JK Rowling Defends Dumbledore’s Sexuality In Dumbest Way Possible

News is abound that Harry Potter author JK Rowling has responded to a tweet from a fan, in appreciation of the work, why the clarification that Dumbledore is gay. I myself would like to know the answer, and JKR does not deliver. Instead, she responds as if this particular detail was shoehorned in strictly as a Barty-Crouch-style political-face move for the sole purpose of brow-beating that gay identity as perfectly reasonable.

Yes, being gay is perfectly reasonable, but the reader’s question resonated with me in that, How is Dumbledore’s sexuality at all relevant? JKR instead only offers a brow-beating with a sermon on how gay people look like everyone else. I get that already, JKR, before you even said it. I could have told YOU that, but you’re avoiding the question. Why did it even need to be mentioned?

Dumbledore’s sexuality bears no relevance whatsoever to the story.. no other characters’ sexuality is mentioned. There isn’t even a hint of any sexual element in any of the books aside from a single kissing scene, but kissing means neither sexual activity, nor sexual identity. Barry Crouch, in the book, is a bad-side character in the novels and is preoccupied with ‘face’ and political appearance — and this detail about Dumbledore seems highly politically motivated just to set up someone else to take the fall for asking. At this point, I would not be surprised if JKR made a fake account just to ask this question and offer the ‘burn’ response.

SINCE someone’s sexuality bear no relevance to their personhood or rights or decent-human-being-ness, therefore even bothering to mention it seems exclusively to be a political move just to artificially insert a political statement. Might as well tell us that Dobby’s a climate-change skeptic, that Harry’s mother’s a scientologist, and that Professor McGonagall’s a pot-legalization advocate. None of those topics offer even the vicinity of relevance to their stories, but somehow Dumbledore being gay is somehow not allowed to be questioned without an eyeful of daggers.


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