Chewbacca Noises From Random Objects

I revisited a video I’d seen quite some time ago, the first one shown below, and found that there had been other postings of Chewbacca-sounding objects collected for our bored-out-our-minds amusement:

Opening Nightstand Door (the best one)

Schoolroom Desks Sliding Against Another

An Old Steering Wheel.. Injecting Something?

Slam-Prevention Device Moans As Door Closes

Trash Compartmen On a Train

In-Line Water Heater Adjustments

You said it, Chewy.

Deceptively Small Strange Throw Pillow Collection

Although this article‘s description declares, “25 Strange Throw Pillows,” the only way you’re getting 25 out of that is if you count the number in the pictures. Clumps of them are the same, such as the Scrabble tiles, the old school NES controllers, and the table full of sushi pillows. Clever ideas (such as the severed horse head bed pillow and the blood-pooling head-wound pillow) might make for a good art project ^_^

Video Tutorial: How To Remove Vocals From Mp3

I was listening to a Nickelback CD in my dad’s truck the other day while we were out shopping for Xmas gifts and thought to myself, “ya know, this band would be waaaaay better without that irritating voice messing up all the awesome instruments,” and I thought I’d remembered seeing something you could download to remove vocals to make karaoke versions of your own music.. so I figured I’d look it up.

Turns out it’s pretty easy, but mostly if (a) you just happen to have music where the vocals were recorded on perfectly centered stereo tracks, (b) don’t care a lot about super spiffy quality, and (c) look the other way when it comes to music copying legalese. You may inadvertently also remove instruments that happen to be playing in the same frequency range as the voices, and you may not clip out the background vocals.

That said, here’s my tutorial. You’ll need the audio software known as Audacity, which you can get for free from at no charge. Once that’s installed, just follow the directions on Audacity’s site that I blatantly stole and reworded to make into my own visual tutorial (but gave credit for in typical English major style). Ah, the Internets!

Solution for Poor-Parking Holiday Shopper Annoyances

There’s a low-tac bumpersticker you can plaster on the back end of someone whose parking overtly lacks the spatial awareness of most preteens. They’re pretty cheap, to the point and easily removable so you don’t ruin paint jobs in the process. Around $0.50 each or less (cheaper in larger quantities), keep a bundle in your glove compartment for just the right moment.

Astoundingly Detailed Sketches: Daniel Simon

While running through the usual avenues for random images, I came upon a site by a gentleman who does computer illustration by trade, but by hobby does these amazing painstaking concept-design sketches using only a ball-point pen, a gray marker, and digital airbrush just as something to throw in the mix and not get bogged down with work. – Concept Sketches

In some ways, I’m surprised it’s done by hand. But then again — how else could it be?

(note: there is a tasteful, but still nsfw, sketch section two clicks away)

Removing the Spyware Detected Windows Warning Wallpaper Virus

If you’re looking for a way to remove a trojan/virus that keeps making your wallpaper change into the image of a windows warning message that states, “Warning! Spyware detected on your computer! Install antivirus or spyware remover to clean your computer,”…

…then try out this guide. It worked for me (and is not originally mine, but attributed to Ebomb from this message board, but I just fleshed it out with better step-by-steps), so give it a shot to see if it works for you. As always, you must acknowledge that fiddling with your settings and whatnot are your own responsibility — not mine. I’m just showing you how I got rid of my problem, so no guarantees for your success or demise either way ^_^ Read thru the whole guide first, before you do anything.

The virus appears, to my limited knowledge, to simply be a kind of prank virus that doesn’t actually cause any real malfunction. The blue-screen error that pops up after 20 minutes or so and possibly appears to make it reboot is actually just a screensaver, with an animation simulating the reboot. If you hit ENTER during the reboot or bluescreen, you’ll come back to the desktop just as you would with any screensaver.

One thing about this sucker is that it disables the “desktop” and “screensaver” tabs in the properties menu for the desktop so you can’t change them back quite so easily.

Here’s how to eliminate this buzzard, all without using antivirus software. My suspicion as to the reason antivirus programs don’t seem to pick this up is that it doesn’t really do any virus-like harm, it just does prankstery things such as changing the screensaver and turning off function to a few menus. I haven’t analyzed the code so I don’t actually know if it really does bad stuff, though either. But anyway.

1. Click on START in the bottom corner and select RUN, and type in regedit.

1a. Navigate the directory tree to this path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER, Software, Microsoft, Windows, CurrentVersion, Policies, System.

1b. Once you’re there, right-click on NoDispBackgroundPage and set the value to 0 (zero). Do the same for NoDispScrSavPage. This will let you see the wallpaper and screensaver tabs in display properties again.

Just close out the REGEDIT program and the changes will have taken effect, without having to reboot. Go to your display properties (right-click on a blank area of the desktop and select properties from the menu), and the Screensaver and Desktop tabs should now be back.

2. Go to the Screensaver tab in Display Properties and look for a screensaver with a gobbledegook name. The name will probably be different for each infection, but looks something along the lines of this one highlighted. Write this name down somewhere.

2a. Using Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer), navigate to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 and look for filename with the same name you wrote down in step 2, and delete it. This makes the blue screen stop showing up. It was a fake blue screen anyway.

2b. Now hit hold down the CTRL, ALT and DEL keys on the keyboard and if you’re given the option, select something to the effect of “active processes” and look for a similar gobbledegook program running (ends with .exe). Write down the name of this one, then click on it and END PROGRAM, and click YES on the warning about shutting a program down this weird way.

2c. Go back to Explorer and look for a filename just like the one you wrote down in step 2b. You’ve now deleted the main virus.

2d. Go back and re-open REGEDIT and do a search (CTRL-F) for the name you wrote down in 2b, and delete the entry that points to it. This deletes the command to run the virus.

3. Go back to Display Properties and open the Desktop tab, and scroll down to see a similar (if not duplicate) gobbledegook name — this is the file that makes the background look like a warning window. Write this name down (if it’s not a duplicate), and go back to Explorer and delete this file also. That’ll prevent the background from changing to that warning again.

4. Empty your Recycle Bin, and you should now be set!

…Let me know if this helped you out — however, please do not ask me more questions about it. I’m no expert in the field, and the guide (invented by the guy listed at the top of the article) is simply a method that worked for me. Good luck!

Collection of “Pic Everyday for So-Many Days” Self-Portraits Videos

This was originally a post criticizing/complimenting the foresight to begin a pic-per-day compilation, but now I’ve opted to turn it into a big list of videos themselves.

This video was the first of its kind I had ever seen (2547 pics), back in 2006-ish or so. The fellow even has a website about it and such.

However, for the video to head off the list as an example is an astoundingly cute gal. DREAMY, I SAY.

Rotating Man Takes 2 Pics Per Day / 17 Years
Asian Gal Every Day for 3 Years
Noah Every Day for 6 Years
Every Day for 2 Days ..what?
15 Years in 14 Seconds
Mark Curry Every Day For a Year
Michael Every Day For a Year
Lego Man Every Day For a Year
A Pic Per Day in 3 Years
A Picture of Lee Everyday for 3 Years
Homer Simpson Every Day for 39 Years
Ryan Every Day for 400 Days
A Cheesy Smile Every Day for a Year
Daniel Every Day for 100 days
Sven Every Day for 3 Years
Infant from Birth to 1 Year Old
Andrew Every Day for 12 Months
Stef Everyday for 1 Year
Timelapse of 5 months
German(?) Dude Every day for 564 Days
Sean Every Day for 6 Months

I’m tuckered out.. post links in comments, if you know of more plz! ^_^

Idol Montage #1: Yajima Maimi (3 parts)

Just yesterday I uploaded my first of an on-going series of Japanese “Idol” montages. Idol, being, often a female artists in modeling or music. Yajima Maimi is the leader/captain of musical hit C-ute, a band of gals who sing. Japanese company Up Front Agency and Hello!Project seem to ramp up the creepy old stalker demographic be requiring that the singers have no romance interests the entire time they’re signed up, and fans often pick favorites. I’m picking Maimi to be the first because she’s (a) crazy wicked cute, and (b) sings rather well, and (c) gets a lot of media focus from which to draw for clips. It’s by no means a cumulative video presence, nor are they in a particular order. Just a meager offering for the J-pop founds out there ^_^

The video too quite a few hours to make — finding video clips, editing them so that only Maimi appears, muting the sound and setting them all to instrumental backgrounds.

I’ll be uploading the entire un-parted-out version to Rapidshare sometime soon, so keep an eye out. In the mean time, here’s the three parts (seperated into 10 min segements per YouTube’s limitations)..

Flip-Flop Animation Experiment #1

I’ve been trying to test out what I’ve come to simply refer to as a flip-flop animation, using two or more pictures played at 10ms each in an endless loop (animated GIF). The example below was one of my Random Images a while ago, and got me to experimenting on how one might be produced.

Random Image From A Previous Post

I tried it out at first taking two pictures that I thought were relatively side-by-side — by just pressing the shot button once, then again. I then edited them together using the default frame time of 10ms with a trial version of GIF Movie Gear that I got and have since enjoyed so far. What resulted were two images that, instead of looking 3D, actually shook like an earthquake (and almost panic-attack inducing, I might add).

I’ve created a new Flickr account, twothreeeight, to showcase most all of my photography in general, including this set of experiments. However, when viewing them from Flickr itself, you’ve got to click on the View All Sizes button above the preview thumb in order to see the actual animation sequence.



It was then that I remembered my camera had one of those less-oft used functions of rapid-ish-ly taking multiple shots with only one button press, so I decided to try using that, and with GIF Movie Gear lined up a Shot1/Shot2/Shot3/Shot4/Shot3/Shot2 loop, so that it would go back and forth up and down the line — moving the camera only what I estimated to be very minutely. Not that much better!


After this semi-failure, I wondered that perhaps my angling really wasn’t as deep as it should have been, so I tried a few outside instead.

Zooming In: Fail

Going Around a Shrub: Fail

Looking Down A Street: Fail-ish

The last one was probably the best try, but still not quite what I was trying to do.
I’ll still have to experiment with this more, but take a stab at it yourself and let me know how it comes out — maybe even provide a link?

Video: The Good-o-Meter

There are few things that simply explain the one thing Christians can all agree upon, and at the same time try to address how difficult the rest of the world makes it by refusing it even just consider the actual message instead of getting wrapped up in the side issues. YouTube to the rescue =P

Bah-dah-dah, doop-doop-doop!

Halo 3: Getting Outside Maps

Here’s a little tutorial I made for getting outside a few of the Halo 3 maps. If you’ve got XBox Live, check out my fileshare (thehomeland) and get the “explore” movies. The basic idea:

1. Load forge.
2. Delete all spawn points. If there’s a couple you can’t find, suicide and you’ll respawn at it.
3. Find a portion of the level that, if you even touch it, will kill you (as shown).
4. Create a spawn point that touches it, but don’t let go of it.
5. Save the game as a new map, while the monitor is still holding the spawn point in the air.
6. Exit Forge.
7. Start Forge again, and died automatically a few times.
8. Exit Forge.
9. Start Theatre, using the film that loads by default (the latest Forge you were just in).
10. When it loads, hit A to pause, left on the D-pad (to start the film at the beginning), Y to detatch the camera, then A to start the film again.
11. Wait about 4 seconds, and the screen should brighten up. Hit pause (A) again, do a 180-degree turn, and you should be able to explore with the camera around the level as you please. You’ll start out miles and miles away from the map, very far outside the barriers, as shown.