Does Obamacare Give The IRS Direct Access To Bank Accounts? NO. Here’s Why.

Making the rounds lately has been a meme regarding the IRS somehow procuring direct, real-time access to American citizen’s savings accounts as a result of Obamacare legislation.

The only connections I can find any reference to, concerning Obamacare and this accusation, specifically reference a list of claims about a bill called H.R.3200, or America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009.

The forward had been fairly widely distributed via email forwards and message board posts, and included such criticisms as, “Page 58 and 59: The government will have real-time access to an individual’s bank account and will have the authority to make electronic fund transfers from those accounts,” a summary which was penned by a gent by the name of Peter Fleckenstein.

The actual Obamacare bill that DID pass is called Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and was H.R.3590, not H.R.3200. H.R.3200 was only a proposal, never passed, and did not become law. I can’t find any well-documented link between Obamacare/PPACA and the IRS claim, except for just memes such as above. All other sources that try to document the link refer to the failed proposal of H.R.3200, rather than the actual Obamacare document of H.R.3590.

8 thoughts on “Does Obamacare Give The IRS Direct Access To Bank Accounts? NO. Here’s Why.

  1. That is ridiculous. Thank you for what you do. I only just stumbled across your blog. Unfortunately, many of the memes that make wildfire rounds on Facebook appeal to unfounded emotional hunches and fear. Add this to the largely unfiltered nature of Facebook and you have a breeding ground for lies much like the telephone game. I appreciate you getting to the bottom of these fallacies.

    • From the stats that WordPress provides me, it looks like about the overwhelming majority of my visitors are actually only people that stumble across it from search engine results, so you’re not alone =)

  2. Obamacare is trash. How about that? Is that enough TRUTH for you? If you think it’s a lie, ask the 5 Million Americans who lost their health benefits by being run over by the Socialist garbage truck and now can’t find their coverage because it’s in the Socialist dumpster along with so our freedoms. So, kindly get lost!

  3. Your statements have nothing whatsoever to do with the article above. The 5 million that you claim lost their health benefits not being able to find coverage, has nothing to do with the IRS access to bank accounts..

    Also, don’t even think for a single second that I am defending Obamacare. Obamacare fails pretty hard on the facts about it, without even needing to invent false things about it to make it seem bad. There are people who will back up their claims with evidence, and then there are propaganda machines. So far, you have demonstrated yourself to be the latter.

    • You need to work on your reading comprehension.

      The article states that I can find no evidence to suggest that, even IF it were to happen, that such deductions were part of the legislation known as Obamacare. Unless you can point to a specific part of the law that allows that to happen, then you have no basis to suggest I am lying. Anecdotes from some unidentified co-worker is not even vaguely-applicable evidence against this article.

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    • Doesn’t look like a kitchen design site has quite the same area of interest.. but quote it in small sections if you like — not the full article. Providing a direct link within the quote itself such as a few of the words like this would be preferable than a plain visual credit.

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