Artist List by Appearance for “Welcome to Beijing” Music Video

It took a bit of doing, but I finally managed to hammer out what I *think* is a complete list of all of the musicians/singers that appear, in order, in the “Welcome to Beijing” music video that was presented as a 100-day countdown theme before the 2008 Olympics in China. I had originally seen the video on YouTube, and wanted to know three of the artists that I thought were cute. I posted the inquiry on MetaFilter, and sharkfu came to the rescue, posting a listing he found of another Chinese YouTuber’s transcription of the list. I modified the list for English speakers and included time references, visual descriptions of the artists themselves to ensure clarity, and posted the list as a text file on my Project300k backup server. Enjoy!

List of Artists (by appearance) from “Welcome to Beijing” Music Video


4 thoughts on “Artist List by Appearance for “Welcome to Beijing” Music Video

  1. Sorry man, but you (and sharkfu as well) are wrong about at least a third of these- the dude wagging his finger is a HUGE Chinese tv/movie star named Huang Xiaoming, the girl in the orange dress is the Taiwanese singer/actress Shu Qi, and the girl in white STANDING UP is model Lin Chi-ling, not the one sitting down with the other girls (whose name I have yet to uncover).

    Don’t wanna be a dick, but people who saw the video but are unfamiliar with Chinese-language popstars will only be misled and confused if they read this blog entry.

  2. Any chance you’d like to submit corrections? What good is saying it’s flawed without perfecting it? I am one such person unfamiliar with all of the artists, I just transmogrified sharkfu’s listing into time-based increments with better descriptions..

  3. Hi, dmarc,…NO way is the DDG, simply beautiful Girl in the
    Orange Dress, Taiwanese actress/ Shu Qi, look at the eye’s
    the Orange Dress hottie has big large eye’s ??? Are U certain
    the Girl in the Orange Dress, is ….Shu Qi ????

    ThanXXX, for any feedback’s, dmarc !!!


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