands and (not at the same time so that u dont do a single charge) have each hand charge up the spell. and then cast it. the spell can be used anywhere at anytime with or without enemies. so u can literally sit in your town house or in a dungeon casting it upon yourself and it gives a big boost in the beggining. also have the Mage stone activated for a 20% boost. you’ll get to level 45 and by then you’ll be casting it alot more to gain level. since your using both hands seperatley its double the exp. i am currently at level 94 illusion.

  3. ok i got level 81 with all my ranks to 100 how do i rank up now or is that highest rank ( i used the ohgma infinium trick by buying a house and bookshelf then read it store it on book shelf open it again do not read take do it all over again)

  4. Thanks! I’m using the woodcutting trick as I type. I’ve made a couple hundred so far. At first, I was chopping the wood but I was getting irritated with that the camera angle kept changing. Now I have Lydia chopping wood and all I have to do is press the ‘A’ button every 35 seconds. Simple as pie.

  5. You can’t buy the house decorations because he has to be where he usually is to buy the decorations(near the Jarl’s throne). You can still do this with the cabinet to the south-east of you when you are talking to the guy who sells house stuff but you have to be quick.

  6. Easy way for Lydia to pick up items
    -Most people (if not everyone) know that Lydia can carry an infinite amount of items without being over encumbered. There might be times, however, where you’ll drop an item for her to hold, but forgot that you’re on a slope. Or drop an item and it ends up glitching through the floor; never to be seen again until you reload your last autosave. I’ve also heard from a friend that if you drop items in bulk (i.e. 50 ingots) and tell her to pick them up, they’ll disappear in her inventory. To avoid any of these problems, simply go to any empty container, drop all the items you want her to carry inside, step back and tell her to loot it. To check if she took it all, you can keep your crosshair on the container, wait a second after she walks up to it, move your crosshair away from the container, then move it back to the the container. It’ll tell you that the container’s empty again and you can double check her inventory to see that there’s nothing missing. I’ve done this countless amount of times and it’s 100% fullproof. You might encounter some stupid glitches where Lydia will refuse to loot the chest, but it’s probably because she can’t get to it or something. If that happens, just go to another container and repeat the process. Hope this helps anyone. It sure helped my friend and I. ^_^

  7. The best way i have found for Infinite Destruction mid-game is killing Paarthurnax (but not really). Attacking after being given the option to kill him does not cause him to attack you back immediately, rather you have to get him down to about 2/3 of his heath OR about 5 seconds of constant attack – ie Destruction: Flame. The beast way I have found to take advantage of this is to dual cast (one in each hand, not the combination overcharge) my Fireball, hit him, let my Magika recharge and then hit again. His health regenerates quickly enough that doing it this way will not cause him to fall below 2/3, its slow enough, and it keeps your Magika up. Its not the fastest loophole ever, but it beats regular grinding. Goodluck! and save often if you want to push the speed on this method (unless of course you WANT to kill him)!

    • Another easy way for destruction leveling:
      Once you have shadowmare, equip flames in one hand and frostbite in the other, fire both at shadowmare simultaneously. His health and Regen are so high that you’ll never kill him and he never attacks back. If you have high enough enchanting and can craft 4 pieces of equipment that reduce cost of destruction spells by 25% then you can just continuously cast on shadowmare until destruction is at 100. Using some scotch tape to hold in the triggers on the controller makes this less tedious. 😛 Also, you can level one handed, two handed, etc. by attacking shadowmare as well.

    • Rubber band? 🙂 Electrical tape? Psh any tape I’m sure! I used the controller’s cable… But I think it’s adding too much stress on the cable since the triggers are somewhat heavy… :p

  8. It takes a kitties bit for alteration but if you get stonflesh or oakfles go to the river by the first giant location go to the strewn and get a baby midcrab to attack you while you repeatedly cast stone flesh it will level you quick when you management runs out run far enough away to wait 1 hour after that your management will be full and the mudcrab will be at your feet then just repeat the process.

  9. I just completed college quests and didnt remov anything from inv and i never got any “mystical tuning gloves”

    • The tuning gloves are from a side quest within the college, not a quest in the main college story line. There’s a guy walking around the college that you normally wouldn’t encounter through the college set of quests unless you happened to talk to him and found out, that asks you to help him, which involves going up to each of the tall light-pools. I don’t remember whether you get to keep the gloves afterward, though.

      • No you don’t, and I did the glitch by accident somehow. I was loving having infinite magicka. But I gave him back the gloves. And it no longer worked. Good thing I really haven’t done too much since then. At least I think.

      • KEEP THE GLOVES!!! I gave them back to the guy hoping I’d get some reward. Sadly, there’s no profit in returning the gloves and you can’t buy em back…..I wonder if i could kill the guy and loot the gloves off his corpse…..

      • Do the copy items thing with a mannequin for the gloves so you can give the other pair to the guy.

  10. Have not seen this posted yet

    when resting , select rest, select the amount of time you want to rest, hit the button to start resting …as soon as you do that hit the silver xbox button, the screen will pop up but dont hit any thing and your resting time will be cut by more then half when you no longer here the resting clock counting down back out of the menu screen carry on

  11. Go to high hrothgar and while its not In a quest mode stab the greybeards in the backa and Ur sneak will go up .best if used beforr15x damage perk . Screw the grey beards anyway

  12. i did that with lydia put my stuff in a chest, barrel ,sack,etc. but could not get a lot of it back so i killed her and got a new companion and gave some of the stuff to him and he started keeping it too so this is not a good thing to do unless you want to loss almost all your stuff or kill that person cause that is the only way i have found to get it back.

    • You obviously don’t know what you are doing.

      Talk to Lydia and select the option “I need to trade something with you”.

      She will then show you everything in her inventory (including everything which she has looted). This excludes her default gear. If it does not show everything in her inventory than it has glitched and the method itself is not at fault.

  13. Infinite healing destruction, once you upgrade the new dark brotherhood sanctuary, cast healing hands and flames at a prisoner

  14. I leveled up from 5 to 22 by talking to potion trainer lady, training once, pick pocketing my money back and saving the game. At the end when I maxed out pickpocketing, I stole her clothes lol.

  15. Hey, PC gamer here
    i tried everything up there and some dont seem to work on my PC (probably, this is XBOX 360 only)
    the infinite money thing, i need to press E on PC for it, there is no way someone can do that (unless a geek/nerd who can figure out a way)


    Infinite Magic Attacks:

    first, in the very beginning, when in the torture room, take the dead men’s item (the robe) from the cage, in there, you can also find a spark spell book, now, the trick;
    1. take the robe on
    2. get 1500 coins to spare
    3. get 4 soul gems
    4. Get a ring and a necklace (cheapest one)
    5. Destroy the ro be and the hat at the enchanting table
    6. enchant the ring and necklace with the enchants
    7. get a good clothing (light but strong, i recommend)
    8. put the “magicka regenerates 30% faster” enchant on the armour
    9. get a gaunlet
    10. enchant the gauntlet with the same one you use for armour
    11. tadda!!!!! or
    12. get a helmet
    13. enchant it with the same one too!
    14. you have unlimited magic attacks, just dont waste too much and try to get the appretince stone
    15. i know, its not unlimited but it is if you use it wisely!!!

    Easy Coins:
    tired of killing deer for a penny? lose every single live killing a draugr and its not even worth it? trying to kill a giant for 100 coins at first level and thinking you got the skill? all of them are a waste!
    i have the solution:

    1. talk to a blacksmith and chose the “need any help around the forge?” thing
    2. say yes to all
    3. finish it
    4. sell the items (helmet and dagger)
    5. buy a silver ring (should have enough money if first you have 200 golds)
    6. get a soul gem
    7. get an enchantment
    8. enchant the ring
    9. go to riverwood
    10. sell the ring to lucas or alvor
    11. repeat no.5 once
    12. buy a good armour set and a good weapon and shield
    13. go to a giant’s place, shoot arrows
    14. equip the shield and weapon
    15. try to kill a giant
    16. take all the stuff
    17. sell what you found
    18. kill another giant
    19. take the stuff
    20. sell in whiterun
    21. buy a sword
    22. upgrade the sword
    23. sell the sword to another merchant
    24. kill all guards (just kidding)
    25. i am done!

    Free Horse:
    tired of wasting 1000 coin for a stupid weak horse?

    1. find M’aiq the liar
    2. take his horse
    3. im done!

    good, now a free horse!

    Free Companion
    2 ways

    1. talk to sven
    2. talk to faendal
    way 1:
    3. give faendal fake letter to camilla and talk to faendal, you can now get up ur training for free + a ranger
    way 2:
    3. report faendal fake letter by saying “faendal wants to help me think… its from sven” and you get a warrior bard!!! (although his main weapon is a dagger)

    heres a way to steal stuff without being noticed:

    1. find a khajiit outside whiterun, speak to the female
    2. (you need 500 gold to spare) train the sneak
    3. steal the money back
    4. repeat
    5. go to windhelm
    6. train with the poor woman
    7. steal the money back
    8. repeat

    ok, im done

  16. you can get infinite everything in less than 15 minutes all stats 100 with the daedric book that you get. Gives you 5 in every stat of your choice but with a book shelf you can repeat it all the time, 15 minutes everything 100. i dont remember very well how but appears in skyrim pedia. check it , it works

  17. Another way to raise destruction one hand and two hand is to find a character who is unable to die (ex: jarl of winterhold) you take all of their health and they go to one knee. Keep attacking them and it still improves your skill.

  18. So the quest with the mythic tuning gloves made me have no magic bar and infinite magic. damn it. How do i fix this?

  19. How to get rich and level up enchantment:

    1. Once you get to Whiterun, go to the alchemy shop and buy the ingredients to make the most expensive potions. (paralysis, invisibility, slow and damage magica regen are some of the best)

    2. go to the pawn shop next door and buy petty soul gems

    3. take the wagon at the stables to Riften and repeat the above.

    4. Take the wagon to Solitude and repeat.

    5. Take the wagon to Windhelm and repeat.

    When you have enough ingredients, start making potions at the alchemy alters in the alchemy shops.

    6. Sell the potions to the alchemists, buying more ingredients.

    7. Repeat until you have a dozen soul gems.

    Note: after the first trip to a city, you can fast travel and do not need the wagon anymore.

    In Windhelm, there is an alchemy shop, a blacksmith and a pawn shop with an enchanting table all in the same square. Go to the blacksmith and buy iron ingots and leather straps and craft as many iron daggers as you have soul gems.

    Go to the enchanting table and enchant the iron daggers with the soul gems you bought. (if you do not know any enchantments, you can usually buy a cheap weapon with fire or shock enchants from the merchants and disenchant that. )

    Sell the daggers back to the pawn shop owner or blacksmith (now worth 10 times their original selling price)

    By the time you have done this a few times, you will have a reasonable amount of gold, will have leveled alchemy, smithing and enchantment by several levels, and be well on your way to maxing out your enchantment so you can make those nifty infinite magica rings, or super weapons, etc.

    To aid you in becoming the richest merchant alchemist in Skyrim, you can go to the Black-Briar Meadery in Riften and there use the pursuasion bug to level your speechcraft. the Merchant speechcraft perk will allow you to sell those potions to any mechant, and if you also level up your alchemy skill perks, you are talking about being able to sell potions worth 350 gold to all of the merchants you encounter, not just the alchemists.

    I usually end up trading potions for soul gems as I get high up, which lets me buy better quality soul gems. You can also buy soul gems from the court magicians in most jarl’s palaces. The easiest to find are in Whiterun, Riften and Solitude, as the court magician is usually right in the main throne room or right next to it. They will sell higher level soul gems which will allow you to level up enchantment even faster.

    As an experiment, I took a character and just did the above for about 10 hours. I used any extra money I had before each level up to by destruction training from the magician on the bridge to the college of Winterhold. After that time, I had a level 30 character, with Destruction at 70, Enchantment at 100, Alchemy at 68, Speechcraft at 85 . I crafted a set of clothes and jewelry to lower my magica cost to 0% for Destruction, then began to play the actual game, starting with the main quest, with a level 30 magic user that had infinite destruction magic.

    Add in the Breton race bonus of 25% magic resist, plus the Lord Stone 25% magic resist, plus Mara’s Blessing 15% magic resist, and I have a mage that can incinerate a dragon with 6 hits and take almost no magic damage in return.

    Word to the caution, if you zap a dragon dead with shock magic, and you have the Destruction perk “incinerate”, you may not absorb the dragon’s soul! Oops.

  20. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@TROLLOLLOLLOLLOLL

  21. At the beginning of the game, follow the imperial guy and when you come across the bear, sneak against the rock nearby to get infinate sneak.

  22. Easiest way to get 100 Pickpocketing (I’ve used it twice on different characters in teh course of a day)

    Go to windhelm. Wait until night and find that peasant girl who usually hangs around the fires complaining about the harsh winters. Once you do, ask her to train you in pickpocketing. Level up once, bend down and pocket the gold right out from her (save before if teh cahnces are slim). wait to level up (reccomended at low levels) so she can train you five times and you can pickpocket her five times a level. if you have below 50 pickpocket, this should be about 10 levels of pickpocket per level.
    Repeat this process until you get to level 50 (after level 51 it’s impossible to pickpocket that much gold.) This should only take half an hour at the most if you level up fast enough!
    Now what?
    So what else do you want training in thats low? Get Cutpurse as fast as you can and pretty much every pile of gold ona person has 90% chance of pickpocketing. So go train to level 50 in everything else you’d like and I geruntee it’ll get to 100 pretty darn fast. as my khajiit though I just walked around pocketing everything valuable for teh thieves guild and now I’m filthy rich 100 pickpocket. 😛

  23. if you have atleast 1 stamina, u can use a power attack. if u cook a stew that regenerates 1 stamina every second, it will let u use as many shield bashes or power attacks u want.

  24. I was able to get level 100 sneak by standing out of sight from the guards and continuously walking into a wall. As long as you’re hidden and there’s at least one guard nearby, your sneak will level up.

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  26. there’s a way to get infinite arrows: go to a place where an archer is-like the thieves guild-and whenever you see someone shooting a bow at a target dummy, sneak and pickpocket him, take his arrows, choose which arrows you want from your inventory, give him 1, and when he starts shooting, repeatedly grab them from the dummy. I got over 3,000 glass arrows doing this

  27. There is a way to get infinite destruction skill too. Here’s how: go someplace-it doesn’t matter where-and equip your flames or any other destruction spell that is a stream. Aim away from anybody and hold down the cast button. when you run out of magicka, wait for it to refill and repeat. level 100 destruction as soon as I started.

  28. infinite alteration: acquire the spell magelight and repeatedly shoot it into the sky with someone nearby. each time you cast it it will upgrade your alteration

  29. easy xp: at the beginning when you choose to go with either hadvar or ralof, choose hadvar. when he cuts your bindings, grab the iron sword from the wall. repeatedly hit hadvar while he is at the door. he never dies and won’t attack you, so swing at him until you are the level you want.

  30. adding to the easy xp with hadvar: once he goes down, STOP HITTING. wait until he gets up to keep striking. each time he goes down, dont attack anymore until he gets back up

  31. easy sneak: same with the easy xp, go with hadvar and attack him with the iron sword until he goes down. once you get to level 32, crouch down and continue hitting for sneak skill. but remember to not hit him when he goes down

  32. A much easier way to level Conjuration is this: Kill an animal suck as a wolf, and spam soul trap on it, this should take about 30 minutes.

    As for illusion, I just spammed muffle and got illusion to 100 in around 30-45 minutes.

  33. I’ve Maxed out my mages magic skills almost like yours…. Illusion is muffle while sneaking, alteration is telekenisis repeatedly, conjuration is soul trapping a dead body( strange I know), destruction is combat based so find an enemy in one of the two faction camps that cant die and repeatedly attack them. Restoration is healing while using equilibrium…. Others are block, which you need only corner yourself to prevent the AI from flanking and keep taking hits.. its easy levels. Most of my other methods for other skills have been patched, such as smithing… Anyways, enjoy your mass leveling…

  34. here is a trick to get sneak level 100 you go to the greybeards and when one of them is siting at the window go behind him and start attacking him with a dagger and your sneak skill and one-handed skill will increase but make sure the guy can’t see you other wise it wont work and also when his heath is low wait for his heath to regenarate or go to anoter person.

    • Or if you’re just starting a new character, you can sneak attack your tour guide dude who is leading you thru the caves under Helgen. When you come up to the part with the bear, just go into sneak and continuously knife the guy’s butt, out of visible range from him. He will never die, and will always heal up.. If you make to 100 (like I did on a new character recently) you’ll level up to 18 =)

  35. I’m mainly a physical combat character and got into a bit of a rut at about level 70 so needed to raise my mage skills. I’m 100 in enchanting so I enchanted a set of cheap gear (clothes, ring, necklace, circlet) each with 25% fortify alteration (wearing all the gear gives infinite illusion as the spells are 100% free). Then I found somewhere safe, threw down an axe and used telekinesis to hold it. Rubber band on the trigger and went to make a cup of tea. Came back 8 minutes later and I’d levelled alteration from 65 to 100. Works with other magic disciplines if you enchant the gear to get free magica and use expensive spells that “stream”.

  36. You can become overpowered fairly easily. Use on of the hearthfire houses with an alchemy tower and a greenhouse. Plant creep clusters, scaly pholiota, and trama root/poison bloom. The ingredients grow back after a few days. Keep making the fortify carry weight potion until alchemy is leveled up. Go to solitude. Go to the fletcher. Buy a weapon with the banish enchantment. Go to whiterun. You can either make a lot of iron daggers (leveling blacksmith skill) or just buy them. Head up to dragonsreach. You can buy filled soul gems from the court mage. Use those to put the banish enchantment on as many daggers as possible. Wait two days for his stock to reset and buy some more gems. Keep doing this to level enchant all of the way very quickly. You can sell the enchanted daggers for more money than went until making them. If you do this for money then don’t use grand soul gems. The buy to sell difference is negative. Only the lesser gems will make you a good amount of money, Find the ingredients for the fortify enchanting potion. Acquire the fortify alchemy enchantment. While the potion is active make the enchantment. With the enchantment active, make another potion. Go back and forth a couple of times to create a very powerful fortify alchemy enchantment. You can use this to create more powerful fortify alchemy potions whenever you want. Using the potion, you can create enchantments that are overpowered. I have one set of armor that reduces all spell costs to 0%, makes me immune to magic and diseases, makes arrows and daggers kill anything in one hit, etc… It’s nice being able to use any spell for 0 mana cost without having to change armor. You can also create an overpowered fortify smithing potion to make overpowered armor and weapons. This is the biggest game-breaking technique that I’m found.

  37. Illusion. Just keep.casting spells like the one where it makes it harder to detect you for 300 seconds. I forgot the name though. Sorry. 🙂 thats what i did tho.

  38. I actually found out that when training magic, a quick way to regen mana is by waiting for one hour. It takes about 1.5 seconds, and your mana is completely restored. I used it and Soul Trap/Muffle to get 100 illusion and conjure in about 40 minutes. (time fore both)

  39. An easy way to train alteration is to get infinite alteration, get mass paralisation, go where there is a lot of guards. Cast it over and over. If you have the DLCs you can turn alteration back to 15 and start over, giving you the power to level up forever!

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  42. I cant believe noone said the easiest way to level armor skills and conjuration, and attack. Just fight your own conjured atronach or undead. Then fight it with whatever weapon you want. you can even increase you alteration by using oakflesh while fighting it. and magelight in one hand and muffle in the other while just walking around in town is easy levels.

  43. Great way to level destruction-
    Get Shadowmere from the Dark Brotherhood quest line and just keep casting a destruction spell on him. Shadowmere has the highest health regeneration of any npc in the game and will not become hostile. Put the game on a higher difficulty so your spells do less damage and you can cast on him all you want.

  44. Addition to infite one handed/destruction/two handed training at helgen keep. Stealth training by getting ro the very end with the bear and back him into a corner and crouch. Then do sneak attacks and level up quickly.

  45. I have two infinite magicka tricks that in theory one should work and the other will work for sure. The first one is that if you complete the College of Winter hold quest line and get the archmage robes then equip that and morokei and all continuous spells like flames or telekinesis then your magicka should regenerate so fast it doesn’t run out. But I haven’t tried this yet its just a theory. The other one is that with enough enchanting skill if you enchant each piece of armor with say destruction spells cost 25% less on each piece then you will not run out of magicka while using destruction magic.

  46. Once I had equipped some gloves I found on some dead Riften guard then I used my magicka until I had none then I realized I had infinite magicka. I was using some destruction spell in Breezehome 😛

  47. This is the fastest way to get gold by far. You will be well along in the game, but well worth it. You will have the DLC content installed to go to Solstheim. There, Fethis Alor will purchase East Empire Pendants for 500 coins EACH. Start the quest Pain in the Necklace. The pendants are all over the place; there are 31 locations. For this, you need only one, which you can steal from Alor House in the basement. Next, travel with your companion, say…Lydia…to a safe place, like Whiterun (yes, right out in the street, or inside Breezehome if you have it) and use the duplication exploit. Build your stash to about 600 or so. Back in Solstheim, take 500 from your companion and sell to Fethis. 500 x 500 = 250,000 coins. Travel back to White run and do the exploit again…you get the picture. For those who don’t know, the exploit works like this: Drop each item INDIVIDUALLY on the ground/floor. Keep the numbers to about 50 per drop, to avoid glitching. and have your companion pick them up one by one, of course, (but this happens in a few seconds for small items, even for 150 or more). At first you might have trouble dropping and duplicating just a single pendant. Along with the Pendant, also drop a few random items the first time. But as soon as you have two, you can pick up the other junk. After your companion has the items in inventory, IMMEDIATELY go into their inventory and take all of them. Next, immediately leave the cell…that is, go into Breezehome, or fast travel to the stables or anywhere and then immediately fast travel back to Whiterun. Presto, almost all the items will have reappeared on the ground. With larger numbers each iteration will have a few less, so drop a few to keep the numbers up. After taking your companion with you the first time, you should be able to leave him / her behind waiting, and you just go in and out of the cell (into or out of Breezehome should work). Even on an over-loaded PS3 you should have a couple million coins in about an hour. You’ll spend more time waiting for cells to load and finding Fethis than anything else!

  48. Dawnstar Kahjiit trader and hidden chest exploit, easiest way to level Speech to 100. First, buy a horse, so you have unlimited carry. Next make sure you have the gear and armor you need to kill dragons, you’ll need it. Travel to Dawnstar, and if the Trader isn’t there, wait 24 hours, Ahkari’s Caravan will eventually show. Once there, access Ahkari’s inventory, and purchase all you can. Then, get on your horse and go to the Dawnstar mine, where to the left of the entrance, between some boulders you can find the hidden chest. (This is the only hidden chest located in the same area as the Caravan / trader you are visiting.) Take everything. (You should also find the other hidden chests first outside of Solitude and Salvius Farm near Markarth.) Stumble back to your horse and ride back to the Caravan. Sell everything back to Ahkari. Keep selling EVEN THOUGH Ahkari has run out of money. Rinse and repeat. This will quickly level up your speech. The leveling is based on the coin value of what you sell, not the number of items. If you have an enchanted item worth 1,000,000 coins you will go from 15 to 100 in a single sale. Thus it goes quicker if you dump the cheap stuff from the three chests. The reason you need gear to kill a dragon is that this exploit on lower levels will need quite a few iterations, and I can guarantee that three or four dragons will find you during this exploit. You will need to park your horse beside the Inn, dump your excess inventory until you can run again, and then dispatch the dragon.

  49. Shadowmere is immune to fire but but there is a very small piece in health dosen’t get bigger so use healing hand or heal other while attacking with fire also doesn’t turn aggressive so use a infinite magicka glitch or something to raise restoration and destruction skill

  50. Conjuration leveling: kill a random animal or person then cast soul trap on it repeatedly until you run out of magica the wait an hour and repeat

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