How to Win at Machi Koro – Basic Edition

The easiest way to win at Machi Koro: Collect the Wheat Field, Ranch, Furniture Factory and Mine cards only. If you can, get at least 3 each. Get mines as soon as you possibly can, and keep them aside even if you can’t roll 2 dice yet. Get at least 2 mines before buying a Furniture Factory. If your teammates think they are smart, they will avoid rolling two dice even if they can, so that they will prevent you from scoring a large amount, but you will still score a decent amount from low rolls. The payoff is when you are able to roll 2 dice and everyone else refuses to (in order to prevent you from scoring big), and then you roll an 8 or 9 and score massively and are able to buy the largest cards in a single roll. The first time I tried it, I scored 36 in a single roll and was able to buy the 22 card after only having the 4 open.

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