Did Obama Have An Arrogant Posture Listening to Dr. Benjamin Carson? NO. Here’s why.

There’s a picture being circulated that has a definition of “arrogance” edited onto a tiny picture of Obama with his chin seemingly in the air, as if to appear arrogant.

Actually, Obama is pictured there seated, and has his face pointed toward the man who is speaking. The two people (Obama and the speaker) are actually facing the same direction with Obama being seated and the speaker standing nearby, both toward the crowd, but Obama is turned slightly and is looking up at the speaker. His chin is not in the air because he is arrogant, his face itself is pointed in the direction of the speaker. It might be noted that Obama also smiled and laughed at portions of the speech, too.

If looking at the person who is talking about you in your presence is arrogance, then I think you’ve got a strange dictionary.

If spreading an image about arrogance that crops the tiny section away from the rest of the context that would otherwise suggest his posture made complete sense, then you’re as arrogant as they come.

Here is ~30 minutes worth of the speech in question! And it’s a fairly nice speech, with little criticism — and plenty of fun stories and little jokey jabs.

2 thoughts on “Did Obama Have An Arrogant Posture Listening to Dr. Benjamin Carson? NO. Here’s why.

  1. I don’t need ablestmage or anyone else to tell me what I am supposed to think about this subject
    “Did Obama Have An Arrogant Posture Listening to Dr. Benjamin Carson? NO. Here’s why.”
    I watched the entire speach and the reactions of at least three of the members on the dais including the First Lady.
    The Presiden’t reaction was significantly different from his own wife and Senator Sessions as well. The speech was not about President Obama. It was about a number of topics including Political Correctness, Faith, Health Care and Education.

    • You sir, will come up rather empty-handed in any attempt to provide evidence that I have suggested what anyone “should think.” If you insist on believing I did, I would beg you sir, please do not vote in any further elections.

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