Get A Mask Of Your Face:

There’s a site out there that will now make a reconstruction of a face that you send in. I’m not sure what the process is for sending in someone else’s face.

That’s My

Site Demo

A TMF sample held up for the camera

Just taking a look at this site, I ponder the possible uses —

(A) If you get disfigured or something, you could order one of these using an old photograph and not have to go with the traditional white Phantom of the Opera half-mask. But where’s the charm in that?

(B) Perhaps you could go rob a bank using this, and use the face of someone you hate, so maybe they’ll get arrested instead of you.

(C) Creepy 3D portraits of your long-dead kid now brought vividly back to stasis-life to hang on the wall, and for your mean-spirited sibling to steal, and years later after having given up looking for it, they’ll get their still-living kid to use it as a mask and sneak up on you while you’re asleep and say, “Mommy?” while standing at the foot of your bed trying to wake you up. (Shyamalan, if you use this as a movie idea, you owe me)

The uses just keep adding up!

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