Truly Amazing Literary Innovation: Blueful

Every once in a while I come across something so amazing that you just have to sit there in silence for a few moments to wonder at all of the planning that went into a project. One such finding is the literary work called Blueful. I don’t want to spoil it, but you’ll have to know a little bit about how the Internet works to be able to read it fully, and you don’t just click to get to the next page. It may require a bit more effort.

It takes some time, so make sure you’ve got some free.

When you’re done, you’ll know it was all worth it.

Like long, tender kisses.
In the rain.

Amazing High School Bluegrass Trio Obliterates Everything In Its Wake

Apparently the video was so important, YouTube’s official Facebook update announcement (which is somewhat rare) made a big deal about it — and appropriately so!

From the YouTube description:

“Greg Fleischut (guitar-left), Etienne Cremieux (mandolin), Erik Oliver (guitar-right), April 2006
Greg and Etienne met at David Grisman’s mandolin symposium in Santa Cruz in the summer of 2006. Both were 15 at the time. Greg is from San Francisco, Etienne from Brookline, Mass.

They became fast friends and have continued to get together at various bluegrass festivals and on vacations. This video was taken during Greg’s visit to Brookline when the guys were just sitting in Etienne’s living room jamming. It was taken with a simple Sony Cybershot camera (not even a video camera) and the guys probably didn’t even know that they were being filmed.

Both have played bluegrass for a few years by then. Both play multiple instruments, Etienne is a wicked fiddler. They also regularly get together at Rockygrass academy and festival. Both also play jazz, classical, and other genres. Greg composes music, sings, and plays guitar with an indie rock band he started with a group of friends as a freshman in high school called The Audiophiles (check them out at and on iTunes.”

Hilarious Clean Language Stand-Up: Brian Regan

Came across a pretty funny comedian today who seems to have all clean material and no harsh language. He even makes pretty funny gestures that don’t make much sense but somehow relate in a funny way. His name is Brian Regan.. check out some clips. I’m not sure if I’m just loopy from not enough sleep, but I laughed for like, ten minutes in that wheezy, can’t-make-vocal-sounds-anymore, stubbing my toe and it’s still funny kind of way when I got to the last clip. Just what I needed!

Solution for Poor-Parking Holiday Shopper Annoyances

There’s a low-tac bumpersticker you can plaster on the back end of someone whose parking overtly lacks the spatial awareness of most preteens. They’re pretty cheap, to the point and easily removable so you don’t ruin paint jobs in the process. Around $0.50 each or less (cheaper in larger quantities), keep a bundle in your glove compartment for just the right moment.