Halo 3: Turret Launching

Not an especially new feat, but fun no less — a series of man-cannons snarfed from a custom map called Mako Cannon, creates entertainment for all when a Forger places an avatar equipped with a mancannon into the fray, watching him toss about and spin at unusual speeds. Hopefully some of you folks with make clips of your own man-cannon betossery to make a collection out of!

Halo 3 Flukes: Flipping Through An Elephant

Not “Elephant Flipping” mind you, but a fellow whose fileshare I recently pillaged (“CaPeStEr YEAH”) was involved in a rare performance whilst being tossed about as one characteristically is subjected to in Rocket Race, and was blown through the undercarriage of an Elephant vehicle, landing on the other end in the sand right-side up. Best watched, rather than described =P

Free X-Box Live, Finally??! Drat, only for Windows.

Oh well. It’s now free for Windows-based PC games, whereas before only people with the premium gold membership could utilize functions like playing online games with each other. Now, however, according to a Gamespot article (almost cited it as Gamestop), and confirmed by an InformationWeek article that the PC-version of Xbox-Live is now free for the asking.