Classic Street Fighter: Amazing Comeback

Now forgive me if you’ve seen this one — I’m trying to compile a small collection of video clips that all relate to someone “snapping” (most of which are anime), in the sense that you’re pushed beyond a tolerance border that you’re familiar with and just *snap* and unleash the smackdown almost as if you’re suddenly superhuman or as if you’re body is taking over and rationale has gone completely out the window. When thinking of ideas for this particular list (feel free to add any that you think fit into this category), the video of a Street Fighter (video game) round came to mind.

For those unfamiliar with 2D fighting games (Mortal Kombat, or One Must Fall 2097 for instance), there is a point at which your health meter can be diminished that even one single tap or sneeze at you can make the round a failure, so that all you have is a mere pixel’s worth of health left and any single misstep could do you in for the round. Such is the case with this player (the blonde male fighter) is reduced to that mere shred. The female fighter, with a good half of her full health left (plenty) initiates a special combo attack that normally unleashes a kerfuffle of hard-to-deflect jabs so as to insure her victory — and yet.. The audience reaction helps to describe precisely how awesome what happens, in following along with the theme of my would-be collection. I get the chills every time I watch this. So good.

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