Why Was Russia’s Teardrop Memorial Never Covered in US Media? It Was, Actually.

You may have only just recently heard of Russia’s tribute to America’s struggle against terrorism, via a teardrop-shaped memorial that points toward the statue of liberty. The title of the artwork, crafted by Russian artist Zurab Tsereteli, is “To The Struggle Against World Terrorism.”

A forward making the rounds lately asks, “Now ask yourself: why was there never any press coverage of such a beautiful and generous gift?”

There was, however, plenty of press coverage, at the time. CNN had a live broadcast of the dedication ceremony, at which former-president Bill Clinton made the keynote. Vladimir Putin was on scene there himself for photos, which can be found at the 9-11 Memorial website. US country-music artist LeAnn Rimes was at the dedication and sang Amazing Grace.

Personally, I think the biggest reason is that it’s not even really that big of a story. There are in fact at least 43 structural monuments in commemoration or dedication to 9-11 as of this article’s writing, so I can imagine one out of 43 being pretty easy to forget about. It was also installed in September 2006, which as of this article’s writing is nearly ten years ago. Why would the “media” report on it 10 years after the fact? Millions of things have grasped the nation’s attention since then — how could you be expected to remember the dedication of a monument?

The structure itself is not even really all that inspiring. I mean, Lady Liberty makes sense at least. A person with a torch and tome is someone with which one can empathize. This monument, however, is more of a head-scratcher than inspiring.

Also, you must remember that the “media” was very likely inundated with other 9-11 tributes of their own, considering it was commemorated on the day of the “five years later” anniversary of the attacks. You know every individual city’s media outlet in the nation had their own tribute to broadcast. The Today Show on NBC had their own tribute at the time. Could it not have been through all of that you may have overlooked a single memorial dedication, of a sculpture that isn’t even really that popular based on looks alone?

For those concerned about “the media” failing to report on it:

Incidentally, there’s also a glass cube in Boston, near Logan International Airport from which two of the planes in the attacks left. Is the fact that you didn’t know about that also, something else you can blame “the media” for? How about you actually going out and learning about stuff you want to know about, instead of blaming those who spoon-feed you a very limited cross-section of information available within an hourish per day? “The media” isn’t organized since you choose it. If you were strapped to a chair and forced to watch Barney all day, sure, that’d be cause for concern. However, you’re reading this ON THE INTERNET. There are literally thousands of media options available, and just because one of perhaps 6 that still broadcast on the ancient television set fail to cover a single subject you personally find inspiring is indicative that you personally have the dumbest strategy ever for figuring out how to get news.


50 thoughts on “Why Was Russia’s Teardrop Memorial Never Covered in US Media? It Was, Actually.

  1. It was reported on CNN, Fox News, NBC, CBS, ABC, The NY Times, AP, the New Yorker, and dozens of newspapers and magazines. Either this group doesn’t research before they try to foment false outrage, or they just don’t care about the truth.

    • I don’t recall ever hearing about this either. The only videos from news broadcasts that I could find were from OAN (American News Network) and AP (Associated Press). I went to CNN’s archives site and typed in “Teardrop Memorial” and got one response. It was a video about people being inducted into the Rock N Roll hall of fame. Went to Fox’s archive site and got none from Fox. If you have any links to these supposed broadcasts then please be so kind as to post them.

      • “Matthew 7:7-8: Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: 8 For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth;”

  2. If its all true, the writer makes many good points, but, I think the tone of the last four paragraphs is unnecessarily harsh. Many of us didn’t and don’t know there are over 40 monuments paying tribute to the losses the United States suffered on September 11, 2001. I’m a dedicated viewer of CNN, and I, somehow, missed the 2006 coverage of the gift of the Tear Drop Memorial. To those of us who lived through the cold war, a Russian tribute of any sort is welcome and the implied fellowship that comes with this one is deeply appreciated. I am glad to know, and now am prepared to issue thanks even if its in no greater form than that of visiting the monument, or saving a picture of it in my heart. So, thank you for this informative article, and please … be a tad more sympathetic with those of us who aren’t as well exposed to the nature of things as you seem to be.

    • I seen nothing wrong with the rant, and I found it offensive and uncalled for that the author made their personal views apparent by calling what I think is a very beautiful piece of art as ugly, I think it was a beautiful heartfelt gift from Russia

      • The author says ‘This monument, however, is more of a head-scratcher than inspiring.’. Really! I guess the author doesn’t know what a tear drop represents. I think it is very inspiring!

      • The shape doesn’t necessarily represent anything — it could be merely a raindrop of some kind, to the casual observer who had never seen it. The statue of liberty, with her book and torch, at least appears to be guarding something, or holding a light up in honor of something, but this thing could just represent any number of things unrelated to sadness. Since it has a chrome-like finish, perhaps it could be a tribute to metal laborers, or since the outer portion is brick-like, to bricklayers or the general construction industry combined. I’m not saying it’s ugly — I’m saying it’s unclear in its purpose to represent sorrow from the losses sustained by terror, to the casual observer. Also, I have an Arts degree, if that matters to you =P

  3. I think it is offensive to constantly show us images of the “red flag” 9/11 demolitions and not give commemoration to a kind gesture from other countries. This should be talked about EVERYTIME the cameras show us the Statute of Liberty and the memorials for the WTC. Thanks Russia.

  4. I was not aware of this particular monument until now and I consider myself a well read and informed person. Its significance to me is it came from the Russian govt. it may have been reported and I, along with many others, simply missed it. Perhaps it should have gotten more play at the time given who it was from.

  5. I can’t believe that I, too, missed this special event if it was covered by all the networks. I appreciate the Russian gift as a goodwill effort! Thank you to the sculptor for the meaning he brought to our people.

  6. I think this was and is a wonderful gesture on Russias part they didn’t have to do anything. That was a day I will ever forget I was in a trance like state asI sat in front of my tv and watched this day unfold and my heart ached for everyone there and all involved. I watched as those poor people ran for their lives and I could actually feel the dust in my nose and lungs that those poor souls were trying not to inhale. God Bless them all and God bless their family and friends. A very sad Canadian

  7. They’re making a big deal about it now because it was from Russia and they’re supposed to be the bad guys. If they’re such bad guys why did they give us this gift? It’s being used to counter all of the anti-Russia sentiment being put out there right now.

      • Probably getting more Google attention because of the current drum beat to incite a war against Russia. The reasons are tenuous and the outrage probably unprovoked so examples such as this gift show that Russia probably isn’t the boogeyman they are trying to paint. At least it’s not nearly as clear as the narrative being forwarded.

  8. Thank you Russia for your gift. I do appreciate this. I read about this just a few years ago and that you also put this structure up with your men. Would so much like to stand before this and check it out. May God Bless the USA. The media makes us all sound like an ungrateful nation. The heart of this nation is truly greatful.

      • Of course your remarks are “your opinion only” and don’t mean you are right on any point! Just your opinion!
        Of course you are entitled to your opinion but it doesn’t mean anything to a lot of us. Just talk.

  9. Very beautiful sculpture I hadn’t heard of it till now Thank You to the Russian people and government I will post on my page for others to see and comment if they like.

  10. Not everyone watches CNN and rely on local news! This was not covered in any other news outlet! Hundreds of people I know was not aware of this priceless gift!!
    Shame on the media! They only cover things that they want us to know!
    This would of been something we would of liked to seen covered on local news, morning shows, dateline, 20/20, etc.
    I know for a fact this is not being shared in our history books!! Educate America!!

    • I don’t even own a television. To suggest that it was never covered does not require having actually seen it — having been covered is discoverable without having any of the devices by which its coverage is well-documented.

  11. Wow, way to write something off. This is a beautiful tribute and highly significant due to the elevating tensions between the US and Russia

  12. I don’t know why the writer of this article would say that this monument doesn’t make sense. It’s a tear drop symbolizing crying for America’s loss on 9/11. Makes sense to me.

  13. I did not hear about this at the time of the dedication. Why would the author of the article compare a gift of sympathy from an international power to a Boston Monument dedication designed by a local artist? I remember the Boston Cube being in the news.

  14. Not an important story! Russia our enemy sends a very inspiring monument ( a teardrop in a statue that that represents buildings with cracks) is very moving. Did we send anything to Russia when the Belsan children were killed in a terroist attack. Let’s give credit where credit is due

  15. If you are fortunate enough to visit the memorial as I have, you would have a better understanding of the sculptures design. The two towers on either side of the tear drop are supposed to represent the world trade center towers. When you stand in front the memorial and look toward NYC the monument was positioned perfectly facing the the place where the towers were before they collapsed.
    It is unfortunate that this memorial never gets any attention because it is beautiful. It is also unfortunate that the park it is set in is off the beaten path and is surrounded by dilapidated, crumbling factories, and a dump for concrete. The memorial was given to us by the Russian people, however we are told by the biased media that the Russians are our enemy. Our children are not being taught about 9-11-2001 in our schools and how this event continues to shape our war on terrorism throughout the world.

    • We are not told by the ‘biased media’ that Russia is the enemy, because we choose our own media. The fault for the message that the media you watch says, is on you, because there are arguably hundreds if not thousands of news sources, that you personally choose from.

  16. Beautiful, dramatic, emotive and inspired; mocking, condescending, arrogant and unworthy: through a master-stroke of creative genius, all attributions are attributable to one tribute.

  17. What bullshit article! I never heard of it until today, so that’s just how reported this monument story is! You media types can conjure up the damnest excuses! Go to hell!

  18. Author of this article is a real gem. Everything he writes about others is negative and dismissive, his “ART” degree is however a big deal worth mentioning endlessly.
    Maybe this nice gift from the Russian people was reported on CNN etc; yet the fact hardly anyone knew about it tells what type of reporting there was. I think that’s disgraceful. Although I am not sure it is as disgraceful as this author. What I am sure is this: I hear one more time about his “ART” degree I will puke. Never seen anyone so vain and insecure.

    • The site literally is about my art projects, which is why there is so much of that here. That’s literally what the site is for. I do occasionally write other things, such as this article. The fact that you weren’t able to realize this, is more indicative of how badly you pay attention, which speaks to why you don’t recall hearing about the monument..

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