“I am going to (country) for x months /days” from Facebook explained

Intercepted from those crafty women trying to somehow bring about Breast Cancer awareness without actually saying anything about it (sounds about like how women communicate, huh?), comes this new Facebook/Twitter trend —

“Ladies, it is that time of year again! It is time to raise awareness for Breast Cancer. Remember the status about our bra color or where we put our purse?? It made more people aware of the problem as it went viral on FB and made the news.

Don`t tell any MEN what the status means! Copy, paste and resend this message to all your girl friends, let`s see if we can make it work like before, keep them guessing, let`s see if we make the news!

The idea is to use your birthdate, month and day only, no year!

Write: “I am going to live in (see corresponding city for your BD month below) for (day of your BD) months and a happy face.

Ex. if your BD was on February 14th, then I am going to live in London for 14 months!! :0)

January – Mexico
February – London
March – Miami
April – Dominican Republic
May – France
June – St. Petersburg
July – Austria
August – Germany
September – New York
October – Amsterdam
November – Las Vegas
December – Columbia

Optional: use “days” instead of “months” if your birth date is higher than a normal trip might be, such as for “27 days” whereas months might seem obviously untrue ~_^ “

14 thoughts on ““I am going to (country) for x months /days” from Facebook explained

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  2. Don’t see the reason why it has anything to do with hiding the post from men.. anyone can get breast cancer. Women and Men.. if its about awarenes then it is for everyone. Men can be sensitive and aware also..

    • Because it’s not about awareness. It’s about women taunting men and when you trace these back they started on blogs by women VERY hostile to men. They used the breast cancer awareness to trick people.

      • oh, it’s about VERY hostile women tricking people, huh? right.

        anyway, I do think this meme is incredibly stupid — the very definition of slacktivism. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slacktivism) pretty sure everybody is “aware” of breast cancer. if everyone who changed their facebook status donated even $1 to breast cancer research, then it would actually do some good.

  3. A female friend of mine told me what the reason was behind all (litteraly 50+) posts about women going on a vacation. I had gotten mad about the fact that this is just about the most stupid way to raise awareness (let’s not tell anyone what we’re doing and annoy the shit out of everyone that doesn’t know about it), and after i’ve gotten mad she realised that she was just annoying people and told me. However annoying, I must say that some of the reactions are hilarious from time to time and if you know what’s going on and why people do this, it’s actually not that bad. Sadly, women prefer to annoy than to tell, rather.

  4. Obvious that a feminist started this viral. I find it extremely offensive seeing as my old friend from school was the ypungest man in the UK ever to get breast cancer at 23 and sadly passed away (google Nicky Avery) after the cancer came back. Remember, a woman who can, does. A woman who cant, becomes a feminist

    • I think you’re reading too far into it. I don’t see how any of this amounts to a campaign about breast cancer not occurring in men. You should start looking at things descriptively, instead of prescriptively. A message means what the speaker of something intends it to mean, not what the consumer of that message interprets it to mean, in the same way that a rapist is not allowed to interpret a no for a yes. Don’t try to supplant a message over the top of another message without checking with the speaker to see whether that is genuinely the case. Don’t create a “secret intent” behind something, and then get mad over your from-thin-air invention. You’re just getting upset over your own imagination.

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