Clarifying Ripley: The Singapore Flyer

It’s been a while since I did one of these, so I figured I’d get my restart perhaps on something a little easier. The most recent Ripley’s Believe-It-Or-Not feature comic panel notes that the Signapore Flyer is the tallest/widest ferris wheel and takes half an hour to make one complete revolution.

Singapore Flyer Official Website

Manufactured by Mitsubishi’s Heavy Industries, “the final capsule (each air conditioned and holds 28 people) was installed on October 2, 2007. The wheel started rotating on February 11, 2008 and officially opened to the public on March 1, 2008. Tickets for rides on the first 3 nights were sold out for US$6,271 (which comes to $8,888 in Singapore currency, number that predicts prosperity in Chinese culture). The grand opening for the Flyer was held on 15 April 2008,” notes the wiki article (paraphrased by me).

The wheel itself is 42 stories high, and perches atop a 3-story transportation terminal. It initially rotated one particular direction, but at the advice of Feng-Shui masters, the direction was reversed.

The following is a slightly-corny promotional video from YouTube, about the Singapore Flyer:

The Singapore Flyer was the subject of some worldwide news articles again when it suffered a power loss and trapped quite a number of people in their capsules, according to this Goldsea article. It had lost power for an hour or so at least twice since it first opened, but this particular time was a 6-hour ordeal as people waited patiently for the ride to begin moving again. Some people closer to the ground had to be lowered by ropes for rescue, while others were delivered sandwiches and soft drinks by delivery harnesses as they waited out the repairs. The ABC article for the same story has a photograph of a closeup of one of the capsules.

Flickr Pool of Singapore Flyer Photographs

A February 23, 2002 announcement published on notes plans for a 170-meter-tall ferris wheel to be built in Moscow, which would trump the Signapore Flyer by 20 meters, with an appx opening date of 2004, in hopes of attracting 70 million riders per year — but I can’t find any other reference to the wheel in Moscow beyond that article.

Another, larger ferris wheel is being constructed in the middle east called the Great Dubai Wheel to open in 2009, reaching 185 meters. Even still, another Chinese wheel is to be opened in 2010 reaching 208 meters, called the Great Observation Wheel according to China’s Great Wheel Corporation website.

Jpop/Jtv News Alert: Haromoni Cancelled?? is breaking a news story of speculation that the Haromoni show, a newer (and frankly, unfavorable to me) version of the wildly popular Hello! Morning daytime youth-geared show featuring the members of the Jpop group, Morning Musume, is going to be cancelled based on wretchedly-low ratings, an upcoming episode in television guides titled “End”.. While still no official word, reasonable speculation abounds.

I was a pretty big fan of the Hello! Morning program, as it not only was eye-candy of teh uber-cute girlies (often in the little-sister kind of cute.. at first xD), but the music the group puts out is always positive and always peppy, and the show itself often had Double Dare type of activities (to make an American comparison, without the goopy mess) and silly random things like another American show, Zoom on PBS.

Haromoni, a name by which the original show was simply known by until it actually changed formats, made too many very-drastic alterations to the style and flow of the program for my tastes. Not really game-themed, not so much on the colorful sets, and more out-in-the-real-world trips and lots of what I call “forced smiling” content. Plus there was the addition of this very irritating baby puppet that would bounce in his remote-controlled stroller (remote constroller, perhaps?) and make various show-directing/subject-changing suggestions.

However, my opinion of the newer version partially pivots (perhaps greatly to some degree) on the amount of fan-translated shows available on the Net at large. There are lots of Hello!Morning translations, and not really very many Haromoni eps translated. The Haromoni eps are just as plentiful outside of translation (unless I’m just looking in the wrong places) but just haven’t seemed to have taken quite an earnest attention to getting switched over for us nonJ-speakers.

I think if they can somehow revamp themselves back into the random, colorful, peppy, game-filled, and positive upbeat format, they could be even better than the original.. but will they?

Animation and Designs in Water Fountain

A leisure facility called Canal City, in Fukuoka Japan, has a unique water fountain — it drops water to the ground from quite a number of well-timed spigots that create shapes on the way down. Rather clever idea! It’s kinda long, and the sequence of the shapes seem to be as if the “show” is actually just a demonstration of the general capability of the device, rather than to be a nail biter. Some of the designs are rather humdrum, some of them particularly clever.

List of Re-Used Props in Star Trek and Hello!Project

How could I possibly incorporate Hello!Project and Star Trek in one post?

A friend of mine posted an image of her sitting in a magnetoencephalogram (MEG) scanner, for brain waves, whilst on a tour of various facilities for her special education degree, and the large array reminded me of the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode where Lt.Barclay became atypically intelligent and interfaced with the ship’s computer in the Holodeck.

While looking up a picture of the interface as a cross-reference, I came across a site (where I found the image) of a list of props that have been re-used between Star Trek episodes:

Ex Astris Scientia: Re-Used Props – Miscellaneous Equipment

It shows how various props are used as different items (such as using a prop previously used for a bomb re-employed as a cargo container in a later episode).. takes a pretty good eye to catch all those!

Similarly, I had recalled seeing a nifty gallery of a background prop that has been used in multiple Hello!Project videos and photoshoots and never realized it: thread

Idol Montage #1: Yajima Maimi (3 parts)

Just yesterday I uploaded my first of an on-going series of Japanese “Idol” montages. Idol, being, often a female artists in modeling or music. Yajima Maimi is the leader/captain of musical hit C-ute, a band of gals who sing. Japanese company Up Front Agency and Hello!Project seem to ramp up the creepy old stalker demographic be requiring that the singers have no romance interests the entire time they’re signed up, and fans often pick favorites. I’m picking Maimi to be the first because she’s (a) crazy wicked cute, and (b) sings rather well, and (c) gets a lot of media focus from which to draw for clips. It’s by no means a cumulative video presence, nor are they in a particular order. Just a meager offering for the J-pop founds out there ^_^

The video too quite a few hours to make — finding video clips, editing them so that only Maimi appears, muting the sound and setting them all to instrumental backgrounds.

I’ll be uploading the entire un-parted-out version to Rapidshare sometime soon, so keep an eye out. In the mean time, here’s the three parts (seperated into 10 min segements per YouTube’s limitations)..

New J-Pop favorite: SweetS

I’ve discovered a new J-Pop band that I really like, making it, Every Little Thing and AKB48 now the trifecta of J-pop that makes up the non-HP sector of my J-favorites. The group is called SweetS and I found a bunch of their videos and albums through this giant collection of J-Pop MegaUpload links. Yipee!

Here is a high-quality version of their Lolita Strawberry in Summer video, for example ^_^