Astoundingly Detailed Sketches: Daniel Simon

While running through the usual avenues for random images, I came upon a site by a gentleman who does computer illustration by trade, but by hobby does these amazing painstaking concept-design sketches using only a ball-point pen, a gray marker, and digital airbrush just as something to throw in the mix and not get bogged down with work. – Concept Sketches

In some ways, I’m surprised it’s done by hand. But then again — how else could it be?

(note: there is a tasteful, but still nsfw, sketch section two clicks away)

Delightful Photo Gallery of Lying on the Ground

On queueueueue-ing up another month or two of ranom images for the coming weeks, I came across this wonderful series of photographs of kids acting out adventure-type scenes by lying on the ground in order to act out a mid-air event, such as swinging from a vine, jumping across a chasm, flying on a magic carpet, or floating in space (or sea, even). All of the props lie on the ground, and the picture is taken of the ground itself as the background, creating a rather intriguing illusion.

The gallery is called Dreams of Flying, by jan von holleben, and it turns out there’s a book and a calendar in the works.

Gorgeous Photo Set of Abandoned Russian Structures

Today I came across a lovely set of photographs detailing various long disrepair-fallen structures in old Soviet Russia. You’ve got your basic aged structures, but also a few good locations for a movie drama set, and generally good desktop wallpaper options over at WebUrbanist. Furthermore, the site actually has a tagged section generally listed as “abandonments“.. Looks like a good source for future Half Life level designs, to me =)

NES Nintendo Mod Fits In A Single Cartridge

Some ingenuity gave the gent who created this beauty something to write home about. I’d pay money for one of those =) It’s the entire innards of an original Nintendo deck all crammed into the space of one original Nintendo game (or perhaps the original nintendo game). Personally, I’d like one fit into the Final Fantasy 1 cartridge, myself.