Master List of Minimalist Blogs.., Instapundit, Memepool, Etc.

I recently put out the question on Ask Metafilter to find out some minimalist link-blog type sites that have few frills, but maximize on efficiency of the message and linking without being particularly “busy” in style. I’ve started one myself with and wanted to find others with which I could identify good or bad design traits with which I could improve or compete. From the answers and my own research, here is my Master List of minimalist blogs (non-tumblr, non-twitter) compiled so far — but please add your favorites in the comments, even if the blog is your own! (by “NPR-ish” I mean lazy-Sunday idle reading topics, newspaper-and-coffee subjects)

  • – Five weird/informative/fun videos per day, hosted onsite
  • Links – Randomly updated, but nerdy-interesting links (a personal fav)
  • videoTHL – 13x text links to YouTube videos, dailyish (mine)
  • Metafilter – dozens/daily, visitor-submitted interesting links
  • Trivium – Technical/nerdy, updated ~weekly
  • Memepool – Updated in spurts, link-heavy small paragraphs
  • Quickish – Sports article exerpts, handful/day
  • The Brief – Tech news, simple paragraph style with sources, 2-3/daily
  • TNR Reader – a daily handful of NPR-ish article links
  • Noted Without Comment – Image and embedded video, no text
  • Largehearted Boy – dozens/daily, NPR-ish but ad-heavy
  • Instapundit – dozens/daily, political text/links
  • Reality Carnival – dailyish, HTML frames design
  • The Browser – “Writing Worth Reading” NPR-ish, simple paragraph preview

  • 2 thoughts on “Master List of Minimalist Blogs.., Instapundit, Memepool, Etc.

    1. can you tell , if its on wordpres , blogger, or 100% html and css, and where can i find some info on where to build a website like it.

      • It appears to be just HTML and CSS as far as I can tell, but presumably coded by a more visual program (instead of hand-coded, unless the coder were super snooty) because of the unnecessary tabbing in the source.

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