Is 11-year-old Thomas Lobel Getting a Sex Change? NO. Here’s Why.

Word seems to be spreading like wildfire about an article written two years ago, about a boy who supposedly is undergoing a sex-change procedure at the advice of his lesbian mothers. I first encountered the story on Facebook, Shared by someone who researches stories in the same fashion that Abraham Lincoln draws breath (if ever, it was long ago and not anymore).

I paid a visit to the post she shared (found here), only to discover that the Facebook Page that posted it (“100 Percent FED Up”) seems to do about the same degree of research and actually just cut-and-pasted only a portion of the full article it sourced from.

That article came from (tagline, “In-Your-Face News, For Those Who Aren’t Afraid of the Truth”, which is odd because a lot of mistruth seems here to be published thru their forum.

That article listed a Facebook Page of its author, Rick Wells, which I visited to discover that he recently linked to an October 2013 repost of his own article from 2 years ago, onto another “free press” type site, without even bothering to change the age of the kid in question.

Fed up with the circles this guy was putting me through, I trying to hunt down the earliest even-slightly more-credible Thomas Lobel articles I could find. One such article from (though I am not saying FN is exactly credible) in October 2011, paints a completely different picture.

Writer Perry Chiaramonte suggest that the parents are actually quite against the sex-change procedure, and are using the hormone thearapy as a preventative measure so that Thomas can delay making a decision about whether to have sex-change procedures.

The two female guardians (whose gender identity I feel is irrelevant since they are of the position that the boy should remain a boy) say Thomas has threatened self-mutilation in response to having been seen as a boy instead of the girl Thomas insists being, and the guardians wish to give Thomas more time to consider the truth to that claim.

This context is also reflected in a Sept 27, 2011 CNN Video article, which might be among the earliest known references. Most of the criticism Fox News describes, is actually only concerning the use of puberty-delaying treatments on Thomas, rather than in a context of performing sex-change operations on someone that young.

So where did the huge spin come from, that the lesbian couple was changing the sex of their adopted son?

That seems to have come from an article that the Fox News article cites — by none other than UK tabloid The Daily Mail. For those outside of the Daily Mail’s regular influence, TDM is on a similar playing field as the National Inquirer (from the US) which reports of matters along the lines of Aliens-Ate-My-Baby and Elvis sightings.

That Sept 30, 2011 article, which reaches a rather wide audience, makes mirror-opposite claims of the CNN video, and seems to have fueled all of the sensationalized banter. Give it a look, if you dare.

5 thoughts on “Is 11-year-old Thomas Lobel Getting a Sex Change? NO. Here’s Why.

  1. If anyone does their research, we as a society are supporting a trans movement that is a mental illness and delusion. There is no evidence a person is born with a brain that doesn’t agree with the body. It is a mental disorder and some doctors agree, just like some agree with the transgender movement.

    • That’s flat out untrue Samantha. People without education or facts should probably not speak about things theyre ignorant about. Science has in fact repeatedly demonstrated female and male brain differences and people with brains that dont match their bodies. This isnt even new science.. it has been going on for decades. The only mental disorder is that of people like you who believe if they say or think something long and hard enough it becomes true. It’s called “magical thinking’ amongst other things and it is the sign of a weak, untrained mind

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