Did the Return of Kings Guy Promote Legalizing Rape? NO. Here’s Why.

Making the rounds today is the story that Daryush Valizadeh, leader of a group of manly-men called Return of Kings, has cancelled a gathering of rape-legalization advocates after not being able to find sufficient secure meeting areas. Ironic, right? Actually, no.

The article that many are reporting as the promotion of rape legalization was just a satirical absurdity, and Valizadeh himself has stated repeatedly that it is just a thought experiment and not meant to be taken seriously. But, naturally, the kind of person who doesn’t fact-check took it as real and continuously makes clickbait headlines like This Colossal Douche Thinks Rape Should Be Legalized instead, seemingly preferring the kick they get from being angry or making others angry.

From the same site that the so-called rape promotion article came from, is this quote:

Normally, if there is a satire site, you can find somewhere on the site that states that the article(s) is/are satire, and nobody reports on those as if they were true. However, the people who are continuously fooled into thinking The Onion is real are laughed out of the park because they don’t bother to check. I’m at a loss to explain how so many people simply refuse to make the same acknowledgement of the same kind of disclaimer on the site they claim is pro-rape:

Q: “Why do you want to legalize rape?”

I don’t. Legalizing rape is a notion so insanely absurd I never imagined that people would take it 100% seriously, including politicians. I don’t believe any form of physical violence against men or women should be legalized. I’ve said that “How To Stop Rape” was a satirical thought experiment so many times that it’s clear to me current misinterpretation of it by the media is deliberate.

But do you want to know the real irony of all this?

2 thoughts on “Did the Return of Kings Guy Promote Legalizing Rape? NO. Here’s Why.

  1. This stuff always happens. Shitty facebook and clickbait… It’s just like Ahmed and his bomb. People just claim the conjecture, “islamphobia”, without looking for facts. “Muslim boy gets arrested for making clock” by CNN fucks
    He didn’t make the clock… He simply put it in a different shell making it look like a suitcase bomb. He was also warned multiple times.to put the clock away before he plugged the “clock” into the wall and activating the alarm. Yet, people never fact-check.

    I like how you said people prefer to get a kick from being angry or getting others angry. I never thought of it that way. Those libshits probably seem to love that stuff with their gay agenda, black agenda, refugees… I’ll never understand them. “People will never fully understand one another.”

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