Was There An Arapahoe School Shooting Last Friday? No. Here’s Why.

The Arapahoe High School shooting involving an armed school resource officer that confronted the shooter that resulted in only the death of the shooter wasn’t covered by the media last Friday, because it is currently 2016 and the shooting happened in 2013.

PLUS, the shooting at Arapahoe High School didn’t involve a confrontation with an armed school resource officer. One was on the premises, but accounts don’t confirm that the officer arrived to the scene in time. It was a janitor that alerted school administration of the possible shooter, know noticed him entering.

PLUS, there was one other casualty, a fellow student of the shooter who was shot seconds within entering the building and died 8 days later.

PLUS, the weapon used was legally obtained by the 18-year old student shooter, where it is legal to purchase a pump-action shotgun but not a handgun. Gun advocates who share this as proof that gun rights should be recognized as having saved the day are not only sharing outright falsity, but are sharing a story that is actually counterevidence.

If you have shared the meme that this post refutes, go back to where you posted it and delete it, because you’re spreading utter nonsense.

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