Monday Amateur Music: Sungha Jung

This little dude covers the tune Rylynn by Andy McKee (who impressed me so much I bought one of his digital albums off candyrat). First is the little guy’s cover, then the real thing. Amazing job!

Original Andy McKee version:

Painfully Corny Movie Trailer Spoof – Check Mates

Imagine, a prim-and-proper person encounters a “street” person, is entranced by some vague idea they present, spends some peculiar and awkward training time with them, and eventually has their worldview shattered, happy ending, blah blah, with the audience ending up facepalming in contemplating why exactly this movie viewing experience was chosen instead of say, spending the same amount of time on 4chan.

This painfully corny version that pretty much sums up why I won’t be watching many of its kind.

I’m not sure how non-movie nerds might take this: do they catch the more subtle trailer-humor within?

Four Years, 60k Legos, and USD$3k Later: Hoth

If you didn’t catch it in the headline, some dude spent about three grand and four years replicating, to some blocky degree, a Hoth scene inspired by Episode 5, Empire Strikes Back.

Or, if that’s not your thing, try The story of Star Wars as told by someone who has never seen the whole thing. Very much worth the three minutes and forty something seconds. At least one of these two links was worth it, I think =P

Deceptively Small Strange Throw Pillow Collection

Although this article‘s description declares, “25 Strange Throw Pillows,” the only way you’re getting 25 out of that is if you count the number in the pictures. Clumps of them are the same, such as the Scrabble tiles, the old school NES controllers, and the table full of sushi pillows. Clever ideas (such as the severed horse head bed pillow and the blood-pooling head-wound pillow) might make for a good art project ^_^

Amazing High School Bluegrass Trio Obliterates Everything In Its Wake

Apparently the video was so important, YouTube’s official Facebook update announcement (which is somewhat rare) made a big deal about it — and appropriately so!

From the YouTube description:

“Greg Fleischut (guitar-left), Etienne Cremieux (mandolin), Erik Oliver (guitar-right), April 2006
Greg and Etienne met at David Grisman’s mandolin symposium in Santa Cruz in the summer of 2006. Both were 15 at the time. Greg is from San Francisco, Etienne from Brookline, Mass.

They became fast friends and have continued to get together at various bluegrass festivals and on vacations. This video was taken during Greg’s visit to Brookline when the guys were just sitting in Etienne’s living room jamming. It was taken with a simple Sony Cybershot camera (not even a video camera) and the guys probably didn’t even know that they were being filmed.

Both have played bluegrass for a few years by then. Both play multiple instruments, Etienne is a wicked fiddler. They also regularly get together at Rockygrass academy and festival. Both also play jazz, classical, and other genres. Greg composes music, sings, and plays guitar with an indie rock band he started with a group of friends as a freshman in high school called The Audiophiles (check them out at and on iTunes.”

Soldiers Pose In Front of Sword Sculpture

In the way that some people pose trying to push the Leaning Tower of Pisa, these two soldiers are holding their hands up as if the giant sword sculpture in Iraq were in their own hands. Clever! Unknown source.. This was originally going to be a random image, but too cool not to post ^_^

The sculpture (one of a pair) is called the Swords of Qādisīyah, or sometimes the Hands of Victory. There are actually a fair handful of large, amazing sculptures of this magnitude in Iraq that we rarely get to see. Here is a page listing a bunch of Baghdad’s sights and monuments.

Clarifying Ripley: The Singapore Flyer

It’s been a while since I did one of these, so I figured I’d get my restart perhaps on something a little easier. The most recent Ripley’s Believe-It-Or-Not feature comic panel notes that the Signapore Flyer is the tallest/widest ferris wheel and takes half an hour to make one complete revolution.

Singapore Flyer Official Website

Manufactured by Mitsubishi’s Heavy Industries, “the final capsule (each air conditioned and holds 28 people) was installed on October 2, 2007. The wheel started rotating on February 11, 2008 and officially opened to the public on March 1, 2008. Tickets for rides on the first 3 nights were sold out for US$6,271 (which comes to $8,888 in Singapore currency, number that predicts prosperity in Chinese culture). The grand opening for the Flyer was held on 15 April 2008,” notes the wiki article (paraphrased by me).

The wheel itself is 42 stories high, and perches atop a 3-story transportation terminal. It initially rotated one particular direction, but at the advice of Feng-Shui masters, the direction was reversed.

The following is a slightly-corny promotional video from YouTube, about the Singapore Flyer:

The Singapore Flyer was the subject of some worldwide news articles again when it suffered a power loss and trapped quite a number of people in their capsules, according to this Goldsea article. It had lost power for an hour or so at least twice since it first opened, but this particular time was a 6-hour ordeal as people waited patiently for the ride to begin moving again. Some people closer to the ground had to be lowered by ropes for rescue, while others were delivered sandwiches and soft drinks by delivery harnesses as they waited out the repairs. The ABC article for the same story has a photograph of a closeup of one of the capsules.

Flickr Pool of Singapore Flyer Photographs

A February 23, 2002 announcement published on notes plans for a 170-meter-tall ferris wheel to be built in Moscow, which would trump the Signapore Flyer by 20 meters, with an appx opening date of 2004, in hopes of attracting 70 million riders per year — but I can’t find any other reference to the wheel in Moscow beyond that article.

Another, larger ferris wheel is being constructed in the middle east called the Great Dubai Wheel to open in 2009, reaching 185 meters. Even still, another Chinese wheel is to be opened in 2010 reaching 208 meters, called the Great Observation Wheel according to China’s Great Wheel Corporation website.

Astoundingly Detailed Sketches: Daniel Simon

While running through the usual avenues for random images, I came upon a site by a gentleman who does computer illustration by trade, but by hobby does these amazing painstaking concept-design sketches using only a ball-point pen, a gray marker, and digital airbrush just as something to throw in the mix and not get bogged down with work. – Concept Sketches

In some ways, I’m surprised it’s done by hand. But then again — how else could it be?

(note: there is a tasteful, but still nsfw, sketch section two clicks away)

“A Chicken Goes… Cluck cluck cluck!” Website

There’s a spiffy little website (must open a pop-up window to work) that has pictures of animals of which you may click, to receive — not the actual animal sound, but children recreating that sound — and from around the world, at that! It is quite a delightful website. There also happen to be other things like ambulance sirens and general random things that a kid might know.

My favorites so far:

))) The german version of an ambulance (bottom left corner for ambulance, first of the middle row of ambulances for german)
))) the hungarian version of a duck (top right corner for duck, first of the bottom row of ducks for hungarian)
))) the uk version of a lion (two down from the top left corner for lion, first of the top row of lions for the uk)
))) the italian version of a cat (just below the lion, middle of the bottom row on the second page for italian)

Good fun!

Collection of “Pic Everyday for So-Many Days” Self-Portraits Videos

This was originally a post criticizing/complimenting the foresight to begin a pic-per-day compilation, but now I’ve opted to turn it into a big list of videos themselves.

This video was the first of its kind I had ever seen (2547 pics), back in 2006-ish or so. The fellow even has a website about it and such.

However, for the video to head off the list as an example is an astoundingly cute gal. DREAMY, I SAY.

Rotating Man Takes 2 Pics Per Day / 17 Years
Asian Gal Every Day for 3 Years
Noah Every Day for 6 Years
Every Day for 2 Days ..what?
15 Years in 14 Seconds
Mark Curry Every Day For a Year
Michael Every Day For a Year
Lego Man Every Day For a Year
A Pic Per Day in 3 Years
A Picture of Lee Everyday for 3 Years
Homer Simpson Every Day for 39 Years
Ryan Every Day for 400 Days
A Cheesy Smile Every Day for a Year
Daniel Every Day for 100 days
Sven Every Day for 3 Years
Infant from Birth to 1 Year Old
Andrew Every Day for 12 Months
Stef Everyday for 1 Year
Timelapse of 5 months
German(?) Dude Every day for 564 Days
Sean Every Day for 6 Months

I’m tuckered out.. post links in comments, if you know of more plz! ^_^